Cancers, Hepatitis, Bell’s Palsy, Herpes: Dr. Roger Hodkinson Warns 'Vaccines' Problems Will Worsen (Exclusive)

Dr. Hodkinson is adamant that pregnant women and children should not be vaccinated under any circumstances.

It’s going on a year and a half since the Covid vaccine rollout began in early 2021. Well before that year was over, getting vaccinated for Covid became mandatory for many jobs and entering a wide range of establishments. Despite an unprecedented number of reports of vaccine injuries, getting an exemption for any reason, including a bad reaction to a first dose, became next to impossible for most people. In this interview with RAIR, Dr. Roger Hodkinson discusses what we already know about the effects of the vaccines and what we might expect in the future. 

The vaccines are a brand-new product that was not properly tested before being rushed to market. So that there would be problems was predictable, Dr. Hodkinson says, but the scale of the problems has exceeded expectations, and we have not seen the end of them. 

While the hypothesized mechanisms by which the vaccines exert adverse effects have not been proven, we nevertheless see the consequences. The major one is generic immune suppression. It is manifested in two ways. The first is an increased vulnerability not just to Covid but to infections in general. The second is the resurgence of cancers previously under control and the emergence of new aggressive cancers. The fact that reports of such developments are largely anecdotal is itself a criticism. Why are there no well-funded studies that would generate the statistics we need? Dr. Hodkinson thinks that the NIH would rather not know. 

There are many medical uncertainties. We do not know what is causing severe hepatitis in children. The number of affected children is small, but some are very sick. Perhaps they have a suppressed immune system because of virus or particle shedding by nearby vaccinated people. Autoimmunity is a possibility, as it is part of the Covid syndrome in other organs. 

There are anecdotal reports of injury to breastfeeding babies. Breasts are modified sweat glands. The Japanese Pfizer study on rats showed that nanoparticles concentrate in the sweat glands. Theoretically, the nanoparticles or the spike protein could get into the sweat and be aerosolized and breathed in by others. But despite the plausible mechanism and convincing reports of injuries to breastfed babies, this information is not being quantified. Dr. Hodkinson is adamant that pregnant women and children should not be vaccinated under any circumstances. We do not know, for example, whether and to what extent reverse transcriptase could incorporate this injected genetic material into a vaccinated person’s DNA.  

We also don’t know how long the mRNA in the vaccine will keep driving the production of spike protein. Our own mRNA gets broken down very quickly. But one of the bases in the vaccine mRNA has been changed (uridine to pseudouridine) to make it more resistant and maximize the time that it can make our bodies produce the spike protein that our immune system then reacts to. Dr. Hodkinson hypothesizes that there is a bell curve of production in the human population. People at one end may produce very little, while those at the other end may produce a massive amount. They are the ones who would have the most complications.   

Dr. Hodkinson criticizes the health authorities for ignoring innate immunity. We have innate immunity and learned immunity. Our innate immune system reacts immediately and non-specifically to anything it has not seen before. On the other hand, learned immunity is obtained through infection or a vaccine and is much stronger and much more specific. Children have a low density of ACE2 receptors (which the virus needs to get into a cell) in the upper airways, and their innate immune system would protect them. Exposure to the virus would also activate learned immunity, generating antibodies (by B cells) against it. Some of the white blood cells known as T cells become memory cells that become activated in a future encounter. 

In addition to the resurgence of cancer, lowered immunity from the vaccine has resulted in the resurgence of diseases such as Herpes and Bell’s palsy. The cause of Bell’s palsy is unknown, but the return of the disease in some people who have vaccine-induced immunosuppression suggests it might be caused by an infectious agent. The Covid vaccines are creating an immune deficiency syndrome that is not caused by HIV (non-HIV AIDS). 

Dr. Hodkinson is not aware of studies with natural remedies but says that the essence of the prophylactic effects of ivermectin and HCQ, as well as quercetin and curcumin, is that they enable zinc, which kills the virus, to get into cells. They should therefore be taken with zinc. But unfortunately, the FDA and CDC are still dumping on those agents. 

Dr. Hodkinson expects things to worsen before they get better, which he thinks may not be bad. (To quote Napoleon: Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.) Unfortunately, this means there will be “child sacrifice.” But when what has been happening over the last two and a half years sinks in with the general population that is being prevented from accessing the information presented in lay language (such as Alex Berenson’s), and it realizes that it’s been duped, we won’t be prepared for the scale of revulsion that will take place. The articulation of that revulsion will present an opportunity for a new political era based on the traditions that founded North America: family, hard work, risk-taking, religion, and tradition. That is the common thread among politicians such as former U.S. President Donald Trump and Canada’s Maxime Bernier and of emerging political groups as well as Alberta separatism.  

The emerging new political era turns things upside down for the Great Resetters. Dr. Hodkinson is calling this opportunity the Great Reject. He believes it is of a “Magna Carta 2” scale. When the barons went down the meadow at Runnymede to meet the king, they didn’t know if they would come back alive. But they did, and they wrestled rights from the king. We now have the same scale of opportunity to keep democracy alive. We’re heading to a dark place if we don’t do something dramatic. But Dr. Hodkinson is optimistic that the truth will get out and create a new era of politics. 

Madeline Weld, Ph.D.

Madeline Weld is a retired civil servant who lives in Ottawa. She is president of Population Institute Canada and a founding member of Canadian Citizens for Charter Rights and Freedoms (C3RF).


  • Excellent ! There is always a lot to take away from a conversation with Dr. Hodkinson and his interviewer, Vlad.
    The pearl standing out from this conversation was Vlad’s interpretation of the mRNA method:

    “….it’s like shooting yourself in the foot to make you bulletproof…”

  • “The cause of Bell’s palsy is unknown,…” there was a statement on the website of the neurologist from Dr Daniel Amen clinic that Bell’s palsy is an indication that the patient is infected with Lyme disease. Is it possible that they are injecting people with Lyme. Lyme is very hard to diagnose. People will have horrible symptoms and they will not know that they are infected because they didn’t have a tick bite and co called “bull’s eye”.  

  • “NEW: Dr. Fauci says if Trump is reelected, he would not continue to serve as White House Chief Medical Advisor”




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