CLAIM: Martin Gugino Brought 'Camera Crew' to Protest; Made Call after Incident with Buffalo Riot Police

If true, it gives credence to the notion that this was a staged event, designed to promote hatred against police officers.

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RAIR Foundation USA reported that Martin Gugino, who approached Buffalo riot police and got shoved during a Black Lives Matter protest that was turning violent, deleted his social media accounts after being exposed as a radical left activist. One of the commenters on that article claimed that Gugino “was asked to leave multiple times by police as it was after curfew,” had a “camera crew” and further claimed to have an image of Gugino on the phone in the ambulance in the wake of the incident.

“Robin” claimed to be a resident of Buffalo who had some inside information on the circumstances surrounding the incident that has caused widespread media outrage. Robin stated that Gugino had the helmet with him the whole time and was not “returning” it as has been widely reported, had a “camera crew” and claimed to be in possession of an image revealing that Gugino was on the phone after the incident.

The “camera crew” allegation was notable because last month, protesters in Virginia claimed that a “film crew” accompanied alleged healthcare professionals trying to shame Americans who wanted to go back to work.

Where are those “doctors” and “nurses” now, by the way?

Man in scrubs attempts to shame Americans rallying to go back to work

RAIR would not have reported on this comment had not an image surface that gives Robin’s comments more credibility.

If someone was deliberately filming Gugino, this author has some questions. Who took the video? Why did the camera operator keep the video trained on police instead of capturing the impact? Was there footage of Gugino at the ambulance?

Watch the video with this in mind:

“I live in Buffalo & had been saying this [that Gugino is a radical activist] since the eve it happened,” “Robin” wrote in a comment on RAIR’s article. “Thank you for helping our local community get this info out.”

Robin continued:

“The man travels the country as his hobby attempting these things. He even brought his own camera crew that evening. He was asked to leave multiple times by police as it was after curfew. He not only didn’t, he brought that helmet with him not returning one as media stated. He went intentionally into a restricted area after being warned to do his show. I have a photo of him in the ambulance on his phone after the incident being said to be severe head trauma again by the media. The community is standing by these officers.”

If true, it gives credence to the notion that this was a staged event, designed to promote hatred against police officers. RAIR has reached out to Robin and this story will be updated if further information is obtained. In the meantime, please sign (and share) RAIR’s petition demanding that charges be dropped against the Buffalo police officers.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Don’t prosecute these police who were merely pawns in a staged event by a known antagonist.

  • How was he up and talking on the phone if he was in such critical condition? Why was there blood only from in front of his ear his ear and not the back of his head? How was he able to delete all of his social media the very next day if he was so critical? If he hit his head that hard, why did it take so long for him to “drop” his phone? Before he deleted everything, several of his accounts on social media went viral with the nasty things he said including his plan to cause trouble and the ever popular “F the police”. Videos from earlier in that day show him with the helmet he brought as a prop and he was telling people his plans. They were trying to talk him out of it! But there he is, causing trouble just like he said he would. Shameful, dishonest, disgusting- free our police officers, drop the charges, charge Gugino instead and make it a warning to other rioters. Yes, I said rioters because that’s what he is

  • Check out the video at… It’s from the other side of the street. It appears that he is actually just holding the neck brace with his left hand and gripping the rail on the gurney with his right hand. I still say that the bottom line is that he created the situation. Maybe it didn’t turn out quite the way he intended, maybe it did. Time will tell. Watch for the lawsuit. Check on his lawyer via duckduckgo. A couple of weeks ago she was listed as QDRO attorney. But recently she shows up in an ad that adds “personal injury law”. By the way, I found the ad one day, a couple of days later it was gone but then a couple days after that it was back. Google does not yield the same result. I don’t understand how the police can be held responsible for Gugino’s foolish, if not stupid, actions.


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