Coronavirus Tyranny: Eating an Apple in Public is Now a Threat to Human Welfare (Video)

Police now appear to be implementing a legal speed limit for eating food in public.

Police in Frankfurt, Germany harass a man who has removed his Chinese coronavirus mask to eat an apple. Police threaten to bring the man to a safe place where he can not “endanger” others if he does not pick up his eating pace. Police now appear to be implementing a legal speed limit for eating food in public.

Watch the exclusively-translated video below:

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Many thanks to Nash Montana for the translation!

We will come a conclusion then: you eat the apple now, but please don’t just suck on it; you will now eat it, please.

Because otherwise I might get the idea that you basically just want to circumvent the mask mandate.

No, no, no, I just — 

there are reasons for this because I… [unintelligible]

Good, we have an understanding so far, right?

So I have to eat it, will eat it slowly, but I will eat it.

Good! Otherwise I can tell you, we will take you somewhere where you will not endanger anyone else, and there you can eat your apple.

I endanger people? —


We take precautions, right?

[people mumbling]

Apparently there is now a… a new speed at which one has to eat an apple. This has just been determined. I have been set a time limit within which I have to eat this apple.

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