Breaking: While Italy Remains on Lockdown – 1000’s of Coronavirus Infected Migrants Storm the Shores (Watch)

Breaking: While Italy Remains on Lockdown – 1000’s of Coronavirus Infected Migrants Storm the Shores (Watch)

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  • On July 29, 2020
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The Conte government has reopened the ports to everyone. The disembarkations have doubled. And for this, I am doing and will do everything possible to send this illegal government home as soon as possible.” – Former Deputy Italian Prime Minister Matteo Salvini

Lampedusa, Italy continues to be assaulted by the landings of illegal migrants, many infected with the Chinese coronavirus. Almost 700 illegal immigrants mainly from Bangladesh, Tunisia, Morocco, and the Ivory Coast, arrived in just the past 24 hours. Yesterday, another 114 migrants were brought to shore by two Naval authority boats during the night, with many testing positive for coronavirus.

Residents live in fear and people are exasperated, “We are afraid” declared a community member. “It is like this every day, the risk of contracting Covid-19” is once again a threat because of the arrival of the illegal migrants. The community members and business owners complains of the government only “caring about their land for migrants.” The surge of illegal migrants are destroying Sicily’s tourism, business owners and workers complain our “tourism and culture are being destroyed, we are tired.” 

While Italy’s socialist Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte and his government sit back and observes the invasion, the mayor of Lampedusa, Totò Martello has threatened to autonomously proclaim a state of emergency. The mayor has no where to house the sick migrants nor quarantine those who were exposed to the infected.

To make matters worse, sick coronavirus migrants are refusing to quarantine, and are fleeing from the overcrowded reception centers. Meanwhile, more and more migrants test positive for coronavirus every day and are putting the lives of native Italians at risk.

There are no signs of the illegal onslaught slowing down for now. July and August have typically been more intense months but this year the numbers have exploded compared to last year. 2,472 illegal migrants arrived from July 20, to July 27. Last year during the same period – from July 20 to July 27 – there were 288 illegal migrants. The numbers of landings in 2020 has well exceeded eight thousand.

La Tr3 – Canale 616

The leader of the League Party, Matteo Salvini posted the following video that was sent to him from Lampedusa. After the illegal potentially sick migrants disembark, they show their appreciation by giving the middle finger to their hosts. Obviously, it is not enough for them to arrive in Italy illegally, but they also believe they have the right to insult Italians.

Matteo Salvini Facebook

Many of the illegal and potentially coronavirus infected migrants who escape reception centers can be found living for months, squatting in the parks.

This is not immigration, but an invasion declared, Matteo Salvini. “The government’s open port policy is absolutely criminal, landings have quadrupled compared to last year. In times of coronavirus, the latest outbreaks have all come thanks to these people.” The policy of this government, he continued, “is doubly criminal.”

Without Salvini in office and in jail, socialists like Conte, Soros-funded NGOs and the European Union will continue to flood Italy with dangerous economic migrants and push their globalist open borders agenda.

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