Breaking: While Spain endures nationwide lockdown, hundreds of military-aged migrants storm border fence (Watch)

Despite their best efforts to fend off these dangerous migrants, around fifty-five managed to enter the city.

In this RAIR exclusively translated video, in the early hours of Monday morning, 260 dangerous migrants of sub-Saharan origin stormed Spain’s border fence in Melilla. Migrants attacked the civil guards, armed forces members and police officers with weapons. Despite their best efforts to fend off these dangerous migrants, around fifty-five managed to enter the city.

The Government Delegation in Melilla has described this attack as “massive and violent”. Apparently, several of the criminals threw stones at the agents and attacked them with hooks they also used to scale the border fence.

This recent incident is was one of the largest Melilla has experienced along the border perimeter, since mid-March when they stopped allowing migrants to enter and closed down migrant reception centers, due to the Chineses coronavirus health crisis.
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Transcript: translation by Gary Fouse

In the early morning of Sunday-Monday, a group of 160 immigrants tried to jump the fence at Melilla at the zone of Villa Pilar according to the Government Delegation office. In spite of the efforts of the Civil Guard, armed forces, and national police, 55 of them were able to enter. 38 were rejected and returned
to Moroccan authorities, and the rest remained on the other side.

The delegation stated that it was “a massive and violent crossing”. Besides that, some of the sub-Saharans were detained for damaging certain vehicles which they encountered nearby, presumably on purpose, and two Civil Guards were injured.

The group that was able to reach Spanish soil headed for the CETI [migrant reception center] of Melilla to be received. Due to security measures for the coronavirus, they remained waiting at the port, and 20 of them were treated by the Red Cross, mostly for injuries and stitches.

Four of them were taken to the hospital for bone fractures and one head wound. They were also given blankets, water, and a bite to eat.

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