Charlie Hebdo survivor calls leftist ‘Islamophobia’ Tactic ‘Stalinist…’

Charlie Hebdo survivor calls leftist ‘Islamophobia’ Tactic ‘Stalinist…’

Charlie Hebdo survivor calls leftist ‘Islamophobia’ Tactic ‘Stalinist…’

  • Posted by Amy Mek
  • On October 8, 2019
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“Whoever curses a Prophet, kill him. Whoever curses my companions, beat him.” — Muhammad

Laurent Sourisseau (aka “Riss”), the head of Satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo, has released a new book entitled One Minute Forty-Nine Seconds.

This book has been widely praised as a refutation of the Islamic terrorists who attacked the French Satirical magazine on January 7, 2015, killing a dozen people at the magazine, and injuring another eleven. Riss was injured in the attack from a gun shot to his shoulder.

This was one of the most violent attempts at forcing Western nations to submit to Islamic Blasphemy laws.

Riss pointed out that since the 2015 jihad terror attack on free speech, things have not improved in the West, “If we republished the cartoons today, we would be alone again, the attack did not make people more courageous, on the contrary.”

Riss has continued his work, but his commitment to his beliefs has come at a huge cost – everywhere he goes, he must be protected by security guards. Riss has previously written about the enormous cost of security for the magazine. “Between the private security firm, surveillance and special installations — including a panic room — in their offices, protecting staff costs more than $1.5 million per year.’  

Islamic jihadists have put the free world on notice: if you draw Muhammad, we will kill you.

Being critical of Islam now means death threats or actual attempts on your life such as, cartoonists, comedians, and anyone who publicly defies Islam as it insists on being represented, everywhere in the world now.

All over the Islamic world, and now the Western world, secular thinkers, clergy, teachers, politicians, artists, poets, writers, journalists (Lars Hedegaard), bloggers (Bangladesh), and cartoonists are threatened and/or targeted for death because they dare to be critical of Islam.

Leftist activists, politicians and organizations, assist this jihad on free speech by calling all who openly criticize Islam of being guilty of “hate speech”. This is a secular equivalent of “blasphemy” and is working its way into Western law!

As one Charlie Hebdo journalist stated, “The more of us who choose to stay silent, the more dangerous it becomes for the few who continue speaking out.” The fact is that where critical thinking & free speech end, the West ends as well.

As George Washington warned, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter”

Transcript: Thank you to Miss Piggy for the translation:

You are very severe with the notion of Islamophobia. You say it’s Stalinist. 

It’s a word thrown in people’s faces to silence them. Because obviously, we don’t want to… it’s not very flattering to be called Islamophobic. Because obviously, we don’t want to… it’s not very flattering to be called Islamophobic. So it’s kind of a curse. It’s done to silence someone right at the beginning…it’s not even a challenge to have critical thinking. You mustn’t let yourself be impressed by that.

 That said, it is true that it’s not very obvious either. We see it today with the rise of xenophobia in Europe, we even see it in France in regard to [Eric] Zemmour. We must also be careful how we talk about this. Both republican and secular people need to take care not to sink into xenophobia and stigmatization. 

And you are also hard, Riss, in the book (One minute forty-nine seconds) with those you call “the collaborators”, those who are more or less complicit with Islamist fundamentalism, to be precise. That is, five years later, do you have the feeling that we haven’t learned from what has happened? 

—I think that when we are confronted with a new form of totalitarianism, there are two positions: we can oppose it, and then there are the people who live with it. Those who can live with it, it doesn’t mean that they adhere to it, but do it for intellectual comfort and later out of fear

…And those who are looking the other way too? 

—Yes, it’s a bit like [Michel] Houellebecq in “Submission”: “Finally…” “Nevertheless…” “However…” In the end, it’s easier, it’s less painful to accommodate than to oppose, because if you yourself oppose, it’s the beginning of trouble, threats, and you’ll no longer have intellectual comfort, that is. So there you have it, that’s it.


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