Canada: 30 Diplomatic Missions Host 'Solidarity With Ukraine' Event (Video)

In the last year, Canada has dedicated over $5 billion to supporting Ukraine, including over $1.2 billion in military assistance.

On Monday, February 20, 2023, a “Stand in Solidarity With Ukraine” event was held in Ottawa, Canada, to mark the first anniversary of the Russian-Ukraine War. Hundreds of pro-Ukrainian supporters and several diplomats packed the Flora footbridge over the Rideau Canal.

Many supporters wore yellow and blue or were carrying Ukrainian flags. Some people who attended the event were even dressed in Ukrainian military uniforms.

The group unveiled a 30-meter flag of Ukraine:


The Friends of Ukraine diplomatic group, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress, the Ukrainian National Federation, and Café Ukraine organized the event they called a “Flash Mob To Celebrate Ukrainian Bravery.”

The Friends of Ukraine diplomatic group was launched on August 22, 2022, to coordinate diplomatic efforts in support of Ukraine and its people. The informal group includes more than 30 diplomatic missions in Canada.

Ambassador’s Bow to Ukraine

Mary Simon, Canada’s governor-general, and Ukraine’s ambassador, Yulia Kovaliv, arrived at the gathering together. They were joined by Sabine Sparwasser, Germany’s Ambassador to Canada.

Canada’s Governor General Mary Simon

“This is a show of solidarity that we stand with Ukraine, a country that is bravely defending itself against the brutal attack and is defending its identity, its sovereignty, and its people,” said Sparwasser.

German Ambassador to Canada Sabine Sparwasser

“Ukraine is grateful for the ongoing overwhelming support of the Canadian people across the country. This flash mob marks an indelible solidarity between the people of Ukraine, the people of Canada, and freedom-loving peoples throughout the world,” said Yulia Kovaliv.

Representatives from the United Kingdom High Commission, the United States, and several member countries of the European Union attended the event. U.S. Ambassador to Canada David L. Cohen stated, “We stand with Ukraine because we understand that Ukraine’s fight is part of something much bigger. Rules matter, sovereignty matters, and freedom matters.”

In the last year, Canada has dedicated over $5 billion to supporting Ukraine, including over $1.2 billion in military assistance.

“Reckless and self-destructive”

Tucker Carlson recently did a no-holds-barred segment on the war in Ukraine and the United State’s unlimited support for it. Tucker amplified the dangers of forcing China and Russia to ally with each other in a solid block against the USA.

Tucker describes Joe Biden’s response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine as “Reckless and self-destructive.” Watch the entire opening segment from February 20th:

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  • Most people are as stupid as the Governor general of Canada.

    Putin did not invade anything, Putin is there to help get rid of the Nazi and terrorist Zelenskyy!

    • Same, loud and clear
      saddens that majority of Canadians are shockingly unaware of reality and are choosing UN/NWO/WEF/MSM enslavement

  • “HellKitten
    February 21, 2023 at 4:39 pm
    I’m a Canadian, and I disagree. I stand with Russia.”

    Pity the brainwashed kitten from hell.
    HellKitten very likely born from the same place as Just-in Through-The-Ass, from Klaus Schwab’s ass!

    • you, ignoramus, are the reason; your comment was barely comprehensible.
      do you think Canadians chose Castro’s bastard? Dim-minion installed puppets abound in the globalist satanic theater, wherever you look, black-hearted lackeys and the like all PC and commie virtue flagged.

  • What if Canada’s Pierre Castro Trudeau and Obama’s US puppet Biden threw a war for Soros’s Ukraine corruptocrat Zelenskyy and their countries didn’t attend?

  • Right, $5 billion from canada to ukraine.
    Meanwhile our afgan vets are being offered assisted suicide instead of medical treatment.
    17% of children in canada live in poverty.
    The health care system is falling apart.
    Record numbers at food banks.
    Most famalies can not deal with an unecpected $500 expense.
    The deputy prime minister, christine freeland is on the board of the WEF.
    I guess the official plan for canada is that we will not own anything. Then things will get ugly.


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