Canada: Trudeau's Own Family Abandons Him, 'Enough is Enough, Step Down' (Must Watch)

Justin Trudeau’s half-brother, Kyle Kemper, believes that Covid is “more about control and centralization of power and not about health and wellbeing.”

Different last names, entirely different goals – but in fact, the same family: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s half-brother Kyle Kemper holds a fundamentally opposite position on Covid than the controversial head of government. Now Kemper is campaigning against his prominent family members’ authoritarian Covid policies.

In a recent interview, Kemper once again expressed severe criticism of Trudeau over his Covid policies, which he believes are “more about control and the centralization of power and not about health and well-being.” It is a “globally orchestrated scam,” with massive profits being diverted from “countries to corporations.” He continued, “I don’t know how anyone can deny that.” He sharply criticizes the role of the media in this fraud.

The staunch evangelist and promoter of liberty and informed consent referred to his half-brother as vaccine dealer Justin.”  Kemper has refused the  “experimental, biotechnological-nanotechnological fake vaccination” that protects neither against infection nor the transmission of the virus. One of the many counts on which Trudeau is guilty is inciting hatred against the “unvaccinated.” Trudeau has even blamed those refusing the experimental injection for Canada’s tyrannical Covid measures.

Kyle Kemper Twitter

Kemper has great hopes for the Freedom Convoy, captivating the Canadian capital for the past several weeks. The protesters are calling for the country to have its compulsory vaccinations and freedom-crushing mandates lifted. Unfortunately, with the support of the media, his half-brother Justin is trying to marginalize the truckers, thereby violating their freedom of expression and rights. However, Kemper does not believe that his brother will succeed.

Kemper and his family left Canada and currently reside in San Diego, California, to escape Trudeau’s “draconian measures.” Unfortunately, Kemper and Trudeau’s mother became a victim of “media hypnosis” and bought into Covid hysteria. Kemper hopes that Trudeau chooses to step down and he can one day return to the country he loves so much.

See Kyle Kemper’s full interview with Western Standard media,

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Just-in ThruTheAss must obey the orders by Klaus Schwab & Co, as must all the rest of the Young Global Terrorists; Jacinda Ardern, Sanna Marin, Emmanuelle Moron Macron, etc.

  • Help me out here, it has been proven without a doubt that the vaccine does not prevent you from getting or giving Covid. So, when that narrative fell apart, they turned to “you won`t get as sick”. If the vaccine doesn`t prevent anything why the mandates?

    Are you telling me our governments are that concerned about our personal health? What if I want to get “sicker” when I get Covid, what business is that of our government?

  • Turddough could care less what anyone that does not agree with him thinks .He is a communist and he intends to make Canada communist this is his chance he may have miss stepped in this .I hope the truckers do not back down but if they do he wins.

    • Were proud of the truckers and all, kept it peaceful at all times and brought a lot of good spirit and smiles back the way it was and should be until the person with the long nose stuck and emergency act and mad the police violent and showed what bullies they are, too bad as I know good officers and are not bullies the way they acted in Ottawa, what would of happened if 6 on 1 pushed the pigs away, they would squeal like Trudeau

    • They should have declared his abdication of duty and
      a deserter, disbanded his support and restructured parliament with an emergency vote by those in the majority.

  • DzienDobry



    PozdrawiamSerdecznie m

  • Northmen! Rise up and trounce this silver spoon hose head. Then we drink a beer ay!

    Time to put tranny in the rear view….

  • “Trudeau has repeatedly characterized the demonstrations against vaccine mandates as illegal.”

    It should be illegal to have mentally ill persons as PMs (=Trudeau) or “presidents”(=Biden)

  • It is really funny to read and watch about this idiot Just-in ThruTheAss.
    Better than Charlie Chaplin The Great Dictator.
    Give Just-in ThruTheAss an Oscar!

  • Kyle Kemper nailed it, The King has no clothes. Trudeau and Biden just two useful idiots for one world government. Covid 19 was an excuse to cover massive world bank failures to print trillions of money to save world wide banking fraud and collapse. And our czars like Trudeau and the Biden crime family will be will be cut in on the deal.

  • Absolutely horrifying what this pig has done to a wonderful country. The castro in him is coming out strong. I hope you survive Canada. Turdeau(sic), not so much.


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