Canada's War on Christian Teenager Josh Alexander: Arrested for Speech, Suspended from School, Persecuted for Faith (Interview)

“The youth of our generation are afraid, and they are fear mongered into not standing up for what they believe in and just staying silent and obeying the narrative.”

Josh Alexander is a Canadian high school student and founder of Save Canada, a youth-run Christian organization. He has been arrested several times for his dedication to standing for Christian Canadian values and freedoms. 

Following his arrest at his Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, Alexander, 16, gave an exclusive interview to RAIR Foundation USA. 

In October, Alexander became aware that males were using the female bathrooms. Some of his female class contemporaries had told him that this made them feel uncomfortable. Alexander expressed his belief that this is wrong and that transgendered students should not be using the bathroom of their choice. He was suspended indefinitely. Then he was issued a trespassing notice and permanently banned from two classes. 

“I believe that this is clearly unlawful and discriminatory,” he said, “and that I am being discriminated against for my religious beliefs.” Alexander has previously voiced his belief that there are only two genders.

Until June 2022, Alexander was a student in the Public school board, but he was suspended from his previous school for organizing student walk-outs in support of the Freedom Convoy. So at the start of this 2022/2023 school year, he transferred to the Catholic School Board, “hoping it would be more in line with my religious views,” he said. “I would have hoped that the Catholic School Board would do what was right, but they left it to a 16-year-old to figure it out.” 

Off the record, Alexander has said that there are definitively Catholics – even some at his school – who support his position, but they can’t speak out, “the school is publicly funded.” 

In early February, Alexander was arrested again at a protest against a children’s drag storytime show outside Canada’s publicly funded National Arts Centre in downtown Ottawa. His “crime” was quoting scripture on a megaphone. He was held for a couple of hours in a police car, then released onto the city streets. The police have since dropped any charges. 

“The youth of our generation is afraid,” says Alexander. “They have been fearmongered into not standing up for their beliefs. When I was suspended, they went class-to-class to warn other students not to support me.” 

However, Alexander isn’t ready to give up quite yet. “Our freedom isn’t quite lost. The fact that I am standing here speaking means we have a hope of restoring our country. We are trying to Save Canada.” 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • I have no sympathy for COWARDS that gave their Homeland to Foreign Nazis!
    They worship them as “gods” and lick their anuses!

    If their “gods” treat them as worthless Slaves and
    take their freedoms away from them,
    they DESERVE what they get!

  • Video description:

    Dear friends of “Achtung, Reichelt!”, we believe that today we are showing one of the most important interviews of this country. And we deeply hope that the people who decide on German migration policy will hear the words of Michael K.: He is the father of 17-year-old Ann-Marie, who was stabbed to death with a knife on a regional train in Brokstedt on January 25 by an asylum seeker who was forced to leave the country.

    Michael says, “For us, there is no old life anymore. Our lives are destroyed. These are no longer isolated cases. It is an indescribable suffering that is left there for the families, the friends. You can’t put that into words. I don’t think that has reached Berlin until today.”

    German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had written a letter, he said. Nancy Faeser? “Not a word, not a card. No nothing.”

    German Chancellor Olaf Scholz had said in an interview that he was sorry “that folks [Leute] had lost their lives.” Michael K. is stunned, “He didn’t know that ‘these folks’ were called Danny and Ann-Marie. This is a slap in the face for every relative. That he doesn’t even speak of people [Menschen], but of folks. That describes the whole federal government, how it has behaved in this matter until now.”

    As Michael K. and his wife remember their daughter, what is the image they have of her in their minds? “Her winning laugh. That’s what I miss the most. When she had a little time left in the morning, she would listen to music loudly, bounce around the rooms singing. She was always in a good mood. That’s the worst thing for me: when I come in in the morning and the silence is there.”

    Ann-Marie was the only child of Michael K. and his wife. “She wanted children. That’s what we’re denied as parents, to be able to witness our daughter’s wedding, to be able to have grandchildren.”

  • “A Fairfax, Virginia, school board member recommended curriculum materials for teachers to use for their lesson plans which opposed using terms such as “radical Islamic terror,” “Islamic terrorists” and “jihadists” when discussing the history of the Sept. 11 attacks.”




    Ruud Koopmans, ex-Green, is married to a Turkish woman and positions himself as left-liberal. His profession and position: sociology professor and director of the department “Migration, Integration, Transnationalization” at the Science Center Berlin.

    So this is the usual biography for authors of books that are available in stacks in bookstores. But here you have to look twice: Because Koopmanns really has it together.

    Koopman’s previous book, “The Decaying House of Islam. The Religious Causes of Bondage, Stagnation, and Violence” (2020) was quite a hit. Already here he had named crystal clear the causes why the Islamic world is in the stranglehold of its own narrowness. A titbit from this writing was the statement that since 1979 more books were translated into Finnish than into Turkish and Arabic – because there anyway only ONE book is valid, the Koran.

    With his brand new book “The Asylum Lottery. A review of refugee policy from 2015 to the Ukraine war” proves that Koopmans by no means has just any score to settle with Islam. The topic does not play a major role here.

    But hardly ever has the topic of “failed asylum policy” been tackled harder, more sharply, in a book from a popular popular publishing house. Koopmans speaks a refreshingly clear language and does not mince words. Funny to mention today: He doesn’t even gender.

    Koopmans states that today it is enough to reach the EU border somewhere and say the magic word “Asylum!” and, poof, you’re in. He meticulously lists what this means in terms of questionable immigration to Germany. He does not know any politically correct answers and reveals the bare facts:

    – that mainly young men come (from Gambia, the country with the most blatant rate of female genital mutilation, 91 percent of the refugees are male, from Guinea 79 percent, from Pakistan 74 percent)
    – that a large proportion enters without identity documents, making themselves younger
    – that among the refugees (haha, “skilled workers”!) only four percent have regular professional training
    – that only two percent of all refugees can invoke the “actual” asylum article §16a (individual political persecution);
    – that the claim that refugees “are not allowed to work here” (and therefore inevitably slip into “bad company” etc.) is an outright lie.

    Koopmans also makes clear that the noble intention of “fighting the causes of flight” comes to nothing. After all, it would never be possible to raise a shithole state to the welfare level at which Europe (still) finds itself. In this respect, especially Germany and Scandinavia etc. will remain attractive.

    Whenever the reader thinks: ok, now Koopmans is buckling, he is mistaken. For example, it is also about “right-wing”, ideologically motivated violence against refugees. Koopmanns says quite clearly that this is a phantom inflated by the media. It is not the “racist” Germans who threaten the life and limb of asylum seekers, but the other way around.

  • Canada once had the fiercest soldiers who gave their all for freedom. Now those soldiers are the enemy, and Christian youth are the freedom fighters.

  • let’s be real… he was ARRESTED for TRESPASSING, not for religion. FAKES NEWS doesn’t want you to understand that…


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Canada's War on Christian Teenager Josh Alexander: Arrested for Speech, Suspended from School, Persecuted for Faith
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