Canadians Anxiously Await the Arrival of Hero James Topp in Ottawa (Video)

Canadian veteran James Topp has been walking and jogging cross-Canada, from Vancouver on the Pacific coast to Ottawa, Ontario, to protest Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s punitive and politically based mandates and restrictions.

Just days ago, RAIR Foundation USA had the honor of interviewing the 28-year member of the Canadian Armed Forces about his motivation for spending four months walking 2670 miles across Canada.

James is scheduled to finish his walk and arrive in Ottawa on June 30. In addition to Topp’s anticipated arrival, freedom movement organizers also planned Canada Day celebrations in the nation’s capital.

While many of the protestors have taken this weekend off to prepare for Topp’s arrival, some gathered on Parliament Hill to keep up the pressure against the Trudeau Government.

Carl, a protestor from day one of the Truckers Freedom Convoy in February, has been working on raising awareness for the arrival of Topp. He has also worked tirelessly to keep the pressure on the Trudeau government to restore and uphold Canada’s Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Ironically, Justin Trudeau has stipped citizens of the very rights his father, Pierre Trudeau, wrote into the Constitution of Canada in 1982.

Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad


  • Turning “Freedom” into a verb “freedoms” is cute, and so is this lonely protester. Don’t let Castro’s bastard destroy your spirit and potential.

    • He isn’t Castro’s bastard. His father, red Pierre, and young Fidel, were spitting image lookalikes as young men. The “Castro” look is in the genes of red Pierre.


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