Church Conquered: Another Symbolic Victory for Islam in the United Kingdom (Video)

In the heart of Blackburn, the most recent embodiment of this undeniable conquest takes shape as a 150-year-old church resurrects itself as the Masjid-e-Taqwa.

In a historic shift, the United Kingdom is witnessing the transformation of its Christian identity as Islam emerges as the fastest-growing religion in post-Christian Europe. The latest evidence of this phenomenon can be seen in the proliferation of mosques housed in former churches, a visible reflection of the changing religious landscape.

According to the 2021 census, England and Wales have become minority Christian countries, marking the first time in history that fewer than half of the population identify as Christian. The census revealed a striking decline of 5.5 million people describing themselves as Christian, while the number of individuals identifying as Muslims rose by 1.2 million, reaching 3.9 million. This surge in the Muslim population represents a 43% increase, while Christianity has witnessed a significant decline of 17%.

Leicester and Birmingham, two prominent cities in the UK, have become the first “minority-majority” cities, highlighting the ongoing demographic shift. The rise of Islam is not limited to urban centers; it is increasingly prevalent in smaller towns and cities across Europe. The implications of this transformation extend beyond religious beliefs and encompass broader social, cultural, and political changes.

As mosques replace churches, it is imperative to grasp the true essence of a mosque, transcending its superficial label as a mere place of worship. Instead, it assumes a role far more profound, akin to an indomitable fortress penetrating enemy territory. A formidable military stronghold that establishes a foothold for its adherents and acts as an influential catalyst for the gradual domination of military and cultural realms within its surroundings.

In a shocking interview with Sam Solomon, an esteemed former Islamic jurist and the author of the thought-provoking masterpiece, “The Mosque Exposed,” the resolute purpose of a mosque becomes strikingly evident from the depths of the Islamic faith.

The most recent manifestation of this unmistakable conquest materializes in the heart of Blackburn, UK—a former church resurrected as the Masjid-e-Taqwa. It stands as a testament to the resolute transformation of this historic edifice, once recognized as St Chad’s Church, which underwent extensive renovations. Now, the 150-year-old Church can accommodate 180 fervent devotees across its two prayer floors, in addition to providing facilities for Wudu—an Islamic purification ritual that entails washing their faces, hands, arms, and feet.

This practice of converting churches into mosques echoes the historical consistency witnessed throughout Islamic dominion across time and continents. From the revered Cathedral of Cordoba onward, this symbolic metamorphosis of churches into mosques resonates with the resolute conviction of Islamic manifest destiny. It unequivocally signifies the triumph of Islam rather than a mere endeavor to coexist harmoniously alongside other faiths.

Over the past few decades, over 10,000 churches have closed in Britain alone. In 2012, it was reported that 8,000 Methodist churches and 1,700 Anglican churches had closed since 1960. In stark contrast, the number of official mosques in Britain has exceeded 1,700, with many converted from former churches. Additionally, there are approximately 2,000 Muslim prayer halls and countless unofficial mosques scattered throughout the country.

This shift in the religious landscape also has significant implications for the future of Christianity in Britain. Britain’s Muslim population is estimated to be 13 million by 2050. According to Ed Husain, one of the leading Muslim intellectuals in the United Kingdom:

“With almost five million Muslims, there are thousands of new buildings with domes and minarets and in the decades ahead, mosques are predicted to mushroom across the whole land.”

While this religious transformation unfolds, it raises questions about the integration of minority communities and the preservation of cultural and religious traditions. As Europe experiences a surge in Islam and an aging Christian population, the elites are celebrating their multicultural experiment. Yet, questions remain about the effective integration of diverse communities and the future of religious harmony.

The inexorable aging and potential self-destruction of Christian populations, juxtaposed with the resolute surge of the Muslim populace, cast an ominous shadow over the United Kingdom’s future. Unyielding demographic projections leave no room for doubt: Islam is advancing at a relentless pace, heralding an unstoppable tide of Islamization that engulfs the very fabric of the nation.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • Wondering if this population replacement, civilization and cultural jihad has made UK Christians lose their Faith? Less people in the States are Christians now too compared to 50 years ago. Yep, I remember when they took God out of schools. That changed America for the worse. Then tolerance for perverts and satanism began to sprout up with the Church of Satan and the witchcraft weirdos. Then news headlines were about psychopaths like Charley Manson and The Zodiac Killer. People started locking their doors, and taking the keys out of their cars.

    • I cringe at the “it all went wrong when they took prayer out of schools,” argument because that’s not when it all went wrong. It all went wrong when parents turned their kids over to government schools in the first place. From there it was inevitable–with actuarial precision–that government would eventually transform our kids into the soulless reprobates we now call Millennials and GenZeroes.

      • Private schools also took God and prayer out of schools. Marxism and satanism are tied together. God and development of a moral conscience would have slowed down the marxist-satanist takeover of our schools, both public and private. I cringe at secular humanists and heathens. We agree to disagree.

  • “Bud Light, Budweiser packaging to get redesign over Dylan Mulvaney crisis: source”





  • Yet, questions remain about the effective integration of diverse communities and the future of religious harmony.

    That social engineering pipe dream won’t happen. You will probably have heathens slaughtering goats and pouring entrails off their balcony in cities now. It will balkanize areas too. My main welder just bought a new ranch, and his neighbor is a goat molester. All he hears is goats screaming now.

  • This is all prophesised.

    At the very end of th world, Israel (i.e. the Christian West) is sent into Spiritual Babylonian captivity, and the “church”is made desolate by Antichrist, aka the lttle horn of Daniel aka Gog of Ezekiel 38.

    The little horn of Daniel is Judaism.

    It invaded the Holy Land in 1948 and started its war against the Christian West via Hollywood, pornography, financial madness, pop music, wars, etc etc..

    It created Roman Catholicism and Islam as Nohaide-compliant cults. The rabbis openly acknowledge this on youtube and describe Islam as their “broom”.

    What is Sharia law? The Talmud.
    Islam is the image of the beast.
    It is just a tool of Antichrist.

  • It’s not only churches that are being conquered in formerly Christian countries. Fundamental underpinnings of our history and heritage are being captured and repurposed to foreign ends. Here’s an old post from August 25th, 2015 about an event that took place in 2012.
    The Royal Canadian Legion’s Great War Memorial Hall Sold for an Islamic Center
    Did our great-grandfathers offer up their lives in World War I to hand Canada over to Islamo-fascism?
    The Founding Cultures of Canada are dying, while diametrically opposed cultures are moving in to take our soil.
    The article below is just one more example of Canadian lethargy.
    Title: Verdun Legion Moving: Verdun Islamic Centre Sharing Space until December
    Date: November 7th, 2012
    Last Sunday, Nov. 4 [2012] was an emotional day for members of The Royal Canadian Legion’s Branch 4 in Verdun. It was the last time that participants in the annual Verdun Re­mem­brance Day parade could walk from the Cenotaph directly into the Great War Memorial Hall, the building they built in 1929.
    “The building is too big for us,” said Ross Neil, first vice president of Branch 4 and the chairperson of the committee in charge of the building sale.
    “We’re now around 200 members. The upkeep is a little too much. We thought about getting someone else in there, but that would have required lots of renovating so the ultimate decision was to sell it and find somewhere else to stay. We started last summer sometime. We finally had an acceptable offer in February.”
    The Muslim Association of Canada bought the 10,000 square foot building at 4538 rue Verdun last March to turn it into the Verdun Islamic Community Centre. The value of the building and the lot on which it sits is $669,000 according to the tax rolls.
    This will be the fourth move in the history of the branch, which began as the Great War Veteran’s Association in 1919. They originally met at the old Verdun City Hall, then a rented hall on Wellington Street before building the Great War Memorial Hall. Several financial hurdles were successfully overcome in the years since then, including the Quebec Government’s decision to require the group to pay taxes on their building in 1995. A diminishing membership in recent years led the group to seek out rented space again.
    They found it at 5969 Verdun Avenue. The former pharmacy has 3,000 square feet on the main floor and another 3,000 on the top floor. It is owned by 4370732 Canada Inc., which is run by Guy Barré, out of Pointe Claire.
    The Great Memorial Hall had to be rezoned as a religious space for the Muslim group and the former pharmacy had to be rezoned as a social club. Three Borough Council Meetings and a waiting period to see if Verdun residents would oppose the motions meant that the Legion couldn’t get into their new space by Nov. 1 as they planned.
    They asked the new owners if they could share the space for a month, and the new owners agreed.
    “In the past few months, we’ve allowed them to use the hall with no charge so they’re doing the same thing for us,” said Neil.
    For the next couple of weeks, Monday crib nights and Wednesday darts will take place in the basement while the new owners hold prayer meetings and other activities in the hall upstairs.
    “We’re planning to move into the new building in the beginning of December, says Neil. “It may not be 100 percent complete but we’ll be able to operate.”
    – 30 –
    In “A Legion Hall’s Last Days” published on November 9th, 2012, the authors covering that story put out a call for non-veterans to join in order to keep this institution alive:
    “Though initially resistant to opening its membership to non-veterans, the legion is now looking to expand its base by welcoming any Canadian citizen, particularly younger ones, to join its ranks and help sustain it. Many branches will have to boost their membership numbers through this means if they are to survive.” – See more at:
    This blogger encourages any Montrealer who is an heir to the founding cultures of Canada to contact the Legion at their new quarters and JOIN UP.
    Keeping Canada alive, culturally today, requires keeping our history and traditions alive. This vital historical organization represents our roots and our belief in fighting for them. It represents the values that our grandfathers died to preserve for us. Join up and spend a day or an evening every couple of weeks, helping to preserve the foundations of your country.

  • And I would like to mention the Statue of the Mother of God 1756 located on the territory of the main cathedral church of Peter and Paul in Kamianets-Podilskyi in Ukraine, not far from where the Ottoman troops were stopped Polish troops and Ukrainian Cossacks (The Battle of Khotyn in 1621) It decorates the former Muslim minaret and glorifies the victory of Christianity over Islam. Look google Kamianets-Podilskyi: Cathedral with a minaret | Khmelnytskyi … So in Ukraine, which is so disliked and hated by many false traditionalists, including on this site.

  • This is what happens when white people have cats instead of babies and groom their children to be sodomites instead of Christians.


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