Contagious Vaccinosis: Are the Vaccinated a Threat to the Unvaccinated? (Video)

The scientific community has been woefully uninterested, and downright negligent in exploring Contagious Vaccinosis and so many aspects of the pandemic.

The latest segment of RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with prominent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson tackles the question of “Contagious Vaccinosis”. Are those “vaccinated” with the coronavirus injection a threat to unvaccinated?

See the short clip, and read discussion below:


“All kinds of unknowns are out there that should have been investigated thoroughly before this was ever started and never was, and isn’t now,” said Dr. Hodkinson. Contagious Vaccinosis “reflects the transmission of something – we’re not sure – from a vaccinated person to and unvaccinated person, usually by close proximity,” the doctor explained. This transmission [is] largely reported in women of menstrual abnormalities,” Dr. Hodkinson said, “but also a few cases, one of which I’m very aware of in Britain of testicular Involvement,” he continued.

But the scientific community has been woefully uninterested, and downright negligent in exploring Contagious Vaccinosis and so many aspects of the pandemic.

A Plausible Theory Worthy of Exploration

The question of whether vaccinated individuals could harm unvaccinated is a valid, scientific question that deserves to be studied, says Dr. Hodkinson, who has tackled this issue previously at RAIR. At the time, the pathologist laid out a scenario where Contagious Vaccinosis could potentially occur:

“We do know that the whole intent of these vaccines is to produce in the body with your own cellular machinery,” he said, “something called the ‘spike protein,’ which are those sharp things that you see sticking out of the virus when you see images of the Covid-19,” the doctor explained. “So the vaccine is intended to produce amounts of spike protein, which are then presented to your immune system to react to, to give you immunity to future infection.”

Consider that “most biological functions follow” the “bell-shaped curve,” or the idea that some people handle treatments well, some handle them poorly, and most are somewhere in the middle. Unfortunately, in the case of the vaccine, those who will have a negative outcome cannot be anticipated.

With this in mind, Dr. Hodkinson illustrated how those on the poor end of the bell curve would negatively handle the vaccine:

Some people are at the extreme end of that range and produce an enormous amount of spike protein that cannot be mopped up by the very lymphoid system, which is the whole intent. There’s just too much of it being produced – and therefore it escapes into the general circulation and that has been shown to be actually the fact that it does escape and has been identified. That’s where you get into all these problems with thromboses and other issues.

Now, Dr. Hodkinson introduces a study conducted ironically by scientists based in Wuhan, China. In that study, researchers found that the excess spike protein could escape from the skin in sweat glands and become aerosolized, which could be transferred by inhalation. He stresses that the study addresses the “infection itself, not the vaccine.”

So, hypothetically, could perspiration be a method of transference in the case of vaccinated people? And if so, could evaporated sweat allow spike proteins to be aerosolized, potentially infecting unvaccinated people? Dr. Hodkinson stresses that he is only searching for a “path” to explain how contagious vaccinosis may work.

“I want to emphasize that’s not being shown to be the case,” he said. “It’s not been proven, but I’m trying to find here is a path whereby these effects may be explained,” the pathologist continued. Dr. Hodkinson is strictly laying out a possible scenario that needs to be studied. Sadly, genuine research without an agenda is often a casualty in this highly partisan climate.

Dr. Roger Hodkinson explained that due to lack of study, “the sad reality is we don’t know” more about Contagious Vaccinosis. However, “there’s all kinds of plausibility to the connection, which I could elaborate on scientifically,” he said.

Dr. Hodkinson continued to say that Contagious Vaccinosis “isn’t just some quackery, you know, some absurd theory.” He elaborates:

There’s a great deal of science behind the worry about this. And we all hope of course, like everything when it’s investigated, we all hope it’s not true. But the general reason we do clinical trials is precisely because we don’t know what we don’t know.

That’s why we do them and particularly when something of so experimental that has so many potential dangers, that you’d have thought that given the scale with which this massive experiment is being conducted with billions of people and pregnant women and children. You would have thought that someone would have said ‘hey wait a minute. Just, just stop the train, you know, we got to do this, this this and this before we do anything’ because this of course is not Ebola. It’s not SARS. In the grand scheme of things, it’s nothing more than a bad seasonal flu as per John Ioannidis, probably the most esteemed epidemiologist in the world at Stanford.

The scientific gatekeepers have been “notoriously delinquent at every step along the way in this process,” Dr. Roger Hodkinson complained, “Not the least of which is putting in place an effective monitoring system for what they’re doing.”

Read more from RAIR Foundation USA:

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • My family was exposed to the spike protein back in May 2021, from my sister who had recently been vaxed. 4 out 5 of us got very sick the next day. I t felt like the flu, except no fever. I am still sick to this day 9 months later. I don’t think we have much time left.

  • I am really worried that the bodies of the people who have been Vaxxxed will become possessed by demons from Hell via 5 and soon 6 G, that will control totally them and go full on psycho against the unvaxxxed. Mind control methods and efforts of the elite need to be practiced on those who have no minds to begin with, so the vaxxxed, will be used to imploment their total mind contol methods.

    • Sure. Why not. No weirder than the rest of what we have been through the past two years. Bigfoot is an alien? Well, now I am sure of that too.

  • I think that I have the right guy. I read that Dr. MacCollough(sp) of A&M said that years ago, 2013, I think, Gates and Fauci came to his research team wanting to buy a ‘germ’ that was being examined. One of the effects of this ’germ’ was that it could make 95% of the male population sterile. Gates and Fauci wanted to release a diluted version into the American population with the aim of sterilizing about half of the population. The research team refused them and destroyed the ‘germ’, so as to prevent them from getting their hands on it.

    So, it makes sense that one effect of their vaccine is to accomplish this purpose.

  • My wife and I are pureblood deplorables and will be to the day we die. Hopefully it won’t be from being around the vaxxed. I do worry for her since she works with many people that were mandated to keep their jobs. She refused on religious grounds and was exempted by her employer, thank goodness.

  • The mRNA jabbed are a danger to others and themselves.
    Those that created the mRNA jabbed are guilty of crimes against humanity.

  • […] Contagious Vaccinosis: Are the Vaccinated a Threat to the Unvaccinated? The latest segment of RAIR Foundation USA’s exclusive interview with prominent pathologist Dr. Roger Hodkinson tackles the question of “Contagious Vaccinosis”. Are those “vaccinated” with the coronavirus injection a threat to unvaccinated? […]

  • The Mayo Clinic has an article “The Johnson & Johnson adenovirus vaccine explained” whose title explains enough. Adenoviruses are DNA viruses. The J&J ‘vaccine’ injects a strand of DNA into the person’s cells, which makes RNA strands, the RNA strands in turn make the spike proteins inside the person’s cells in perpetuity. The good news is that an adenovirus is probably unable to reproduce itself within the human body.

    As for the other ‘vaccines’, they are mRNA type ‘vaccines’. Like the J&J ‘vaccine’, they contain strands of genetic material, only it is RNA instead of DNA. The end result is the same production of the spike proteins within the person’s cells, until the RNA is purged by Autophagy or similar. And also like the J&J ‘vaccine’, there is only one way to insert such genetic material into the person’s cells, and that is with a virus. A ‘viral vector’ is used in the same way as “Gene Therapy”. See “What is Gene Therapy?” on the FDA’s site for a detailed explanation.

    Those other ‘vaccines’ didn’t use “non-replicating viral vectors”, because if they had the ‘vaccinated’ would not be contagious. That means that the other ‘vaccines’ used a ‘replicating viral vector’ such as the measles. See “Replicating and non-replicating viral vectors for vaccine development” on the US National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health website for more details.

    And if you disagree with me, at least skim the articles mentioned, otherwise you will be considered a worthless troll.

  • If menstural irregularities like excessive bleeding are contagious from the vaccines, I’m sure they’ve been administered in San Diego during summer 2020, maybe even sooner because I had odd symptoms like that in 2018 on at least one occasion in addition to summer 2020 and beyond. One person who I was around when I had those symptoms went on a cruise on the Diamond Princess prior to the cruise that got quarantined. I have an autoimmune disease that came out of remission in 2020 as well. I would like to sue if the vaccines are the cause, but I don’t know how it could be proven. I imagine it would have to be a class action with controlled experiment-based evidence explaining what is occurring.


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