Communist Canada: Media & Politicians Celebrate Anti-Israel Protest, Trash Covid Freedom Rally (Videos)

“Stop the Killing, Stop the Hate! Israel’s a Terror State!” is one of the chants heard at the anti-Israel protest

A Freedom demonstration in Ottawa, Canada dwarfed an anti-Israel protest over the weekend. Both were a part of global demos worldwide, but that is where their similarities end.

RAIR Foundation USA was at both the communist-supported protest, as well as the media-suppressed Worldwide Demonstration over the weekend. At one point, the larger rally marched past the antisemitic protest, as captured by RAIR (see second video).

Biased ‘News’ Coverage

The media attention that was given to the Freedom Rally was predictably negative.

A ridiculous report at the CBC claimed that “[C]oncerns are growing across Canada about both the subtle and overt racism on display at the continuing anti-mask rallies.” The article cited Federal New Democratic Party (NDP) Leader Jagmeet Singh referring to the rallies as “gatherings for ‘dangerous’ extremists.”

Minister of Justice Gordon Wyant vowed to “aggressively prosecute” those who received tickets for organizing what NDP Deputy Leader Nicole Sarauer referred to as “anti-mask, pro-COVID” events. Sarauer wants to increase fines for organizers to $10,000.

Screenshot of Freedom Rally Attendees

As reported at RAIR, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi referred to lockdown protestors as expressing “thinly veiled white nationalists, supremacists, anti-government” sentiments. Nenshi further called for a “crackdown” on Lockdown protest leaders.

The Freedom Rally in Ottawa was one of many across the globe as part of the Worldwide Demostration movement. The contrast in the rallies is stark, as one can see in RAIR’s coverage alone.

See RAIR’s coverage of the Freedom Rally, which leads into the anti-Israel protest:

The Anti-Israel Protest

“Stop the Killing, Stop the Hate! Israel’s a Terror State!” is one of the chants heard at the anti-Israel protest

The communist-supported rally, by comparison, received glowing support from the CBC, who ignored the radical nature of the antisemitic attendees. This CBC article did not even mention the coronavirus restrictions.

The so-called Nakba Day protests were mostly promoted by various university student groups and the Communist Party of Canada.

According to Facebook, the antisemetic protest was organized by the University of Ottawa and Carleton University branches of the “Palestinian Students Association”, and the Students for Justice in Palestine based at the Carleton University, as well as the Association of Palestinian Arab Canadians. The Ottawa event and similar events across Canada for the anti-Israel protests were heavily promoted by the Communist Party of Canada.

Where the freedom rallies seek to put people back to work, children back in school, and an end to arbitrary lockdown mandates, the anti-Israel rallies use the occasion to misrepresent the latest Hamas-initiated unrest.

As reported at RAIR, the current conflict in Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood ostensibly used to justify Hamas attacks on Israel is completely misrepresented by the mainstream media. The fake controversy has nothing to do with the Israeli government, but with with private landlords who recently won a decades-long court battle to kick out tenants who were not paying rent.

Further, many of the rockets being launched by Hamas are falling short of their target (Israel), resulting in injury and death to Palestinians. Those injuries to civilians are being blamed on Israel.

See the following exclusive RAIR footage of the anti-Israel protest:

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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