Canadians to Dutch Farmers: 'We Are Here For You Again, Like We Were 80 Years Ago' (Exclusive)

“The socialists pushing these outrageous proposals care much less about the environment than about controlling you.”

In his latest attempt to gain complete control over Canada, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government plans to reduce nitrogen emissions by limiting fertilizer use among Canadian farmers. The World Economic Forum-controlled leader Justin Trudeau claims to be reducing the use of fertilizers to fight “climate change,” which is the kind of globalist scheme that will lead to skyrocketing food prices and famine.

The globalist crusade against farmers by power-hungry governments is also not exclusive to Canada. For example, in the Netherlands, the government has implemented even more extreme measures to curb fertilizer use in the name of “climate change.” These policies have been met with massive pushback by Dutch farmers, who have engaged in protests for several weeks.

Former US President Donald Trump delivered a speech on Saturday at a Turning Point USA meeting in Florida, where he expressed his support for Dutch farmers. He warned that the climate crisis hoax could lead to famine. At the moment, courageous farmers in the Netherlands are fighting against the Dutch government’s climate tyranny, said Trump:

The Netherlands is one of Europe’s largest agricultural exporters, which has made it a target of E.U. climate change policies. But, as reported at RAIR, “the socialists pushing these outrageous proposals care much less about the environment than about controlling you.”

What’s happening in the Netherlands is almost like gazing into a crystal ball for the rest of the Western nations subject to radical climate change policies.

Canadians, like many other European countries citizens, decided to take to the streets as Globalists intensified their efforts to slash emissions, causing harm to people’s livelihoods and the global food supply.

Kemptville, Canada Convoy

This past weekend, Canadian convoys rallied across the country. RAIR Foundation USA was on the scene in downtown Ottawa where three convoys of tractors, farm equipment, and other vehicles attempted to converge on the Dutch embassy. Our local reporter, Vlad Tepes, was on the scene and described the events from July 23, 2022:

We met at the first checkpoint for one of the convoys in a town around an hour out of Ottawa called Kemptville, Ontario, at about 10:00 AM, July 23rd.

The most intense vehicle at the Kemptville parking lot

Couple at Kemptville meeting place

While in Kemptville, RAIR interviewed Katrina, a woman whose life has been drastically harmed both financially and emotionally by the Covid vaccine mandates:

Kenta, Canada Convoy

Then at about 11:00 or so, we all rolled out of the parking lot in Kemptville to meet at a giant sports arena parking lot in Kenta, a West End suburb of Ottawa.

Some of the convoys moving from Kemptville to Kanata

The Convoy rolls out of Kemptville to meet others at Kanata.

This is where the large concerts and sporting events such as Ottawa Senators Hockey games take place. Meanwhile, a helicopter flew way too low to be legal over the parking lot, which had some odd equipment strapped under it.

VERY low flying helicopter over Kanata parking lot with curious equipment attached.

In the parking lot in Kanata, a Front Line Nurse gave a powerful speech and expressed Canadian support for the Dutch Farmers protesting their government’s crushing climate policies:

We want to send out a message to the Dutch and we want to send a message to Holland, Holland, Netherlands. We are here for you again, like we were there for you 80 years ago.

We have a relationship with the Dutch that maybe the normies don’t remember. But we liberated Holland, Canada liberated Holland.

And they saw us in the freezing cold in January and February. And they were inspired! We brushed up rock over a mountain in the winter, and it’s been rolling for six months, and boom, it’s landed in the Netherlands. Boom it landed in the Sri Lanka!

We are many, they are few. The Dutch they are excellent farmers. They provide food for 40% of Europe. Without Dutch farmers, Europe goes hungry. Without Canadian farmers, Canada goes hungry.

…..We are defending freedom. The freedom that our ancestors fought for with the Dutch we liberated the Dutch and we are going to do it again!

Kyle, an organizer at the Kanata checkpoint

Front Line nurse giving a speech in Kanata before heading to Dutch Embassy

RAIR’s reporter explains that “after the powerful speech, the convoy rolled out to Ottawa and headed towards the Dutch Embassy:

When my driver and I arrived at the Dutch Embassy there was already a small protest of maybe 60 people waiting for the slow roll convoys.

But according to witnesses that I interviewed in video posted below, police broke up or held up the convoys, parking some of them in corn fields and dirt roads in order to drastically diminish the effect of these protests.

By the time we left, around 4:00 or so, maybe one vehicle had managed to pass the street the Embassy was located on. The street was also blocked off at one end.

I cannot say for sure if it was to inconvenience the protest or if it was a construction thing, as is common in Ottawa in the summer. But given how the city has attacked towards most freeom protests, which is to use any information given freely by protestors to interfere with their plans, there is a good chance it was blocked for that day.

This is similar to how Ottawa stopped access to ALL city parks at the last minute to prevent family picnics by veterans and supporters who came out to support Veteran James Topp’s arrival in Ottawa.

A protestor in front of the Dutch Embassy in Ottawa

Decorated car part of the convoy

Front Line Nurse with a Rolling Thunder organizer.

Protestor with a great sign at Dutch Embassy Ottawa

A farmer from the area

Farmer’s Wife with supporting T-shirt at Dutch Embassy.

Regardless of government blockades or media attacks on the Farmers and Freedom protesters, nothing will stop Canadians from standing up for their constitutional rights and freedoms.

RAIR Foundation



  • Canucks are screwy. So many crazy things going on that they don’t seem to notice. For example, under the guise of ‘inclusiveness’ their governments are achieving a legally racist society where the least favored demographic is what’s left of what used to be the collective core. The idiot absurdities pile up. For example Indigens get free salmon courtesy of the governments and Eskimos living in Ottawa get free seal meat delivered. You’d think some Canuckbrains would at least notice the hilarity. But the only thing going on is this vague truckers’ protest.


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