Canada: Muslim Teenager Arrested on Terrorism Charges after Tip from FBI (Video)

Mohamed Amine Assal advocated violence against non-Muslims and “offered advice to another Telegram user on how to make an IED.

A Montreal Muslim arrested on terrorism-related concerns was released under “strict” conditions Thursday as the Crown sought to have him sign a peace bond.

Mohamed Amine Assal, 18, of Ville Saint-Lauren, was arrested earlier in the day after the RCMP acted on information from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The police said their operation was to disrupt Assal’s “suspicious activities” and get him to sign a terrorism peace bond that could include several conditions.

The RCMP integrated national security enforcement team received intelligence from the FBI on March 14 and conducted a short investigation that allows us to have reasonable grounds to fear Mr. Assal may commit a terrorism offense, Cpl. Tasha Adams said in an interview.

“At this time, no charges are laid. We are currently in the process of acquiring further evidence with regard to this investigation. A search warrant is underway at the residence of the individual.”

Assal appeared in court by video while detained at the RCMP offices. He was released under a list of conditions — including the requirement to wear a GPS tracking device, while authorities await further court hearings on the peace bond.

Other conditions imposed by Quebec court Judge Alexandre Dalmau include handing over his Canadian passport and agreeing not to apply for another, remaining in Quebec, checking in with the RCMP every week, and a cell phone ban, except for schooling. He also can’t go on social media, consult, or possess items linked to recognized terror groups.

“Pending the proceedings, the Crown agreed to the release under numerous conditions,” federal prosecutor Nancy Perrault told reporters after the hearing. “Those were the conditions we thought were reasonable under the circumstances.”

The RCMP did not elaborate on the alleged offenses, noting they are the subject of an ongoing investigation.

Social Media

For its part, the FBI declined to comment. The prosecutor also declined to provide specifics outside the courtroom. “I can tell you that the RCMP feared he may commit a terrorism offense… because of his exchanges on social media,” Perrault said.

A document filed with the court contained allegations from an FBI source about several posts on various social media and messaging apps, including the Telegram app.

Police alleged in the document that a person [Mohamed Amine Assal] in Montreal using the messaging app Telegram with the username @abujoe000 appeared to plan terrorist activity for the benefit of ISIS.

The document alleged that Mohamed was “radicalized by ISIS” and was among a group of six people who had been convinced by an ISIS supporter based in Italy to “conduct attacks.”

According to the document, Mohamed, was “planning an attack” and was trying to secretly convince others to join his cause.

The RCMP investigator alleged that the teenage jihadi advocated violence against non-Muslims and “offered advice to another Telegram user on how to make an IED and offers to contact him by phone to discuss” how to make it.

Despite the threats to all non-Muslims in Canada, Mohamed is free tonight and awaiting for his case to return to court on May 4.

CTV News/Yahoo News

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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