Premiere Doug Ford Declares Quebec a 'Police State' - Citizens Are Being Hunted (Must Watch)

Police officers threaten a the father with his son, “You must be indoors. If you refuse to go home, we’ll arrest and detain you. Is that clear?”

On Saturday, January 9th, the left-wing Premier of Quebec, Francois Legault imposed new highly controversial Chinese coronavirus measures, essentially declaring martial law in the province. Three days after Legault’s announcement, Doug Ford, the premiere of the neighboring province of Ontario, vowed he would not allow his province to become a police state like Quebec.

Listen to Doug Ford’s comment below:

The new measures include limiting households to one visitor from another address, no indoor or outdoor gatherings and a curfew enforced by police which puts these measures into the territory of Martial law.

Quebecers are commanded to stay in their homes between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m with exemptions for essential workers. The fine for breaking your home imprisonment rules will be $1,000 to $6,000. 

Police Violently Enforce Curfew

In the following video, police stop a man, who is out walking with his young child and dog on the first night of the imposition of Quebec’s martial law. The father instructs his frightened young child who to run home.

Police order the father to turn over his identification or they will arrest him. Also they warn the man if he does not return home they will issue a fine.

The man asks the police to explain why he is being stopped and why backup enforcement was being called. When he requests the officer badge numbers and names, they swat the father’s phone out of his hand. The father can be heard asking police, repeatedly “But why are you violent? Why are you violent!?”

The officers one again can be heard threatening the father, “You must be indoors. If you refuse to go home, we’ll arrest and detain you. Is that clear?”

See the following exclusively translated video by RAIR Foundation USA of the events,

Ontario Condemns Quebec

Ontario’s Premiere, Doug Ford also declared a coronavirus state of emergency on January 12th, and imposed stricter lockdown rules than Ontario had until then. Unlike Quebec’s new “curfews, Ford feels his “stay at home orders” are much less harsh and sufficient without the need for a police enforced curfew.

During a press conference discussing the new rules, Premiere Ford emphasized that he would not allow Ontario to move to a police state like Quebec has. Premier was asked by a reporter Ontario would not implement curfews. Ford replied,

“as soon as you tell the people of Ontario that you have lost trust and we are going to have police chasing you down the streets when you are driving? That’s it it’s game over, you may as well throw in the white flag.”

Tyrannical Quebec

As reported at RAIR , Quebec City has already garnished international attention for their tyrannical coronavirus actions. Health officials are forcibly removing and imprisoning ‘uncooperative‘ coronavirus-positive citizens at secret locations. Newborn babies have been threatened and homes raided for suspected violations. Meanwhile, Premier Legault was caught on open mic laughing with officials about their mandatory mask measures.

Around the world, freedom is in retreat and tyranny is on the rise, much of it under cover of coronavirus. The strictest measures being imposed by governments, are always the harshest in left-wing controlled areas. From the province of Victoria, Australia to California in America and beyond, we are being stripped of our basic liberties upon which the West was created. 

Many thanks to Sassy for the video translation

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • We are living under a Communist/Socialist dictatorship here in Canada. Our PM loves the Communist Chinese dictator/style governance of Zi because “you can get so much more done that way’. He is also on record as a great admirer of Castro. He is spending our country into oblivion and destroying our economy and all of our small business entrepreneurs. (That is the first goal of the NWO because these ‘independent’ owner/operators are to hard to control). They can never be dependent on Gov. support (the coming UBI…Universal Basic Income) where everyone will own nothing and be happy that the Gov. sends them a cheque every month.
    Scripture speaks much of these times, referring to them as the “last days” or ‘the end times’. We will soon witness Ezekial 38-39 come to pass as well as Isaiah 17:1. 2 Thessalonians even explains how God plays His part by sending ‘strong delusion’ on the world. Miriam Webster defines ‘delusion’ as “mental insanity”. Look around you, folks. This world has literally gone insane. Men changing into women and giving Birth ?? Global warming will kill us all in 12 years !! It’s just a blob of flesh, not a baby !! Covid is a deadly plague?? Gotta wear face diapers or you are a killer.
    I rest my case. Just glad I won’t be here to see what is coming down in the next few weeks and months.:)


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