Canadian Nurse Details Dangers of Covid Vaccines, Co-Founds Organization to Protect Citizens (Exclusive Interview)

“I could see that there was only one road, one solution. It was a vaccine-only exit.” – Bethan Nodwell

In an interview with RAIR Foundation USA, one of the co-founders of Freedom Fighters Canada explains how she knew from the beginning that the covid scare was not what it was purported to be.  

Bethan Nodwell, a nurse who formerly worked in a small hospital in rural Quebec, just a short drive from Ottawa, recounts the confusing early days of the pandemic. “Everything kept on changing,” she says. “It came in hard and furious. And when Trump suggested that hydroxychloroquine might work, there was immediate resistance. ‘No, it’s dangerous,’ we were told.” However, Nodwell knew hydroxychloroquine is used widely to treat lupus, arthritis, and other immune-compromised conditions. “We’ve given it to millions of children in Africa and India,” she says, noting its safety record. But her colleagues were unwilling to try. “It was all about waiting for the vaccine,” she recalls. “I could see that there was only one road, one solution. It was a vaccine-only exit.”

This raised red flags for Nodwell. “I found that odd as usually; we’d be using anything we could for therapeutics, for preventative, anything for post-infection.” 

Nodwell quickly found that opinion turned against her. Called irresponsible and reckless, she declined to participate in phase three of the clinical trials of the mRNA shots. She explains that pharmaceutical companies usually conduct final drug trials on human patients and wait for adverse reactions and results before releasing a new treatment. They did not do this. “But we, the Canadian and U.S. public, were phase three of clinical trials. We very quickly started to see issues such as miscarriages and myocarditis. We’ve seen Guillain-Barré and Bells Palsy before with other vaccinations, but not at this level, not at this rate and intensity,” says Nodwell. 

She also realized during the first lockdown the harm this was doing to vulnerable children. “I called the teachers at school and told them we had to get the children back into the classroom. It was dangerous for children in abusive environments. We also saw increased domestic abuse and violence in emergency rooms, women and children coming in terrible states. The lockdowns did formidable damage.”

Next came the masking. With her nursing expertise, Nodwell understood immediately that masking was ineffective. “If you really want to be protected, you’d need a hazmat suit,” she explains. “And yet, we watched everyone get involved with the Kabuki theatre, participate, believe, and chastise those who weren’t enrolled.”

As the inefficacy of vaccines and their dangerous side effects become more widely reported, the resistance to vaccine mandates and booster shots worldwide appears to be growing. Denmark has banned the shots for those under 18 and the U.K. for those 11 and under. However, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have missed the memo on the scientific evidence and continues to drive Canadians of all ages towards them.  This poses a problem for Freedom Fighters Canada, says Nodwell, because there are now so many threats to our personal freedoms. “Are we going to focus on the vaccines, focus on the digital I.D.’s, on transhumanism, on inflation,” she asks. “We are being attacked on so many fronts.” 

Thanks to the colossal failure of Canada’s ArriveCAN app in airports, the issue of digital I.D. has focused many people’s attention on the issue. “We hope that more and more people don’t comply,” says Nodwell. “Because digital I.D.’s tie into a social credit system. There are so many hints of what is to come. It’s very disconcerting.” 

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • Bethan Nodwell, may many more health professionals join in the fight against the illegally forced vaccs that are revealing themselves to be dangerous and even fatal.

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