Conquered: Left-Wing German Officials Inaugurate Street Signs in Arabic

These seemingly small concessions, such as Arabic street signs, are strategic wins in Islam’s larger battle to Islamize all of Europe.

In Düsseldorf, German, left-wing Green elected officials inaugurate street signs in Arabic to “symbolize the diversity of the quarter and strengthen the connection between the district and the community.” With the help of the left, Muslims are successfully Islamizing Germany and helping to achieve their long-term goal of making the country an Islamic state.

Muslim Samy Charchira, Green councilor for Oberbilk and integration policy spokesman for the council group, declared:

Bilingual street signs are also a symbolic expression of social inclusion. They show that people identify with their district and the diversity of their district. The more people identify with their district, the more social responsibility they can take on. That’s good for Oberbilk and good for Düsseldorf.”

Charchira also attends the Institute for Islamic Theology at the University of Osnabrück. He is a research assistant in the course “Social work in the migration society / Muslim welfare work.”

Some of his goals for Dusseldorf are to “empower migrants as actors in civil society” and develop a concept against discrimination and right-wing extremism.” Charchira is also a Police Advisory Board Member and is known as an expert on “Muslim welfare.”

“Many people, families, and tradespeople with a Moroccan and Maghreb background have lived in Oberbilk for several generations. A colorful and diverse district, through and through. The people who live there helped build our country.
In return, they deserve respect, respect, and representation. I am pleased that the district council set an example with the two additional signs,” said Green councilor and district mayor in district 3, Dietmar Wolf.

A bilingual street sign is not the only way to do this, but it is one of many. With this, we express our appreciation and set a sign of togetherness, explained the far-left party.

“In doing so, we are setting another of many signs in Düsseldorf to represent our city’s diversity and strengthen the lively bond between the migrant communities and the districts of our city. In Düsseldorf, we live TOGETHER, not SIDE each other. We always want to strengthen and express that.”

Mr. Wolf is wearing a green scarf and is standing close to the Moroccan Consul General Lalla Loubna Ait-Bassidi, wearing a pink coat and celebratory smile.

To further sell their new Arabic street signs, the Green party quoted Turkish professor Hacı-Halil Uslucan, who teaches Modern Turkish Studies and Integration Research in Germany,

“A valued and publicly articulated multilingualism can be understood as an exclusive contribution to social inclusion because the acceptance of multilingualism also goes hand in hand with the cultural practice and way of life of the “others.”

Not once does the Green party expect that migrants assimilate into the German way of life. Instead, their guiding principle is encouraging Germans to embrace the foreign culture migrants bring to Germany.

For years the Green party has been calling on Germans to integrate into Arabic culture, mainly Muslim. In 2016, Green Party politician Volker Beck called on Germans to learn Arabic so that they could communicate with migrants who do not speak German. In the same year, Left-wing German media such as the Huffington Post published an article by a Syrian migrant named Aras Bacho in which he demanded that all signs and products in Germany be translated into Arabic to make life easier for migrants. He wrote:

“As a refugee I believe that in Europe the street signs should be translated into Arabic. Likewise, food packaging should be in Arabic. It should also be possible to take exams in Arabic…. Most refugees have been driving in Syria. It would be helpful if the road signs were in Arabic. We should help these people more, no matter what it costs.”

Islamic supremacists use psychological warfare on those they aim to conquer. For example, they know it’s essential to make people in the West accustomed to hearing the call to prayer. If the call to prayer is heard often enough, it no longer sounds out of place and instead becomes as regular as hearing church bells ringing. That is why Mosques in Düsseldorf, with the help of the Green Party, have been blasting the call to prayer for years. The same concept applies to seeing women walking the streets in sharia burkas or watching as the halal sections of grocery stores slowly occupy more space. These seemingly small concessions, such as Arabic street signs, are strategic wins in Islam’s larger battle to Islamize all of Europe.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



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