Canadian Supreme Court Battle: Help Protect Children Against Sexualization and Gender Ideology in Schools

If a child in Canada wants puberty blockers and their parents refuse to allow them, they could lose custody of their children, explains Barry Neufeld.

On Tuesday, October 11, Chilliwack school board trustee Barry Neufeld and his legal team presented his defamation lawsuit before Canada’s Supreme Court. The court is deciding whether a defamation suit against Glen Hansman, the former head of the British Columbia Teachers Federation, can proceed in a case that could have massive repercussions for those opposed to pro-transgender school materials.

Outside the courtroom, Neufeld gave a detailed overview of his case and why he has taken on this critical legal fight to protect children.

During his speech, Neufeld praised Canadian media outlet, Western Standard, for being “the first major newspaper that clearly laid out” his case. Below is the new sites overview of this alarming legal battle:

The lawsuit was launched following a series of events that began in October 2017 when Chilliwack school board trustee Barry Neufeld wrote in a Facebook post.

“At the risk of being labeled a bigoted homophobe,…I agree with the College of paediatricians that allowing little children choose to change gender is nothing short of child abuse. But now the BC Ministry of Education [has] embraced the LGBTQ lobby and is forcing this biologically absurd theory on children in our schools.”

Glen Hansman, then president of the BC Teachers Federation, condemned Neufeld in comments to the media over the following twelve months, saying his comments were “bigoted,” “transphobic,” and “promoted hatred.” 

In court documents, Neufeld claimed he “suffered damages to his reputation…indignity, personal harassment, stress, anxiety, and mental and emotional distress.”

Hansman tried to strike down the lawsuit soon after B.C.’s Protection of Public Participation Act came into effect. Justice A Ross of the B.C. Supreme Court sided with Hansman in a decision on November 26, 2019. This was overruled at the B.C. Court of Appeal on June 9, 2021. On January 13, 2022, the Supreme Court of Canada (SCC) granted Hansman an appeal

The PPPA applies retroactively to legal actions started on or after May 15, 2018, which brings Neufeld’s suit within its scope. In an interview with Western Standard, Neufeld said he found some irony in how Hansman was using the legislation.

“The legislation was to protect little guys, and he was able to use it to his advantage, and he’s the head of a 45,000-member union. But when I originally came out, saying that encouraging children to transition is child abuse, the media went crazy. And he went public,” Neufeld said.

“The teachers union took me to the Human Rights Tribunal and said that I was a danger to their staff. That was four and a half years ago. And the Human Rights Tribunal doesn’t know what to do with that complaint because they can’t come up with a name of anybody who’s actually been harmed by me. So unlike a lot of conservative activists, I went on the offensive, I sued Glen Hansman for defamation. And it seems to be pretty clear cut.”

In an interview, Hansman’s lawyer Paul Jaffe said cases for murder are thrown out if they aren’t heard after 30 months, unlike the Human Rights Complaint. He said the PPPA wasn’t in effect when Neufeld launched his defamation case, but was passed just in time for Hansman.

“Here you have the little guy, David, the financially modest, semi-retired, solitary, politically incorrect trustee out in Chilliwack, who can in no way imaginable constitute any sort of threat to the freedom of expression of the president of the BCTF, or any such other powerful party. It’s ludicrous to suggest that a guy like Neufeld threatens people like Glen Hansman. It’s just absurd,” Jaffe said in an interview with Western Standard.

“But next thing you know, two weeks before we were going to even get [Hansman’s] documents produced, the NDP government in Victoria enacted the [PPP] Act, which then allowed Hansman to bring an application. So a brand new piece of legislation is now put before a judge whose very first day on the bench is a brand new Trudeau appointment. And the effect [was] Neufeld couldn’t get the document.”

Jaffe said it is rare that the SCC grants a leave to appeal the way it did for Hansman. The SCC’s self-declared “progressive” stance concerns him.

“God help us it’s gone as woke as it appears to be going. Anybody with any delusions of civil debate on these contentious matters is going to be disappointed. It’s not going to happen. I don’t know where we’re headed. If the courts aren’t there for people like Neufeld, I think we’re in a lot of trouble,” Jaffe said.

“We want it to go to trial. Hansman has no defense. Hansman is toast the second Hansman takes the stand.”

Neufeld is fundraising for his legal fight through a GoFundMe page against what Jaffe says is a broad taxpayer-funded opposition.

“Neufeld commenced his claim against Hansman because he was a prominent member of a mob of angry activists who targeted Neufeld through the media to basically punish him for speaking out and to stifle public debate on the issue of whether gender ideology should be promoted in the schools under this program called SOGI [Sexual Orientation Gender Identity],” Jaffe said.

“Neufeld has said, ‘Let’s slow down. We’ve never had any sort of public debate in British Columbia at all on the question of whether this program should be promoted in the schools. And if so, what might be more age appropriate for the younger kids. Should we be sexualizing them with questions of where they might sit on the what’s called the gender spectrum?’”

The Tavistock Gender Clinic in England and Finland and Sweden are now putting off gender transitions until the age of 18. By contrast, Jaffe, says, B.C. continues to endorse them.

Jaffe said teachers and educators pushing the ideology in schools are creating a divide between parents and their children.

Neufeld believes that if he loses in court, Christian school teaches and private schools are vulnerable, as are parents who oppose transgender medical interventions for their children.

“If a kid comes home from school and says, ‘Mommy or Daddy, I’m tired of being a girl. I want to be a boy. Will you put me on puberty blockers?’ And the parent says ‘Oh, no, that’s a stupid idea. You were born a girl. You’re always going to be a girl,’ those parents could lose custody of their children,” Neufeld said.

Rally in Support of Barry Neufeld

During the court hearing, Tanya Gaw, the tireless co-founder of Action4Canada, led a demonstration in support of Neufeld outside the Supreme court (see Tanya’s speeches here, here, and here). When Neufeld’s left the court, he address the crowd, and so did his attorney.

Many well-known Canadians gave also gave powerful speeches. Not only did the speakers come out to support Neufeld, the school trustee of 26 years, but many shared their own personal battles with the state and their concerns for Canada’s future.

Barry Neufeld Attorney Paul Jaffe 

As Canadian journalist Madeline Weld reports:

Standing in front of the Supreme Court after the hearing on Tuesday, Paul Jaffe expressed his concerns about the state of freedom of speech in Canada if Neufeld’s opponents win their case. “The most horrible things that happen usually happen incrementally,” he says. Ideologically driven activists must not be allowed to target Barry Neufeld. SOGI is a matter of debate, but “the hill to die on for me is his right to express his concerns and be protected by the law.”  Should Hansman win his countersuit at the Supreme Court, the impact of that decision will extend far beyond SOGI and a school trustee’s defamation suit. Anyone who criticizes public sector unions, governments, the powerful elites, or who questions “the narrative” may suffer the same fate as Neufeld. 

Maxime Bernier

The People’s Party of Canada (PPC) leader, Maxime Bernier, came to support Neufeld in his fight against gender ideology in schools. In addition, Bernier spoke on the importance of this case for Canadian’s freedom of speech:

Jack Fonseca

The Campaign Life Coalition director of political operations, Jack Fonseca, gave two powerful speeches, one in the morning and another later in the afternoon as the hearings wound down. Both of them are about Neufeld and the left’s goal to target vulnerable children. Fonseca also details the army of left-wing groups and individuals trying to influence the trial against Neufeld.

Dr. Mary O’Connor

Canadian doctor Mary O’Conner faces prison after refusing to turn over private medical records of covid ‘vaccine exempt’ patients. Yet, despite the government’s intimidation tactics and harassment, the brave doctor of 50 years continues her selfless fight to protect her patient’s rights and those of every Canadian citizen.

Dr. O’Conner, who came out to support Barry Neufeld, shared her story with the crowd:

Shannon Boschy

Trustee Candidate for Ottawa Public School Board 2022, Shannon Boschy, discusses the consequences of people who undergo chemical and surgical procedures trying to appear to be the opposite sex.

Chanel Pfahl 

Former MonAvenir Catholic School Board (CSC) high school science teacher Chanel Pfahl is being investigated by the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for her remarks and postings opposing critical race theory in schools.

Pfahl is currently a candidate for school board trustee in Zone 8 in Ottawa, Canada:

Pastor Andrew DeBartolo

Andrew DeBartolo is a Canadian pastor representing Liberty Coalition Canada, a group of clergy, politicians, and business leaders formed during Trudeau’s oppressive Covid-19 response.

Initially meeting in secret with cellphones banned, Liberty Coalition Canada has exploded into a national movement that courageously stands for freedom by engaging in political advocacy, mobilizing pro-freedom Canadians, and providing legal aid for those who have been discriminated against through lawless mandates.

Take Action – Support Barry Neufeld

Please consider donating to help Mr. Neufeld in his fight to defend the freedom of speech and to protect our children.

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