Christians Under Attack: German Federal Court Allows Ramadan and Bans Easter (Watch)

“Christians in Germany are obviously second-class citizens.” – AfD’s Beatrix von Storch

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Beatrix von Storch, Deputy Chair of the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) slammed the German court’s inconsistent rulings imposed on Christians during the Chinese coronavirus lockdown, versus their supportive standards applied to Muslims.

Before Easter, a Catholic priest from Berlin complained to the Federal Constitutional Court. He wanted to celebrate one of the most holy and important religious holidays to Christians, Easter. Germany’s constitutional court rejected his complaint.

The court ruled that the government is obligated to protect the community against life-threatening dangers and the constitutionally-protected right to participate in religious celebrations and services must be withdrawn. At the behest of Germany’s constitutional court, all church services were prohibited.

Before Ramadan, an imam sued for the opening of his mosque for their Islamic Friday prayers for Ramadan. The Federal Constitutional Court found in favor of the imam.

The court ruled that a general ban on services, be it in mosques or other places, without the possibility for exceptions is not constitutionally allowed. Suddenly, the life-threatening dangers of coronavirus are no longer a concern?

Watch the following Beatrix von Storch video exclusively translated by RAIR Foundation USA below:
Beatrix von Storch

Prior to Easter, the deputy chairwoman of the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag, released their policy position paper addressing the coronavirus crisis and the opening of the country’s Churches:

“Easter must be celebrated together in our churches – and not just as a video transmission. Of course, in compliance with all hygiene and clearance rules.

The hardware stores can remain open in almost all federal states, but churches can’t celebrate the highest of all public holidays with their faithful? When the hardware stores are open, the churches must not be closed. Especially now, when people are longing for mental support and Christian community in the crisis, it is incomprehensible if politics and courts intervene so heavily in religious freedom.

As the AfD parliamentary group, we demand: The Christian communities must be able to celebrate Easter 2020 publicly in the churches – with appropriate protective measures.”

The AfD is the only classical European pro-christian party on the German political spectrum. They are family oriented, want secure borders, and believe in the preservation of the nation state of Germany, much as President Trump does of America.

Both the AfD and President Trump’s domestic and foreign policies advocate for and make the world a safer place for Christian and Jews.

Across the west, from the United States of America to Europe we have seen left-wing politicians and police grant special accommodations to Muslims while banning Christian worship and threatening church goers with arrests and fines. This is dangerous trend that is increasingly prevalent throughout the free world.

Transcript: many thanks to Miss Piggy for the translation

Title: Ramadan instead of Easter: Submission by the Federal Constitutional Court!

Due to Corona, of all things, Easter services remained prohibited in churches.

In spite of Corona, Friday prayers are now permitted to take place during Ramadan in mosques? How is that possible? Before Easter, a Catholic priest from Berlin filed a suit, all the way to the Federal Constitutional Court, because he wanted to celebrate the most important feast for us as Christians: Easter.

The constitutional court rejected this, with the following reason:

In view of the life-threatening dangers which the government is obliged to protect against,the constitutionally-protected right to participate in religious celebrations and services must currently be withdrawn. Period. At the behest of the constitutional court, ALL church services remained prohibited. In general.

Before Ramadan an Imam filed suit for the opening of his mosque for the Friday prayers during Ramadan and the Federal Constitutional Court sided with him with the following reason:

A general ban of services, in mosques or other places, without the possibility for exceptions in individual cases and if necessary in coordination with the health department, is not compatible with the constitution. Suddenly, the life-threatening danger is gone.

The right of Christians to celebrate services was suspended at Easter without exception.

However, if a Muslim complains, suddenly the blanket ban on religious services is no longer compatible with the constitution. Christians in Germany are obviously second-class citizens.

Muslims get what they demand. Was the government afraid that Muslims would revolt against a ban on their practice of religion?

Whoever does not respect his own tradition and culture will not be respected by others, either.

This isn’t about the rule of law or tolerance. This is submission with supreme judicial approval.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • Government officials have no fear of Christians but fear the religion of “pieces” will continue it’s history of violence against the rest of humanity.


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