Children Imprisoned: German Officers Violently Remove Kids From Mother Critical of Covid Measures

“My two children still have it better than the other children, locked up alone in their rooms at the facility because at least they are together,” reports Maria.

A German mother critical of the state’s Covid measures had her home raided and her children violently removed by police and child protective services. The children are being held in a state facility and have been unable to see their mother for over a month. The distraught mother is pleading for the public’s help.

Court Removes Children

On November 15, 2021, Maria reports that German police and child protective services broke into her family’s apartment. They physically overwhelmed her and violently separated Maria from her children. The children were then thrown into a foster care facility in Treptow-Köpenick. 

This past year, Maria did not have her children attend school due to the harsh Covid requirements. The Court claims they removed the children due to Maria’s noncompliance with school attendance. However, Maria repeatedly petitioned the children’s school and its board to allow her kids to participate in distance learning. However, she was flat out denied. Furthermore, the school would not address her safety concerns surrounding face masks and repeated covid tests of the school children.

Maria explains that the raid her family experienced “was orchestrated to be as dramatic and traumatic as possible.” She continued, “To have done all this in the name of child welfare and to justify the action as such is a pure mockery.”

German Children Are Imprisoned

Since December 14th, the children have been forced into quarantine at the state facility they are imprisoned in after a symptom-free girl tested positive. The children were supposed to be isolated for seven days, then given the opportunity to regain their freedom through testing.

Although Maria prohibited the children from undergoing the testing, her children were coerced by the State. Despite not having any symptoms, one of her healthy children “allegedly tested positive.” Both of her children have now been forced into quarantine until December 31st and had to spend Christmas alone and isolated.

“I made a request to the child protective services that my children return home for the Christmas holidays, placing myself in quarantine with them during their stay, but I received no response,” states Maria.

The children are both homesick and desperately missing their mother. Maria reports that her 9-year-old daughter cries every time she’s on the phone with her. No one at the facility plays with the children or interacts with them. Even Christmas was not acknowledged to the children.

Nevertheless, “I must honestly say, my two children still have it better than the other children, locked up alone in their rooms at the facility because they are together,” reports Maria.

State Shows No Mercy

Until her children can come home, Maria has been standing outside the facility singing for her kids. She hopes that her children, along with the others who are suffering inside, can hear them.

Unfortunately, Maria singing outside the facility has cost her gravely. Before Christmas Eve, the facility informed Maria she would only be allowed to speak with her children for ten minutes, twice a week, due to her singing. So regardless of Christmas or the fact that her children were alone in quarantine, she was only allowed two phone calls.

Maria reports that the state is now considering further punishing her and relocating the children to an unknown location.

Call To Action

Maria is asking others to join her outside the state facility and and help support all the suffering children held against their will throughout Germany.

Please join me.

The greater our numbers, the greater the attention we’ll receive and the greater our safety will be.

At the following Telegram addresses, you can contact us: @AniKa_17 + @mariamaria_71

We will tell you the exact location and time of our meeting.

Thank you for your attention. Thank you for condolences and support.

Watch the following heartbreaking video released by Maria:

See selected coverage on coronavirus tyranny:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • What can I say?
    This is Nazi Germany all over again and even worse.
    It is the beginning of the Zionist push for the endgame something I warned about and I fight about on a daily basis.
    Further more I can say that the Government in Germany as the police are currently preparing for a civil war something they want to push the endgame.
    The police in Germany especially since being trained by Israel for at least 10 years are brutalized against the German people.
    Angela Merkel was a spy and worked for Erich Mielke and the Stasi and has brought the Stasi into power in Germany.
    It will get worse to the point of civil war.


    • The so called VXX Passport is the exact copy of the Auschwitz Birkenau System created by Hermann Hollerith of IBM.
      A Database connected with an Identification number aka inmate tatoo today QR code.
      Still the system is the same just infinite more powerful.
      Read Edwin Black: IBM and the Holocaust.
      We are all prisoners of the auschwitz world now.
      Remember the film “Elysium” with Matt Demon?
      It is Hollywood predictive programming it is our future according to them.

    • If their were alpha men around to protect their families, it would be great. The E.U. needs men who will stand up for family and friends, not wimps.

  • The Nazis are back only this time its world wide Heil Falsie and Biteme.Better get your stiff arm salute practiced up.

  • The German men and other E.U. men are passive cowards, lacking backbones. They could care less about fighting for their family or community. They need to “man up” and fight for their rights under the Nuremberg code and UN human rights treaty.

  • Hey Laura McDoonut!
    All the American men are diaper babies when they allow the world’s most stupid president ever, to still be in power.
    The whole rest of the world has never seen a more stupid president than your ridiculous, also diapers wearing “president” Biden, as all the American diaper wearing men, except Trump.
    American men: Stop wearing those diapers in your trousers and on your face and show that you are MEN with backbones, not only diapers!
    American soldiers are also diaper babies, when fleeing from Vietnam as well as from Afghanistan, and still taking orders from Fauci and obeying that idiot Fauci as well as obeying Great Reset vaccine mandate genocide for the own soldiers, instead of protecting the soldiers and the American citizens! You American men are a bunch of idiots!

    “Laura McDonough
    December 30, 2021 at 7:48 pm
    The German men and other E.U. men are passive cowards, lacking backbones. They could care less about fighting for their family or community. They need to “man up” and fight for their rights under the Nuremberg code and UN human rights treaty.”

  • it’s a known proven pedophilic satanic state, same child services placed 33 thousand children in the homes of pedophiles in a social engineering experiment.
    NYT even covered it recently, couldn’t be swept under the rug any longer.
    Germany is a despotic sick nation, never forget they lost the best half of their population in WW2. …..ALL the men.

    • Do you have any links for me to research this. I know that the social services is designed to feed sadistic people, as it’s not just men. Foster care, all of it is set up to create chaos and a broken society. This is why they don’t want women to have abortions – to feel their sick and twisted system. A lot of this was due to the church helping the nazis escape. I’m interested in learning more, to better understand what happened to my own child.

    • Omg, thanks Jim for the breadcrumb. I assumed it would be hard to find. Wow! Google The ‘Kentler Project’ in West Berlin – I am in shock!

  • This reminds me of the moment in the film Midnight Express when Billy Hayes the college student turns. He has had enough of the guard that has dished out the cruelty day after day. He is turning the wheel along with the other men and something snaps in him and he turns the wheel in the opposite direction. The violence is horrific and ends his life of torture.
    Human beings will only take so much and then they snap.

  • They did this to me in England in 2020 – but it was because I spoke out of their investment directors abuse and demanded they helped. The government, charities they manipulated and the NHS abused me so badly, I refuse to have contact with my child to protect him. I just have to hope that this is all for the good to win. In Feb 2021 the British crown court put in a rule that they did not have to notify mothers of forced removal, ‘due to covid’. Everything I went through was the start of what is to come from dissented parents. These people have been testing our willingness to submit to their abuse for decades. They do the same thing in America from my research and I believe this is the reason they are not forcing Judges to have the vaccine. Worldwide they will be taking children from parents who dissent in the final stages. These children will be used as lab rats, sexual slaves, and baby’s will have their blood drank for ‘youth’ – this will all become normalised, if the current world leaders are not stopped.

  • Remember the names of those who participated in this wholesale denial of human rights. Remember for what they (officials) did and did not do. When the time comes, hold them to account, and make they pay for what they have done.

    Germans should know by history the excuse, “I was merely obeying orders” doesn’t work when they are convicted in court and marched up the gallows soon to meet their Maker!

  • “Hunted by…” fake left-wing “…media…” The fake Left is rightwing. The entire political class of the US (and other countries) is rightwing/fascist. Not communist. Fascist. Got it?


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