Communist Victory in Bolivia Cheered by Bernie Sanders, Ilhan Omar

“Marxism seemed to provide a path forward, he recalled concluding as a youth.” The Wall Street Journal in 2014, on Bolivia’s new President-Elect Luis Arce

“Marxism seemed to provide a path forward, he recalled concluding as a youth.” The Wall Street Journal in 2014, on Bolivia’s new President-Elect Luis Arce

A year after Communist President Evo Morales fled Bolivia in the wake of electoral fraud, his party Movement for Socialism (MAS) is back in power to the delight of Rep. Ilhan Omar and Sen. Bernie Sanders. Opponent Carlos Mesa conceded to the new communist President-Elect Luis Arce (known as Lucho), who served as Evo Morales’ Finance Minister.

Lucho, who reportedly has a portrait of murderous communist Che Guevara in his office and “quotes Marx and Engels, was supported by international communist movements to regain his party’s hold on the land-locked South American country. Under Evo Morales, Lucho did what communists do: Take over industries. He oversaw the “nationalization” of the mining and telecommunications industries as the Bolivian government seized the private sector and consolidated power.

Naturally, the communist Lucho has been given a platform at many American Universities.

The Vice President-elect is fellow Marxist David Choquehuanca Céspedes, who served as Evo Morales’ “personal adviser on political and indigenous affairs.” Communists use “indigenous” politics to promote and exploit racial divisions. According to a document discovered on Wikileaks, the new VP-elect “has also run key European NGOs in Bolivia, including NINA, that have focused on training indigenous leaders”.

Ilhan Omar also expressed her congratulations for the President, referring previously to Evo Morales’ ouster as a “coup.” Now, the anti-American member of congress ominously calls for “accountability” presumably for those who oversaw the interim government.

The pro-US interim government under Jeanine Añez that served in the wake of Evo Morales’ ouster attempted to undo some of the damage done by the communists but were out-matched by the leftist global forces who used the full might of the mainstream media to smear the fledgling conservative government as “racist” and incapable of handling the response to the Chinese Coronavirus.

The coronavirus has served communists well across the globe as they use it to impose their tyrannical mandates and as a battering ram against liberty-minded political opponents.

Some of the groups that helped propel Evo Morales’ party back into power included the New Communist Party of Aotearoa (New Zealand), the Italian leftist organization Socialist Convergence, the Swiss Communist Party, the Danish Communist Party, Workers Party of Hungary and the Communists of Catalonia. The communist groups pledged in part to “strengthen the monitoring of the upcoming presidential elections [in Bolivia] in 2020 so that it will take place in full transparency and democratic spirit.”

The America-hating President of Cuba (and super fan of Communist Dictator Fidel Castro), Miguel Mario Díaz-Canel Bermúdez gushed over the win:

Before even becoming the official president, Luis Arce has promised to unite forces with anti-American countries. According to Bolivia’s Kawsachun News, “Bolivia will restore diplomatic relations with Cuba, Venezuela and Iran…and will also re-establish good relations with China & Russia.” The President-Elect also smeared his opponents for their “ideological & pro-US approach to foreign policy.”

Author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon told RAIR Foundation USA that Lucho’s win is a “dangerous” turn of events illustrating that the so-called “pink tide,” or rise of hard left governments in Latin America, is “not over and does not bode well for North America.” Liberty-minded citizens across the globe should be wary of anti-American communist leadership rising in Latin America, Loudon urged.

Americans should loudly question why Bernie Sanders and Ilhan Omar would be celebrating the rise of another anti-American communist President in Bolivia.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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