Communist Takeover: Without Firing a Shot, China Seizes Control of America's Farmlands

The Chinese Communists have their tendrils in nearly every American industry, from food production to farming, transportation, education, medicines, media, movies, etc.

U.S President Joe Biden told the media earlier in 2021 after a phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping that China was “going to eat our lunch.” Heads up, they already are- literally eating our lunch as they buy up American farmland and invest in thousands of American companies.

“The current trend in the U.S. is leading us toward the creation of a Chinese-owned agricultural land monopoly,” Representative Dan Newhouse (R-WA) warned in a recent House Appropriations hearing.

According to American Military News, Newhouse raised his concerns about Chinese land ownership as he proposed an amendment in a new agricultural appropriations bill, H.R. 4356. The amendment would block any new agricultural purchases by companies wholly or partly controlled by the Chinese government. Furthermore, it would ban existing Chinese-owned farms in the U.S. from drawing from federal agricultural support programs.

Rep. Newhouse is an agricultural scientist and served as Director of Agriculture in Washington from 2009-2013. Democrats were fearful that the amendment might cause an anti-Asian backlash through the country, but the legislative package passed the House on a bipartisan vote. The issue now is the Senate.  

Robby Starbuck, a candidate for U.S. Congress in the Middle Tennessee 5th district race, recently drew attention to the threat of Communist China buying America’s farmlands. The candidate stated on Twitter,

Raise your hand if you think we should ban Chinese companies and Chinese nationals from buying farmland in the US AND apply a yearly special tax to existing farmland owned by Chinese nationals until they sell it and apply the proceeds to local infrastructure improvements.

Our farmland is critical to our survival. Giving control of it to a communist entity is beyond stupid. It’s dangerous. They‘ll never let us control their farmland. This practice must end. US farmland should be owned by US citizens. Protect our food supply and put Americans FIRST!” 

The China Factor – it’s not all about “food security”

In December, China was accused of hoarding food such as grains, dairy, and other items, causing the price of food to climb. Of course, we understand that’s not the only reason for the price increase, but it is one. According to financial newsite, Nikkei Asia,

China’s production of wheat and other provisions, as well as the amount of land used for agriculture plateaued in 2015. “Agricultural productivity in China is low due to the dispersion of farmland and soil contamination,” said Goro Takahashi, a professor emeritus at Aichi University and expert on Chinese agriculture. “The amount of agricultural production will continue to stall as farmers migrate to urban areas.”

China currently holds the following,

  • 65% of the World’s Maize (corn)
  • 61% of the World’s Rice
  • 51% of the World’s Wheat
  • 37% of the World’s Soybeans

None of that counts meat. In 2013, WH Group, a Hong Kong company, acquired Smithfield meats, the largest pork producer. They have been a US Company since 1936 and provide about 40,000 jobs. Keep in mind that whether it’s Hong Kong or mainland China, all businesses owned by Chinese companies must be submitted to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party). And much of their push is tied to the Communist’s “Belt and Road Initiative.” China also acquired pork producer Clougherty Packing in California in 2017.  With these acquisitions come acres and acres of land.

According to the agricultural news site, Agweb,

With 1.4 billion mainland citizens at the supper table, China is desperate for more farmland. Although Chinese President Xi Jinping rarely wastes a speech opportunity without mentioning food security, China is the No. 1 ag commodity importer worldwide.

Though Chinese President Xi Jinping often claims it’s all for food security, there is much more to it. According to a USDA report from 2018,

Chinese officials have ambitious strategic plans for agricultural investments to reshape patterns of agricultural trade and increase China’s influence in global markets.”

China’s Ambitions

Currently, Hawaii, Iowa, Minnesota, Mississippi, North Dakota, and Oklahoma have laws against foreign investors acquiring farmland. One of the main problems is that some foreign actors, particularly China, are well-versed in hiding their land ownership. However, other states like Missouri actively welcomed foreign investment in farmland acquisition. Idaho attempted to bring in Chinese investment in 2007, but when they wanted to start a 30,000-acre industrial enclave near the Boise airport, backlash ensued, and it was not built.

The Federal law requiring foreign entities to advise the Department of Agriculture of investments in land is only haphazardly enforced, and companies from China are listed under various names. In addition, the USDA has not enforced tracking of foreign entities under the law since 2014. 

Chinese companies have various names, from “Brights Foods” to WH to COFCO Group, which operates under multiple names in multiple countries. Tracking who belongs to what is a challenging task. The Chinese Communists have their tendrils in nearly every American industry, from food production to farming, transportation, education, medicines, media, movies, etc.  All of it is alarming. And decoupling from the Chinese hydra will be daunting…even if the government tries.

“We see the trend. We see the number of acres and companies that have been purchased by the communist government of China. And we should stop it now,” warns Rep. Dan Newhouse.

Faye Higbee


  • I wonder how much of this was made possible by corrupt politicians that take money from China, sleep with Chinese spies/honey pots or are married to Chinese spies/citizens. Has any journalist investigated how this happened?

    • No investigation will occur. The Press is owned by the people who would be investigated. Any independent Investigator will be Arkancided if they do.

    • Does anyone think that then President Richard M. Nixon and Henery Kissinger went to China just to watch ping – pong?

    • This is what happens when British Empire CFR programmed television hypnotizes voters into voting for freemason , Skull and Bones, and Pilgrim Society traitors to our republic. The China CCP is a franchise of the British Empire led communist criminal syndicate. The American television audience worships television like a dog worships vomit based in T-bone steaks. Que lastima. China has a standing army of over 12 million. Look up to the REAL problem. An ignorant public unaware that China communism bows to Rothschild/British Empire communism. The queen of England negotiated with the Rockefellers to install that Kellogg nuke demolition system in the WTC towers so she could have them blown up whenever she wanted to. NOT THEORY.

      • The UNTED STATES is a Trading Company, not a country. “British
        subjects” continued to to live here running the Companies until the American inhabitants were once again assimilated into the Empire. Congress represents the “Money Trust” today. The Federal Reserve being the Government thru the U.S. Treasury. Taxes are paid to the Federal Reserve a PRIVATE UNINCORPORATED BANKING ASSOCIATION who pretends to be the “The United States of America” We, the People are financing our own destruction. They sold the “debt” to China. The ignorance of the people are the problem.
        The Definitive Treaty of Peace of 1783:
        It having pleased the Divine Providence to dispose the hearts of the most serene and most potent Prince George the Third, by the grace of God, king of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, defender of the faith, duke of Brunswick and Lunebourg, arch-treasurer and prince elector of the Holy Roman Empire etc., and of the United States of America,

  • You are feeding a RUTHLESS enemy who is envious and jealous of you. THAT, is not a good idea. Send them back home hungry and keep them away from you.

  • Its not like they can take it with them.
    They have tons of our Walmart cash and need to do something with it.
    What else would you buy?
    And they know they will need food for their own people.
    And since all this land “could” be seized at any time, I don’t see the big deal.
    Besides, if we ever grow a pair and go after them for releasing this flu, we can always take their property.
    Relax and look at the big picture.

  • Trump was interfering with the Chinese ability to take over America and hold us hostage. They said he was “igniting a trade war”. China had to pull back because in their quest for world conquest they are spread to thin and their economy couldn’t handle “playing fair”.

    Under Biden, they have nothing to fear and can continue their conquest of the world and he’s even provided them their foothold right here in our country, to ensure their success.

  • All non-citizen owned property in America must be sold to citizens or American-owned companies or seized for national security.

  • Perspective:
    There are 897,400,000 acres of farmland in the United States with 2,100,000 farmers running them with an avg farm size of 435 acres.

    While it would be folly to allow foreign nationals to own controlling interest in them it is suicidal to allow tens of millions of foreign nationals to invade our borders at our expense.

    • That’s why they are after ‘white’ people (including people who ‘identify’ with them–the traditional collective culture). Already well on the road to making them self-effacing. In a retreat.

  • This is an important article.
    I stopped buying Smithfield bacon as soon as I learned that the company was Chinese owned. It was a loss, good bacon, but I’m not going to help them take over the world.

    • The BEST tasting BACON that I have ever had so far is = NEESE’S brand, a North Carolina brand. ( moderator PLEASE post this comment because I’m trying to let this person know about NEESE’S brand bacon )

  • Maybe we could nationalize Chinese owned land here as payback for what Covid has cost us. Then like the 1800s award acreage that US citizens will agree to work.

  • Whatever gave you that idea?

    Here’s just a short list:

    American companies and brands purchased by “foreign” entities

    Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep,Case,New Holland tractor and equipment, Mack Truck,Freightliner & Western Star Truck,Detroit Diesel,
    Thomas Bus,Firestone Tire,General Tire, BF Goodrich Tire,Uniroyal Tire,Winchester Arms,GE appliance div, Sylvania Lighting, Jim Beam Distillery,Frigidaire appliances,Rheem HVAC hot water heaters,American Standard,Loctite adhesives,Kraft Foods,Burger King rest.,Hoover vacuums,Milwaukee power tools,Skil Power Tools,Dremel Power Tools,Homelite Power Tools,Vermont AmericanTools,Eureka vacuums,Rayban & Oakley eyewear,Krispy Kreme donuts,LensCrafters,Pearle Eyevision Centers,Sunglasses Hut,Pennzoil/Quaker State oils,CITGO Petroleum,Prestone anti freeze,Autolite auto parts,Ben & Jerry” ice cream,Fram auto filters,Purolator auto filters,Reynolds wraps & Hefty bag products,Anheuser Busch/Budweiser,Cirrus Aircraft,Rack Room Shoes stores,Rockport shoes,Caribou coffee,Peets Coffee,Einstein Bagels,Panera Bread,Dreyers/Edy’s ice cream,Breyers/Good Humor ice cream,Carnation,Ovaltine,Del Monte canned fruit & vegetables div,Poulan chainsaws,Weedeater power products,Empire levels,Dirt Devil vacuums,Delta Power Tools,Gerber Cutlery,Lucent Technologies/Bell Labs,Westinghouse Nuclear,R.J Reynolds tobacco,Sprint mobile,Motorola cellphone div,AMC Theatres,Russell Stover/Whitmans candies,Link Belt Cranes,Maybelline Cosmetics,Dan Wesson Arms,Ragu food sauces,Butterfinger/Baby Ruth/Rasinets/Sno Caps,Goobers,Sweettart/Laffy Taffy,Chunky Bar candies,Digiorno/Tombstone/California Pizza Kitchen/Jacks frozen pizzas,Purina pet foods,Gerber baby foods & products,Schwinn/Roadmaster/Mongoose/GT/Cannondale bikes,Chinet paper plates & products,Bobcat construction Equp,.Columbia Pictures,CBS Records,Seven Eleven stores,Holiday Inn,Westinghouse elevators,Electro Voice,Sea Land shipping,Keurig coffee,Holiday Inn Hotels,Hot Pocket frozen foods,Glidden paints,Dresser Industries,ALL Clad cookware,Mirro cookware,Emerson electric motor div,Wilton Vises,Browne & Sharpe tools,DKNY clothing,Chiquita fruits,Harmon International(Harmon Kardon,JBL speakers,Infinity speakers,Crown amps,Mark Levinson amps),ERTL metal toys,Goodman HVAC(Chinese),Country Crock margarine,Popsicle brand,Crush soft drinks,RC Cola,Stewarts soft drinks,Snapple,Sun Drop cola,Dr Pepper/Seven Up,A&W Root Beer,Motts juices,Hawaiian Punch drinks,NEHI drinks,Yoo Hoo drinks,Imperial margarine,Hellmann’s mayo,Airwick products,K-Y personal lubricants,d-con pesticides,Andrew Jergens soaps products,Dial soap,Trend & Purex detergents,Right Guard/Dry Idea deodorants,Gold Bond ointments,Wise chips and snacks,Ghirardelli Chocolate Company,Ferrara Pan candies makers of( Lemmonheads and other flavors,Atomic FireBalls,Brach’s candies,Sathers candies Bob’s candies,Fruit Stripe gum,Now & Later,Red Hots,Boston Baked Beans),Emtek & Yale Locks,Lexmark printers copy equipment and many, many more.

    • Maybe also because they are absolutely sick and tired of dealing with and being harassed by and dictated on how to farm by MONSANTO. Who knows what farmers and ranchers always have to deal with here in the USA.From what I heard so far don’t they have experiences with our government kind of similar to Native Americans ?

      Who knows maybe MEN IN BLACK show up at their farms and ranches and harass them and maybe even threaten them with death if they don’t do this and that, are not being compliant with agendas.

      Just research about all of them DOCTORS that were MURDERED in the USA so far. So that all that’s left is those WHO WORK FOR/SERVE BIG PHARMA no matter what ! SLAVES OF BIG PHARMA.( both doctors and patients )

      • It is very simple: the USDA “gives” grants and assistance to ranches and farmers BUT the land owners give up their control of the land to include how it will be managed and used. The USDA takes control of 80 to 90% of the management decisions by the use of contracts for the grants and aid. They put easements in place that are permanent so they and ALL other governmental agencies can come and go at will.

    • How do we know that those American farmers / land owners are not being MURDERED before Communist takeover ?

      Just like all of those doctors.

  • Is anybody out there old enough to remember when the Japanese were buying up NYC buildings and were going to own America? First we taxed the shit out of them, then crashed the market and bought them out for pennies on the dollar. Good luck with that Xi.

    • You have a point. The difference is that the Japanese were not centrally directed, are an ally who permitted US purchases in Japan.

  • Do exactly what the Chinese would do, ignore them and confiscate all the land. Bet they stop buying American companies then.

  • Just think of all the iphones adn ipads that we Americans have purchased. How about all the Nikes? TV sets? clothing? So what you say, we paid for them. Actually, all you did was send the Chinese paper dollars. Thanks to Bill Clinton, George Bush and others, the Chinese did not have to buy any goods from the USA. So, they are turning in those low value green backs in exchange for our land, factories which have real value. Just remember that next time you get a great deal at WalMart.

    • The same people who gave us communism run china. Klaus Schwab is a Christian hating humanoid serving up another platter of communjewism. They, the marxist’s, use many forms of social splintering to create animus between different ethnic groups to gain power and wealth. Jews have been in China for over five hundred years.

  • Why should we wait for China to agree to sell our land? We should force them to divest all interest in U.S. land and U.S. Businesses immediately.

    • How do you plan to do that? The Chinese used the money we gave them for their trinkets and now they are buying the land and anything else of value in the USA to settle our trade debt.

  • Buying up agricultural assets all over Canada too. There’s going to be hell to pay with the Western economies and strategic security.

  • The Chicoms are competing with the Russians. Here in Colorado, Soloviv is buying up all the grain bins and farm country. His signs say he is in East Hampton NY. His heart is n Mother Russia.

  • With the assist of corrupt and greed-infested politicians across the board. Add the fact that the AMC theater line has been purchased also by the CCP, theaters which I refuse to attend.

  • The government is derelict in their actual duties, they are in fact criminal. The farmers who sold out to China are probably in two classes, class one traitors who would sell their children for money or who have sold their souls to Satan for money; or class two naives who sold to some front corporation without knowing they were actually selling to the CCP.

  • First. Show me the paperwork involved in the contracts, and I’ll show you Fraudulent and Deceptive Conduct used by the lawyers on both sides!!!
    Second. Show me the Sellers contract, and I’ll show you the same again.

  • In China they don’t treat their farmers good. The farmers in China tend to be MEN who can’t find WIVES. Like the farmer with the BAD TEETH I heard a story about ( I think on the radio ). They don’t even help him get his teeth fixed so he can increase his chances of finding a WIFE. I think it is NECESSARY for FARMERS more then anyone else to be MARRIED and have OFFSPRING for the sake of their FARM.

    And combine that with them having MORE MALES then females because of the combination of their TRADITIONAL BELIEFS & CUSTOMS and the ONE CHILD POLICY.

    The way that CHINA is run/governed MAKES NO DARNED SENSE ! There’s the wisdom and common sense of Karl Marx’s COMMUNISM for you !

  • I wrote that comment because I think that it has something to do with what this above article is about.

    Maybe China’s farmers are QUITTING farming every chance they get and/or maybe even COMMITTING SUICIDE.

    If it wasn’t for FARMERS we wouldn’t have anything to EAT or DRINK, does EVERYONE even realize that ?

    So everywhere, in every country, in every society and culture it is FARMERS who are truly THE MOST IMPORTANT PEOPLE .

    That’s exactly why I think that every country should have a yearly FARMERS APPRECIATION DAY, that is also printed on all calendars.

    And just FYI I am NOT a farmer.

  • Just like there is DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS ( and other international medical charities like that ) there needs to be also DENTISTS WITHOUT BORDERS who can help people like that Chinese farmer I wrote about.

  • Don’t ask me how or why a orange with Chinese writing stickers on it ended up in my house many years ago because I’m NOT Asian and neither is anyone that I know, but that was THE BEST tasting orange that I ever had here in the USA, so the Chinese must know how to grow GOOD & JUICY CITRUS FRUITS, citrus fruits also originate from China.

    And HOGS, I once looked at a photo somewhere ( maybe in a National Geographic magazine ) taken of some kind of CELEBRATION/FESTIVAL either in China or Taiwan where they had THE HUGEST FATTEST HOGS that I have ever seen ! I thought that was SO COOL !

  • The Memory of war

    Traumatized by the actions of those in power who use everything they learned from us as a weapon against the human race.

    Those members of the Occult Societies are now on the last furlong of their long held ambitions to rule over this planet like the Gods they think they are.

    We should visit them at midnight in their temples and in their homes to punish them for their crimes.

    Their power comes from the lies they are feeding us with.

    And anything that is based on lies has no grounds to stand on.

    Take actions as you see fit.

    The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

    They have lost the rights to rule over anyone they are dictators and must be treated alike.

  • US farmers have always been about to go broke so they say .The truth is most small farms have gone the way of the horse and buggy.Most farmers now are big either owed by a family corp or some other big corp like the Morman church for example or Ted Turnner.The Gov pays for these outfits to farm through gov subsidies in the farm program they take millions of taxpayer money.The little guy gets it in the shorts again.

  • The Chinese are looking for “Liebensraum”. One of their many strategies is to take out Northeast and West coast cities, along with Chicago and Minneapolis. Puppet rulers can be created for the remainder, and the Chinese will have their farmland and “Liebensraum” in the New World.

  • The US should nationalize all Chinese holdings in this country. It’s happened to enough US companies dealing with corrupt for governments. Run the Chinese out of the country.

  • China is taking control of America piece by piece. Our economy, our food, our technology. The sick part is that it is our government that gave it to them starting with Clinton and NAFTA. In the early 90’s the Chinese were still in black pajamas riding bikes. They were a third world country. Thanks to our leaders and through our jobs they are leading our lives and we are quickly losing our status.

  • US be 100 times better off if the Chinese ruled the US instead of the white hating communist jews. US is more communist then China

  • Americans cannot own land in China. Every sensible country restricts land ownership to its citizens, if they allow it at all. Foriegn ownership of American real estate is impoverishing Americans.

  • The problem is that Senile Joe and the DNC actively serve Chinese interests because they are Chinese agents. Anyone who votes Democrat deserves to be shot as a traitor.

  • An informed populist movement is this country’s only hope. All the institutions are sold out and corrupt. The change must come from below, with the right leaders.

    If you know the Lord, this is a time to pray. If you don’t, this is the time to correct that.

  • If someone with balls gets in the whitehouse and congress… they can just use eminent domain to take it all back in one move. The Chinese owe it to us anyway for releasing the virus.

  • How can Red China weasel their way into America without protective firewalls…?
    “The root of all Evil is the Love of money”

    Greedy unPatriotic unAmerican weasely politicians and business people easily bribed by a pile of fiat “Benjamins”…!

  • No no and no …not yet tho the Luciferian Globalist cabal(are not Jews never were Revelation 9:3) – sure want their NWO…!
    It ain’t over yet so take the gun out of your mouth and help the Great Awakening underway to reclaim America as Founded…!

  • Now it is like the post WW2 unfounded fear that blacks pouring into the industrial Midwest cities would ruin the quality of masd produced cars. No it was big management that did that. It is just like this with Chinese owned farms if our politicians like Biden did not sell them this it could not happen! So justi.peach Biden and all other Do rats and repeal the laws that sold them any of our land and this will collapse.


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