Conquered: Cultural Enrichers Seize Control of Italy's Historic Train Station (Video)

Italy’s most essential and largest train station, Roma Termini, has been overrun by criminal migrants. The owners of the businesses around the station report frequent drug dealing, violent attacks, and property destruction. They have been forced to close their businesses, clean the streets and buildings, and equip themselves with security systems. Unfortunately, instead of police concentrating all their efforts on stopping the illegals from committing even more crimes, they often harass legitimate shop owners. 

Watch the following Italian news report that RAIR Foundation USA has exclusively translated:

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


  • The only solution:

  • “California Gov. Gavin Newsom has asked the Department of Justice to look into whether sending migrants to other parts of the country constituted kidnapping or other federal crimes.”

    Also in USA they have an Idiot-Newsom together with Idiot-Lightbrain that maybe should look into whether it is a crime to have an other idiot as “president”.

    Amazing how most of the countries are now run by idiots!

    Please Putin (of the few clever together with Orban), just program the coordinates into Satan-2 for; the EU headquarter, WEF headquarter, WHO headquarter, Soros, Biden and Gates headquarters, as well as the Zelensky headquarter, for a better future, a Great Reset of the evil ones!

  • Roma Termini and the area around it was high risk 5 years ago when we visited, and it looks to have gotten worse, much worse. Although the Italian’s were hit hard by Covid and more over the lockdown’s, looking at our favourite open air cafe locked up and all furniture removed on google earth’s photo’s, the ‘invaders’ were mooching around much as normal, hence they feel the streets are now theirs…

    If you want to see just how bad things are a visit to Pisa and the ‘field of miracles’ where teenage girl gangs run rampant snatching bags, and every street corner seems to have groups of male migrants standing around looking for any opportunity to do likewise.

    • My wife & I have just returned from Pisa and the ‘field of miracles’ a couple of hours ago. We did not see anything like you described because there was a lot
      of Police in the area. That is the cure.


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