Coronavirus Jihad: Muslims in India Defy Lockdown - threaten Unbelievers and CAA Supporters (Video)

Several of the women praise the deadly virus as a gift from Allah that was predicted in the Qur’an, and grants him the power to decide who lives or dies.

At a time when social distancing is crucial to preventing the spread of the pandemic, Muslims in India are putting the entire country at risk and refusing to conform to quarantine mandates.

In the following RAIR Foundation-USA exclusively-translated video, burqa-clad Muslims use the Chinese coronavirus to spread lies, threaten unbelievers and encourage fellow muslims to take to the streets in groups.

Several of the women praise the deadly virus as a gift from Allah that was predicted in the Qur’an, and grants him the power to decide who lives or dies. One enlightened woman, warns even more deadly viruses will strike and claims India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi and other unbelievers are not aware of the threats.

Another Muslim woman dawning a Niqab claimed that the coronavirus will strike those who fear protesting against the Indian Citizen Amendment Act (CAA).

India’s Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) allows for the fast-tracking of applications from religious minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians, from Islamic Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, but not Muslims.

Muslims were not offered fast-tracking citizenship since the three nations are Islamic and they are not facing persecution.

In response to CAA there have been violent riots, trains torched, businesses destroyed, attacks on non-muslims and law-enforcement, etc.

Though the government has clarified repeatedly that CAA does not relate to Indian Muslims at all, the radical left and terrorists continue to spread falsehoods that the Act wants to throw out all Muslims from the country.

Meanwhile, 80 cities across India are in full lockdown until March 31, 2020. Trains, metros and inter-state buses have been suspended across the county. Markets, malls, movie theaters, schools. colleges. and gyms are shut down across most of the states.

Meanwhile, large groups of muslims gather in full defiance of social distancing rules and edicts for the purpose of menacing the general population.

Video Transcript: many thanks to Bose for the translation

Female #1:

It is written in the Quran that a virus would come; that virus’s name is CORONA.

We are always ready and strong. If you want to panic us by using corona, death will come anyway; don’t frighten us by using this virus (corona).

Female #2:

Allah is great… Allah sent this coronavirus, because everyone who is ruling over us for them, Allah calls them… Now Allah makes decisions about who needs to live and who needs to die.

Here we are standing in groups. Nothing will happen to us. No disease can infect to us. Those who fear to protest, they get affected by the virus. We have to stand here and need to show our courage to them, we who are standing here, spending our time by leaving our homes.

Our Allah really is great. The coronavirus came just for this. Allah will decide now who needs to live who needs to die.


What do you want say about the coronavirus?

Female #3

We don’t have any fear about Corona, because Allah did everything to protect us… We know everything. Corona is not any disease/virus.

Female #4

Only people affected by Corona are those who fear. We know it very keenly… QURONO or QURAN  or CORONA is the same.

We knew many years ago that this Corona would come. This is in our Quran, Surah 10.

Now more dangerous diseases/viruses will come, which Sir Modi knows, and what will come.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • They are the real enemy of India. Just because they dislike opinions of one person & one political party, they are ruining our life. They can only behave like Islamic terrorism. Whole world is in problem because of them, they never think about society. They are the ppl who only believe in blood. How Allah will help you overcome that virus if you get infected? Only medicine n isolation can help you. Don’t behave like idiots, stay at home.

  • We should not discriminate all the Muslims, only i can say it is the foolishness of few people illiterated.

  • Without a filter read Mohamed’s own words as they relate to all unbelievers than one can clearly see what Islam demands of all it’s followers than make your assessments pro or con to this ideology. In truth there is no need to debate current day individuals (Muslim) but refer to the prophet’s own acts thoughts and words no follower can reject. Full circle, co-existence is not optional for either side Islam or non Islam.


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