WATCH: Connecticut Communist Party USA Chair Joelle Fishman Receives Key to City from New Haven Mayor Toni Harp (video)

“Impeach Now or Dump Trump in 2020 is our immediate mission, but it is just the beginning…”

“Impeach Now or Dump Trump in 2020 is our immediate mission, but it is just the beginning…Our society needs to be restructured with a Green New Deal to address climate change with public works jobs, guaranteed income, healthcare…Yes, the Communist Party agrees that socialism’s time has come…” -Joelle Fishman, Connecticut Communist Party USA Chair, December 14, 2019

Watch a RAIR compilation of a ceremony honoring Connecticut Communist Party USA Chair, Joelle Fishman and read the commentary below:

The Communist Party USA publication “People’s World” last month reported on the “special recognition” given to Connecticut Communist Party USA Chair, Joelle Fishman “for 50 years of leadership on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party USA” in an article discussing the annual “People’s World Amistad Awards”, which was held on Saturday, December 14, 2019 at the taxpayer-funded New Haven City Hall Atrium, officiated by Mayor Toni Harp.

According to the article:

A slideshow of Fishman’s candidacies and solidarity presence at rallies, picket lines, and hearings over decades was followed with presentation of a citation of appreciation and a plaque from the New Haven Board of Alders.

Let this sink in. The New Haven Board of Alders is presenting a Communist Party Leader with a “plaque”. Where is the Republican Party? Where is the Democrat Party? Where are the good citizens to push back?

Joelle Fishman accepting award in New Haven Connecticut City Hall via Facebook

In a holiday party about a week later, Mayor Harp presented Joelle Fishman with the “key to the city” of New Haven. A “red diaper baby”, Joelle Fishman’s parents, the late George Fishman and Edie Fishman are also proud members of Communist Party USA. Fishman is incidentally married to Art Perlo, the son of late Soviet spy Victor Perlo, who filmed the festivities.

New Haven Mayor Toni Harp started off the festivities in city hall by bashing President Trump and calling for attendees to “rise up and unite”. The award winners were Rochelle Palache, political director of 32 BJ SEIU, John Humphries, director of the Connecticut Roundtable on Climate and Jobs, and Ken Suzuki, secretary treasurer of Local 34 UNITE HERE unions. 

The Communist Party has deep influence in Connecticut.

If there was an influential nest of nazis in New Haven, Connecticut, would the people allow them to work openly with elected officials? Where are the Republicans and the Democrats?


Are you sick of politicians, so-called journalists and others ignoring the profound influence of radical elements in the Democratic Party? Do you think it is unacceptable that Communist Party Members and their allies are actively working with elected officials in New Haven Connecticut?

Here are some ways you can TAKE ACTION:

  1. According to their taxpayer-funded website, the New Haven Board of Alders (mentioned above) “meets on the first and third Monday of every month in the aldermanic chambers, 165 Church Street, second floor, except for holidays. During the summer, we meet the first Monday of the month.” Friends, go to that meeting and ask why they gave a “plaque” to a Communist Party leader who is married to the communist son of a Soviet spy.
  2. Challenge Connecticut’s Prominent Republicans and Democrats (respectfully) on social media. Ask them why they are looking the other way as communists organize with elected officials. Ask “why is a communist party chair getting a key to the city?” and what are they planning on doing about it?
  3. Send a letter to elected officials expressing concern about the influence of communists in the government. Demand a response! Document everything and keep RAIR posted!
  4. Write a letter to the local paper. Ask, “Why is a communist party chair getting a key to the city?”
  5. Grab a friend, head to a town hall where your local politician is appearing and challenge them to respond to this outrage! Have your friend film it and send your video to

RAIR Foundation USA celebrates and supports citizen journalists! Please keep us posted on your progress so we can highlight your work. We must work together to keep the pressure on those who open the door to radicals harming the American people!!

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • Trump bashing haters! Go to a communist country with your freedom hating rhetoric! You wont last long there! Let FREEDOM ring! God protect our constitution and our country!


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