Canadians Continue to Protest Despite Trudeau's Best Efforts to Crush Dissenters (Videos)

The more Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shows his tyrannical side, the more Canadians are waking up.

The protests unleashed by Freedom Convoy 2022 may ebb and flow, but, much to the chagrin of Prime Authoritarian Justin Trudeau, they will not die. The brutal crackdown on Convoy supporters in downtown Ottawa on February 18 by militarized police acting under the authority of an illegally proclaimed Emergencies Act was definitely a setback. But just as shoots can emerge from the underground rhizomes of some plants, live protests have been emerging from the underground discontent of Canadians whose views have been proclaimed unacceptable by their China-admiring leader.   

Every weekend sees a bit of action on Parliament Hill. Sometimes it’s a big crowd, and sometimes a few diehards. But there’s always something worth seeing or hearing. RAIR Foundation USA visited Parliament Hill at noon on Saturday, May 28. It was a relatively small gathering, but there was no lack of spirit, as the short video below shows. And unfortunately, no shortage of Antifa, with whom the woman screaming into her bullhorn at the beginning of the video is undoubtedly associated. The sign professing her love of the hypersexual homosexual heavy metal song Ram Ranch is a reference to hackers playing it on the private communications systems of Freedom Convoy truckers and organizers, such as the walkie-talkie and text messaging app Zello, that they had infiltrated. This hacking and trolling of the Freedom Convoy was much celebrated by the mainstream media.   

The video also shows a heavy police presence, deemed necessary even for very small protests, and the persistent “iron curtain” of fences and barricades around the downtown core. And no totalitarian surveillance system is complete without hidden cameras installed in lamp posts. Tyrannical governments tend not to trust their citizens, not even those who can protest by the thousands for three weeks without breaking a single storefront window or causing a single injury. All of which explains the calls for freedom you hear throughout the video and the abundant signs with the same message. You’ll see a sign announcing the arrival of James Topp in June at about the 1:21-minute mark. Who is James Topp? He is a veteran walking from Vancouver to Ottawa (about 4300 km) to protest vaccine mandates and discrimination against the unvaccinated. We can anticipate a much bigger crowd in Ottawa when Topp arrives at the War Memorial near Parliament Hill.  And then there’s the spunky group of flag-waving protesters calling for freedom on one of the freedom-crushing barricades in the vicinity of the Parliament buildings.    

A nurse from Quebec spoke to the protesters – and offered her dose of the vaccine to the Antifa woman when the latter tried to blast her down. She warns people to beware of “insurrection” traps. “If it looks like a fed, and smells like a fed, and acts like a fed, it’s probably a fed.” She urges freedom lovers to rally around James Topp and Livestream his progress, which the mainstream media will not cover. Regarding the vaccine, she asks, “What’s the point?” if it doesn’t stop infection or transmission. This sets off the Antifa woman, who angrily interrupts and, for her effort, gets a dose of information from the nurse. The nurse also has a warning for Justin Trudeau, “If we’re not free, you’re not free.”  Things are dark now, she tells the assembled, but “it is darkest before the dawn.” The government wants this freedom movement gone, she says, “but we’re not going anywhere.” And she mocks the failure of the scaremongering around the monkeypox, which is “already dead before it got off the ground.”  There is no “achimptomatic” transmission of that disease, the prime symptom of which is a craving for bananas. On a more serious note, “They’re trying to extort us with the price of food, the price of gas, inflation, and the price of housing, but you just hold that line,” she says. The message is “never give up!” 

RAIR interviewed “tinfoil hat man,” a fixture at these demonstrations. Tinfoil hat man explains the meaning of some of the accouterments accompanying the tinfoil hat that is his “uniform,” which denotes the “misogynists, fringe minority, and kooks with tinfoil hats” as described by our government (although those “conspiracy theories” that tinfoil hat wearers are said to believe in appear more accurate by the day!). The jerrycan represents how Canadians brought fuel to the truckers when the government tried to block their fuel supply, which they needed to keep warm during the middle of winter. His “honk! honk!” airhorn requires no explanation! Tinfoil hat man tracks government websites that show that the fully vaccinated are the ones who end up in the hospital and points out that the government is making some of those sites hard to find.  He describes how the police surreptitiously put a tracker in his bag three weeks ago when the “Rolling Thunder” veterans were in town. They told him that riding his bike around downtown was an illegal activity and used it as an excuse to arrest him to get his name and date of birth. 

A trucker from BC who, in December 2021, was arrested and abused by police for refusing to wear a mask spoke with RAIR. He was involved in a minor altercation at a Petrocan station in Brandon, Manitoba. The staff refused to sell him cigarettes for being maskless, and he banged on the plexiglass to show his disgust. One of the employees overcame his (supposed) fear of the virus to go around the plexiglass and pursue him. Police arrived and pulled their guns on him and his traveling companion. They sent his friend walking, impounded his vehicle, and took his dog to a kennel. They put the trucker in handcuffs and put him in the back of a police cruiser, still wearing his leather jacket, cranking up the heat as they drove to a hospital. The idea was to make him sweat (a symptom of Covid).  They told him that a doctor was coming to vaccinate him. But after a brief conversation with the doctor, during which he remained defiant, the doctor walked away with one of the officers. The trucker believes he heard the doctor say that he (trucker) was lucid, so he (doctor) could not inject him. Another hospital worker came and took a pinprick blood sample without his permission. Obviously, they found nothing in his blood. The officers then put the trucker back in the cruiser and took him to jail, where they played country music at such an extreme volume that he ripped the wires from the speaker.  

And that’s how things are in Canada under “sunny ways” Trudeau. For many of us (especially if we’re unvaccinated!), it feels more like “Sonny” ways (as in Sonny Corleone)!  However, the more Trudeau shows his tyrannical side, the more Canadians he will wake up. The end of June will bring the arrival of James Topp, soon followed by Canada Day on July 1. Who knows what sentiments will be manifested this summer! At least we can be assured that Trudeau won’t invoke the Emergencies Act again. Can’t we? 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


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