Coronavirus Insanity: Merkel Advises Children to do 'Squats' and 'Clap' to Stay Warm in Frigid Classrooms (Video)

As one of many arbitrary and ridiculous policies designed ostensibly to ward off the coronavirus, schools are required to keep windows open for ventilation, even when temperatures are freezing.

German chancellor Angela Merkel callously recommends that school children do squats and clap in order to stay warm in frigid classrooms, where students are forced to freeze with mandated open windows as part of Chinese coronavirus response.

As one of many arbitrary and ridiculous policies designed ostensibly to ward off the coronavirus, schools are required to keep windows open for ventilation, even when temperatures are freezing. The requirement to open windows for a portion of each class is “part of a package agreed by a standing committee of regional education ministers from Germany’s sixteen states,” as reported at the Telegraph back in October.

The SAGE group, or the British “Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies” has also recommended that windows stay open in classrooms, and states clearly that children must “get used to being cold.” The mandate follows advice from former director at the World Health Organization Anthony Costello, who commented in September that children “can survive a bit of cold, and they’re going to have to, because ventilation is so important.”

The Washington Post reported, insanely, that teachers in America are hesitant to keep doors open for ventilation because they are worried about people firing guns into their classrooms. English teacher Tiffany Mumm was quoted from Twitter, “Do I keep my classroom door open to improve air circulation or close it to protect my students from an active shooter?”

Watch the following RAIR exclusively-translated videos:

Will keeping windows open stop children from getting the coronavirus?

Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translations!

Video #1:

…And Madam Chancellor recommends doing squats!

Tina Schippe starts the day with teaching her class 2A.

But not before everyone really bundles up because it is pretty cold.

The thermometer says the temperature is at 16.7° Celsius [62°F], even though the windows are
closed at the moment.

Yeah, I am cold.

I’ve brought an extra thick blanket, and then I put on a heavy… I put on a heavy coat.

I think it would be a lot better if the windows weren’t this wide open all the time.

…the matter with the ventilation. This may sound a bit odd, but letting in fresh air is the best
thing to do.

And that is why we now have a special winter, and one maybe really should bring something warmer to put on, maybe one should do a couple of small squats, or something, or uhhh… clap one’s hands so one can warm up a little, Anyway, it is an unusual winter, but it is very expensive for all class rooms to have air filtration. Whoever has some, great, but then one shall not forget to air out the room as well.”

And that is why: wrap up and mask up, Which, by the way, the kids are wearing voluntarily.

Video #2:

This is why you will get sick a lot faster when you are exposed to cold air in wintertime.

Cold air streams into the room.

The problem: This air contains zero relative humidity, and therefore it is very dry.

Dry air extends the longevity of viral droplets in the air.

Add to this the fact that in cold temperatures your body is more receptive to viruses, because:
Cold air dries out your mucous membranes and they lose their protective abilities.

Which is good for viruses!

Conclusion: Cold, dry air increases the risk of catching a cold.

And coronaviruses can spread more easily as well.

What helps against viruses: Increased humidity in classrooms.

For instance, by keeping clay pots filled with water, or with plants.

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Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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