Chief Advisor of Klaus Schwab and the WEF Boasts: Dreams of Dictators Are Now Possible (Video)

“Dictators always dreamt about eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone, knowing everything you do, think, and feel…It is now possible.”

The privacy versus security debate is as old as civilization, historian and writer Yuval Noah Harari said recently at the Athens Democracy Forum, an annual international conference in Greece. “But there is now something new: for the first time in history, it is possible to eliminate privacy completely,” said Harari, chief advisor to the World Economic Forum’s leader, Klaus Schwab. 

“It was not possible before,” said Harari, “It is now possible. A fundamental change has taken place. “Dictators always dreamt about completely eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone all the time, and knowing everything you do, and not just everything you do but everything you think, and everything you feel.”

Whether it was a tyrant in ancient Greece or Stalin, they always dreamed of it, but they could never do it because it was technically impossible. Now it’s possible, Harari told New York Times moderator Liz Alderman.

Watch the full video of Yuval Noah Harari’s panel with internet and privacy expert Marietje Schaake at the Athens Democracy Forum,

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Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Oh, so this is the little dick Yuval Noah Harari which guides the other little dick Klaus Schwabe together with the new Angela Merkel-Göbbels, the third little dick Olaf Scholzin-Göbbels.
    WEF and the whole EU, together with WHO and UN, are TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS, and the members are TERRORISTS !
    As we all can see:
    WEF with Terrorist Zelensky already succeeded organizing war in Ukraina.
    WEF Terrorist Marin just organizing the other war between Russia and Finland.
    WEF Terrorist Trudeau (real name Just-in Through-The-Ass) terrorizing Canada.
    WEF Terrorist Ardern terrorizing New Zealand.
    WEF Terrorist Macron terrorizing France.
    Biden already succeeded to make USA the number one shit land in the world.
    Ayatollah Löfven and the new Andersson already succeeded to make Sweden the number two shit land in the world.
    Etc, etc.
    Please Putin, send your agents as soon as possible to get rid of these WORLD’S MOST DANGEROUS TERRORISTS !

    • Yes! People need to realize who zelensky answers to, who got him elected, who pays him! I’ll give you a hint begins with Klaus and ends with Schwab.

    • Putin is one of the graduates of Klaus’s Schwab school called Young Leaders for Tomorrow. Who knows if this is Putin is not part of this plan. Only they know. In documentary film “Checkmate for humanity” from 2012 , they talk about long world war set up to take away the rest of the freedom from humanity.

  • Little wimpy fatherless moron dreams of titanic he-man diktatorships led, of course, by him in dreams of glory.

    He must have gotten beaten up a lot at school.

  • Certainly they. Can monitor criminal, like with an ankle bracelet, but now it’s everyone all the time.
    The Chinese have a social scoring system,messentialy to monitor compliance, and penalize through job, travel and living opportunities if not compliant.
    Also cashless society so the monitor spending.
    Actually it took American expertise of big tech to develop the system, so Americans made it possible for the Chinese to put their social credit system in place, so now the bugs have been worked out through a Chinese pilot system and now ready for the American system.I expect it to be put in operation while the pandemic is still going on,mithenm2 perfect excuse.

  • I watched the whole video and oddly enough they were advocating against surveillance and the invasion of privacy. I’m not a fan of this guy or WEF but why is this article making it seem like he was advocationg for it instead of against it?

    • I never watched the video, but when I read his words, I immediately thought that it sounded like a warning in the manner it was presented. Even though I loathe the WEF and Klaus

  • Harari and his tyrannical comrades are insane and dangerous. They need to be isolated, defanged, and rejected by all means necessary.

  • Remember when Hillary Clinton was a big advocate of preserving “privacy”? That was back when the Monica scandal was dogging her. How the left meanders from one extreme to the other is mind-boggling.

  • At the end of the full-length video, after giving lip service to the goals of preserving privacy and some notion of freedom, Harari concludes that with the onset of deep-fakes, we are going to have to rely on trust of the institutions that are self-declared arbiters of “truth”, like the NYT, to tell use what information is real and what’s not. He is saying this just as the NYT, who put on this little dog-and-pony show, is participating in the perpetuation of some of the biggest deceptions in the history of the world, including the pushing, as “highly effective”, COVID shots that have not only failed to slow the transmission of the virus, but have slowly eroded the resistance of recipients to other diseases, including cancer. He is telling us to trust the media outlets that have lied repeatedly about the actions of Russia while covering up the crimes of a Nazi-dominated Ukrainian regime led by a puppet of a gangster who is so obviously corrupt that he was even banned from the USA. He is telling us to trust the people who covered up Hunter Biden’s laptop. No thanks.

  • The Globalists have no idea what I think or how I feel. They will, if I choose to let them. But they won’t like it and it will be too late for them to put the tempest back into the teapot.

  • ““Dictators always dreamt about completely eliminating privacy, monitoring everyone all the time, and knowing everything you do, and not just everything you do but everything you think, and everything you feel. Whether it was a tyrant in ancient Greece or Stalin, they always dreamed of it, but they could never do it because it was technically impossible. Now it’s possible.”

    Actually, if one does not use cellphones, pay in cash, and or uses VPNs and snail mail, it’s quite hard for other parties to monitor one’s activities.

    • But using cash is going to stop very soon. Many counties are already planning to go to digital currency, including the U.S. I have read articles by people that say it could happen by the end of 2022.

  • It is well past time to terminate the globalists…………………………………………………………movement.

  • He resembles Avanati, oddly.

    If he doesn’t get the same fate as that greasy jerkoff, he might just ‘have an accident’.

  • EU is dictatorship. The Commissioner for the Internal Market Thierry Breton threten to censor Twitter and EU is very afraid of Elon Musk allowing free speech on Twitter.
    Thierry Breton is the new GÖBBELS!
    Elon Musk, please buy the whole EU and get rid of all these EU leaders, they are all terrorists.

  • He is not “boasting”, rather, if you actually listen to his full interview, points out that it would be ideal for the advanced technological ability to monitor be placed upon governments and corporations rather than individuals.


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