Canadian Freedom Protesters Continue to Fight Trudeau's Violent and Illegal Actions (Exclusive Videos)

On Friday, February 18, one day short of the three-week anniversary of the truckers’ arrival, Trudeau’s police crushed the protests with an unnecessary display of force that crossed into brutality, breaking truck windows, arresting about 100 people for no obvious reason, and even riding horses into a group of protesters…

Saturday, March 19, 2022. It’s been one month and one day since Trudeau’s militarized police (a much more polite term than thugs) crushed the Freedom Convoy protest with a completely unnecessary display of force after Trudeau had completely unnecessarily invoked the Emergencies Act. 

The Freedom Convoy arrived in Ottawa on Saturday, January 29. Thousands of truckers from across Canada parked their trucks on Wellington St. in front of the Parliament buildings and the surrounding downtown areas. For almost three weeks, they sat there, hoping that the prime minister or a government representative would meet with them to hear their grievances about forced Covid vaccinations and lockdowns. For almost three weeks, after first disappearing allegedly because he had Covid, their prime minster not only ignored them but demonized them, associating them with Nazis and racism and claiming they were a fringe minority with unacceptable views. For almost three weeks, the Ottawa police chief (and when he resigned, the interim police chief) tried to depict the demonstration as dangerous, volatile, and even a form of terrorism. For almost three weeks, the mainstream media portrayed the truckers and their supporters as flirting with extremism and a threat to society. 

And for almost three weeks, tens of thousands of ordinary Canadians from across the country attended Parliament Hill and the surrounding city blocks to show their support for the truckers, bearing Canadian flags and placards of protest, at times turning the Hill into a sea of red and white. The palisades demarcating the Parliamentary grounds became a wall of protest with the signs left by protesters. Yet, during all that time, not one business in the downtown core surrounding Parliament Hill was vandalized, not one statue was damaged, and not one person was injured. Not bad for a bunch of ruffians allegedly trying to overthrow the government! 

Emergencies Act

Nevertheless, on Monday, February 14, early in the third week of the protest, Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act. The peaceful protests continued for three more days, with music and dancing, food stalls, and lots of good cheer. Then, on Friday, February 18, one day short of the three-week anniversary of the truckers’ arrival, Trudeau’s police crushed the protests with an unnecessary display of force that crossed into brutality, breaking truck windows, arresting about 100 people for no apparent reason, and even riding horses into a group of protesters, and trampling one disabled woman (something, as a leaked email would later reveal, that the RCMP actually joked about). The police can legitimately be called “Trudeau’s police” because it was not only Ottawa police deployed on the protesters. Police from other sources had been brought in. Moreover, the police directly confronting the protesters wore nondescript khaki uniforms with no badges. For all we know, they might not even have been from Canada. 

On Monday, February 21, three days after the protest on Parliament Hill had been violently crushed, and by which time sympathy protests at border crossings in Coutts, Alberta, Emerson, Manitoba, and Windsor and Sarnia in Ontario had also ended, the House of Commons passed a motion to confirm the declaration of the Emergencies Act. That Members of Parliament would do such a thing when there was nothing to meet the definition of an emergency as defined under the Act reflects the obsequiousness to their leader of the Liberal MPs, who were able to pass the motion with the help of their allies in the even more socialist New Democratic Party. But a mere two days later, when it looked like the Senate would not pass the motion to confirm, Trudeau, revoked the Emergencies Act. (The Act must be confirmed by both Houses of Parliament to remain in effect for a maximum of 30 days.) Canada is lucky that there are still a few independent thinkers in the Senate! 

Although Trudeau allegedly revoked the Emergencies Act, his government proposes to retain some of its most repressive features, including draconian financial measures that would give it control over citizens’ bank accounts with dissenting views who contribute to movements that the government disapproves of, such as the Freedom Convoy. We can only hope the courts will take a very close look at how the government can justify cherry-picking aspects of the Emergencies Act to keep after it has allegedly been revoked.

But the Emergencies Act is not the only thing that lives on. So does the spirit of protest against the abuses of government. Post-Freedom Convoy protests, larger ones – and smaller ones have popped up across the country, including, of course, in Ottawa. 

Late on the morning of Saturday, March 19,  RAIR Foundation USA did on a reconnoiter of Parliament Hill. That day was the designated day for the Worldwide Rally Protest. And indeed, there was a demonstration in Ottawa, and its raison d’être was evident from the sign placed at the perimeter of the  Centennial Flame. 


The typical goodwill of Freedom demonstrations was displayed by an aboriginal woman who hugged the other demonstrators. 

One demonstrator carried a sign calling for Nuremberg 2.0, based on the Pfizer data showing 1,223 deaths and 42,086 adverse events during the first three months. 

Canadian Freedom Protester Beaten by Unidentified Police

RAIR encountered Kyle near the flame on the parliamentary grounds in front of Centre Block. Kyle had been on the front lines of the assault on demonstrators by unidentified police on that fateful Friday, February 18. It just so happened that he was the first to be knocked down and pulled behind police lines, where he was beaten with rifles, knees, and boots to get him to put his hands behind his back so he could be cuffed with zip ties. (Why could the police not just have ordered him to put his hands behind his back?) How ironic that Kyle, a defender of police during the last two years of anti-police activism, should be the first to feel the zip ties – identified as being from Jersey Tactical Corporation and used by the FBI –  on his wrists. There was a total of about 100 others who suffered a similar fate. Apparently, police had orders to arrest 100 demonstrators. We can’t be sure that the person shown being arrested in the short segment following the interview with Kyle is Kyle. But we can be sure that the protesters were subjected to far more force than necessary. Does anyone remember when Canadians were certain that “it could never happen here”? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (of the sunny ways) has made sure that it can. 

Catholic Procession in Support of the Freedom Convoy

As noon approached, we saw to the east a procession making its way west along Wellington St. toward the Parliamentary grounds. It turned out to be quite a long procession and, based on the religious iconography, most likely a Catholic one. Finally, it made its way to the Centennial Flame to join the other demonstrators there. 

The procession felt a great deal of gratitude toward the truckers, as a huge banner carried by several of its members makes clear. We, too, are very grateful to the truckers for standing on guard for our freedoms!

The downtown core of Ottawa retains an aura of Soviet-like grimness. The segment of Wellington St., where the Parliament buildings are located, is eerily quiet as it is blocked by vehicular traffic with construction-style fencing.

The first picture below shows the barrier at the north end of Metcalfe St., facing the Centre Block of the Parliament buildings. The second shows the barrier on Wellington St. at Bank St., facing east.

These blockades will remain in place as long as this government distrusts its own people. Unfortunately, that could be a long time. 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).



  • Pity they don’t use their energy to also lobby their Government to keep their noses out of the Biden War for Gas.
    How do you end a war where the fires are raging. You pour more petrol on it according to Biden and the Clown that fronts the British Circus pretending to be a Government. You couldn’t make this sh** up, Oh wait a minute, they just did.
    Watch Oliver Stone’s Ukraine on Fire on Bit chute, while you still can..
    I hope you have a strong stomach. It is horrendous.


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