British Protest 15-Minute Cities Where They Will Become Prisoners of the State

To seize further control of people’s lives, Globalists are pushing the false idea that these cities will “save the planet” and help all of humanity.

Fifteen-minute cities are popping up everywhere, and the World Economic Forum is wildly enthusiastic about them. Last year it was announced that Paris, France, would become a 15-minute city, and now the British city of Oxford is next. However, outraged Brits are fighting back.

As reported previously at RAIR Foundation USA, the city council has announced that it will divide Oxford into 15-minute neighborhoods or small 15-minute towns billed as “greener, cleaner and safer.” To further seize control of people’s lives, Globalists are pushing the false idea that these “green” cities, which make services accessible to residents within 15 minutes of their homes, will “save the planet” and help all humanity.

Instead, they are nothing more than a way for them to restrict, coerce, fine, punish, surveil, and limit the fundamental right of freedom of movement for residents. For example, residents are not allowed to leave your 15-minute city by car more than the allotted times a year. Otherwise, you will be fined. In addition, the government will track and control your every movement through your smartphones & facial recognition technology.

World Economic Forum

Climate lockdown

The “15-minute city” concept is crucial in the United Nations Agenda 2030 and their Net Zero green agenda. The World Economic Forum is also pushing this new concept. Oxford, which has declared a ‘climate emergency,’ is hoping their 15-minute cities will help achieve the Council’s ‘Net Zero carbon Oxford’ vision by 2040.”

As early as 2024, Oxford plans to impose “climate lockdowns” on residents to help achieve the Council’s ‘Net Zero carbon Oxford’ vision by 2040.” The “15-minute city” concept is also crucial for the United Nations Agenda 2030. And not surprisingly, the World Economic Forum is also pushing the idea.

Oxford will be divided into six zones ‘to save the planet’ from “global warming.” Electronic fences are placed on access roads to ensure residents remain within their own zone. 

Residents are allowed to leave their 15-minute city a maximum of 100 times a year, but then they must first register their car, which is tracked throughout the city via smart cameras.

While the initial allotment of escape tickets may seem reasonable to some, once the public accepts that the state has the right to confine you, it is guaranteed that they will add additional restrictions and fewer permits to leave your zone. This was established very clearly and quickly in many Western nations in the past few years under the rubric of Covid restrictions.


Oxford residents are furious over council plans to turn the city into ’15-minute’ controlled zones. They have been brushed away by the Council, which has ignored their displeasure.

Media silent

Oxford citizens have taken to the streets, “The media is silent, of course,” writes UK journalist Sophie Corcoran. She implored people to stand with the citizens of Oxford against this type of totalitarianism.

Davos Globalist Conference

“At the end of this week, thousands of the world’s elite will be jetting off to Davos in their private jets, whilst people around the globe are starting to be confined to 15-minute zones in their cities and need a permit to drive over it,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran is referring to the Globalist conference next week in the Swiss ski resort of Davos 52 heads of state and government are expected to meet. Nearly 600 company directors have also been invited. Public sessions are held, but it is mainly where the Globalists make their deals behind the scenes in secret backrooms.

While people worldwide are forced to choose between eating dinner or heating their homes, the Elites will fly to Davos in their private planes, stay in posh hotels, eat expensive food and scheme how to confine us to our “15-minute” prisons.

The Dutch party Forum for Democracy (FvD) previously made an English-language video exposing the dangerous and freedom-crushing agenda concocted by the Globalists who attended the annual meeting in Davos this past May:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Well, we have had fences around Sheep for ages and ages. Unfortunately, the human population now have 3 x the amount, or %, of sheep mindset, than ever before. Glued to their non-smart phones, detached from everything, all the time. Sucking in to the Climate lies, plandemic lies, Ukraine war lies, and all other lies.. I think we are finished. 1984 was not a novel, it was, and it is, the very blueprint of the future. It is the Endgame. The very goal. Imagine a boot, stepping on a human face, forever. Or something like that. But, this will take some time. So enjoy what is left of the ride.

  • Surround Davos.
    Move inward.
    Leave not a stone upon a stone.
    Leave nothing more advanced than an insect breathing.
    Problem solved.

  • NOTHING happens UNTIL a way is figured out to steal the last $90 trillion from the boomers (real estate) THEN, we’re nuked in a picosecond as the chinese no longer “need” our farmland due to BRICS.

  • Not only should EVERYONE PROTEST THIS ABSURDITY, citizens worldwide should demand the immediate arrests of the globalist cabal. Their oppressive Hitleresque policies/demands, are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’…

    At no point should anyone comply. On the contrary, if you value freedom, this is a fight for your lives.

    Beware anyone who tells you what you need, but never asks you what is it you want.

    Once freedom is lost, you won’t get it back.

  • How could any “free” citizen stand by and let this happen? If they try this in America there will be riots. Facial recognition cameras would be shot to pieces; yes we still have lots of firearms. Are they going to implement this in the “no-go” police areas, such as those in Paris? That would be entertaining.

    Maybe the Russians could accidentally nuke Davos when all the assholes are there.


    • Cameras are already all over several states. Cameras are on every traffic light and cops run license plates randomly, even trolling parking lots capturing license plates for their files. It’s already started here.

    • @Fishlaw; 179 countries agreed upon this, killing off their population, we’ve been f..d, i didn’t trust any government in the past and i sure as hell know that they are all psychopaths now. So nobody will come to save us that’s a job we have to do as a community

  • Klaus Schwab-Schicklgruber, Urine von der Leyen-Göring, Yuval Noah Harari-Goebbels and Volodymyr Zelenskyy the new Reich Plenipotentiary for Total War are very, very angry if you don’t obey!

  • “Vaccinating” the food supply is how Bill Gates and other globalists plan to force-jab even the unvaccinated
    Monday, January 09, 2023 by: Ethan Huff”


  • World Gov is broke, has been sice 2008, 15-minute cities, C40 cities, are just congestion charging to fill local gov coffers, writ large. Read the documentation: So long as you keep paying the fine, you can drive wherever you like. What’s contrarian about all of this is that most people will use the earmarked non-charge routes to save cash and they’ll create traffic jams on the b-roads. I suppose that just builds a bigger case for the climate tax cult.

  • If you get jailed without having committed a crime you might decide to become a criminal so that at least your sentence will be a meaningfull one..You might decide in killing the head of the camp as in camp-jail, steal stuff and put the blame on the ones keeping U prisoner, anyway use your imagination..If you’re a jailbird you’d better be one with a cause .


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