Canadians Gather on Parliament Hill and CBC Headquarters To Commemorate First Anniversary of Freedom Convoy (Exclusive Videos)

RAIR Foundation USA was on location in Ottawa, Canada, this weekend to film the one-year anniversary tribute celebration of the Truckers Freedom Convoy against Covid restrictions last winter.

One block away from the festivities, a group of demonstrators gathered at Canada’s controversial national broadcaster, the CBC, to protest their divisive and unethical reporting.

“The day was festive and reminiscent of the atmosphere when the convoy first arrived in the nation’s capital at the end of January 2022. Music was played, and people were seen waving the Canadian flag to commemorate the truckers’ movement that occasioned people of all backgrounds from across the country to call for the abolition of vaccine mandates and other restrictive pandemic public health measures,” reports the Epoch Times.

On the way to film the event, RAIR happened upon a South African ex-pat who warned Canadians they were heading down the same oppressive path in his former country. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his left-wing government are slowly chipping away at citizens’ freedoms. But, he stressed, “we have privileges, not freedoms, which is a very different thing.”

A demonstrator, Ari, addressed a crowd gathered in front of Canada’s national broadcaster, CBC TV and Radio headquarters. He reminded citizens of the information warfare being waged against the Canadian people by the state broadcaster at the taxpayers’ expense.

The Canadian media propaganda agency is “no longer media; it has been transformed by this government into a weapon of tyranny,” he said. “They do not seek to inform but to manipulate and deceive.” CBC even writes stories before they happen, explains Ari; they are not interested in the truth but instead push their own political agendas.

Next spoke John, who believes the CBC has committed unforgivable crimes during the past few years during Covid. Like many Canadians, he wants the CBC activists posing as journalists to be held legally responsible for the crimes the new agency has aided and abetted.

Following the CBC protest, the crowd went to Parliament Hill for a dance party to celebrate the three weeks of the Freedom Convoy. A member of Veterans for Freedom was at the demonstration and played “Oh Canada” on the Tin Whistle. The member was part of Canada’s military band.

Vlad Tepes

"Objects in history may be closer than they appear" – Eeyore for Vlad

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    Don’t worry Just-in, Schwab will come and you can again fuck Schwab’s ass and you feel better again.
    Macron and Scholz will come, too, so you can better form a circle!


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