Cover-Up: 17-year-old Dead from Pfizer Shot, Board of Health Suppresses Father's Testimony (Video)

“I’m not allowed to sue Pfizer for some reason. That in itself tells me they knew people were going to die and they are just immune from any accountability.”

On January 17, 2022, the Toronto City Council’s Board of Health held a virtual hearing to address the city’s reaction to Covid. The conference was open to the general public, and it featured public speakers who shared their thoughts on the local administration’s approach to the declared pandemic.

Dan Hartman told the Toronto City Council health board that his 17-year-old son Sean had died from the Pfizer shot. The grieving father explained that his son, Sean, reacted badly to his first shot and died just a month later. Hartman only got vaccinated to play hockey in an arena where it was mandated.

Despite Dan being invited to speak at the city council meeting after the board heard about his son’s “vaccine” death, they edited out the father’s heart-wrenching testimony.

Austopsy Report

Hartman explained to the board that an autopsy showed his son’s heart was “slightly enlarged” but could not determine the cause of death with certainty.

Hartman was not pleased with the lack of answers and sent the autopsy report to a well-known pathologist who wished to remain anonymous for fear of losing his job. This pathologist believes that Sean died from the experimental mRNA gene therapy injection.

Something is Wrong With This Vaccine

“I know in my heart and soul; I believe the second pathologist that the vaccine killed my son,” he said. “It’s not rare as everyone thinks it is. It’s happening; it’s on Twitter every day; people are dying from this. I’m not an anti-vaxxer at all, I’m really not, but I think there is something wrong with this one.”

He further told the health board: “My son has been playing hockey since he was eight. He decided to stop for a year because of Covid but started to get bored. So he decided to start playing hockey again this year but first had to be vaccinated.

Dan said that his teenage son had ultimately received the jab to play hockey due to proof of vaccination requirements put in place by minor hockey associations across the Province of Ontario. Players aged 12 and older were required to show proof of a Covid jab to play.

On August 25, he got his first Pfizer shot. But, unfortunately, he ended up in hospital on August 29 due to an adverse reaction.”

Hartman was passionate about sports, especially hockey. He started his hockey career playing for the Beeton Stingers and went on to play for TNT in Alliston.

Beeton Athletic paid tribute to the 17-year-old with this Facebook post:

Death’s Are Denied

“He got his first shot of Pfizer on August 25,” he continued. “Went to the hospital on August 29 with a bad reaction; he got sent home with only a prescription for Advil; he had a rash all over his neck and face and brown circles around his eyes.”

The grieving father then tearfully described his son’s death following his reaction to the Pfizer shot: “On the morning of September 27, his mother found him dead on the floor beside his bed. All he wanted to do was play hockey.”

“Nobody talks about the deaths. It happens more often than anyone thinks, and it’s just being denied,” said Hartman. Dan was then asked about his next steps after hearing from the pathologist that the vaccine killed his son.

I’m not allowed to sue Pfizer for some reason. That in itself tells me they knew people were going to die and they are just immune from any accountability.

Watch his heartbreaking testimony here:

Why Did The Board of Health Hide Father’s Testimony

Toronto City Council’s Board of Health’s secretary, Julie Lavertu, claims they removed Mr. Hartman’s testimony because it “disclosed the personal health information of a minor without authorization.”

The “minor” Lavertu is speaking about is Mr. Hartman’s dead son, who reportedly died from the “vaccine.” The entire point of the father’s testimony was to discuss Sean and the effects the injection had on him.

See Julie Lavertu’s statement below:

Since Ms. Lavertu’s letter, Sean Hartman’s death has started to gain international attention. In response, it seems Toronto City Council’s Board of Health has removed the entire meeting from all of its channels.

Take Action

Sean Hartman had his entire life ahead of him. We must be a voice for the voiceless and help this grieving family get answers. Why would the Toronto Board of Health remove Mr. Hartman’s testimony? We must ask our officials to shine a spotlight on the side effects of these experimental “vaccines.” Instead of helping Mr. Hartman, the board has chosen to silence his voice and sweep his son’s death under the rug.

Contact the Toronto Board of Health and ask them to restore Mr. Hartman’s testimony and help look into his son’s death. How many more children will die before the Board of “Health” will admit there is a problem?

Medical Officer of Health: Dr. Eileen de Villa

Toronto Board of Health Chair: Councillor Joe Cressy

Please help support Dan Hartman and follow his Twitter account for more information.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • “There will be war if people want it or not” – Henry Kissinger.
    This is all a charade and while you look lie a hedgehog into the empty sky or the video screen they prepare the sacrifice of this world by creating WWIII.

    • Henry Kissinger was one who profiled the Nazi élite and decided who got a pass. Kissinger was Klaus Schwab’s mentor when he was in Harvard.
      Henry Kissinger in a speech to the World Healh Organization Council on EUGENICS, Feb 25, 2009: “Once the herd accepts mandatory forcible vaccination, it’s game over! They will accept anything – forcible blood or organ donation – for the ‘greater good’. We can genetically modify children and sterilize them – for the ‘greater good’. Control sheep minds and you control the herd. Vaccine makers stand to make billions, and many of you in this room today are investors. It’s a big win-win! We thin out the herd and the herd pays us for providing extermination services. Now, what’s for lunch?” ~ Henry Kissinger

  • The drug companies were granted an immunity quite a while ago, well before the covidium.

    However, this family may well have a legal right to sue those who made the injections mandatory. They removed the element of choice which is enshrined in the Nuremberg Code and carried over into other conventions and laws.

  • “Julie Lavertu’s statement” is just more coverup and lies. A legal parent gave that information so it was not a breach of confidentiality particularly since the unfortunate kid died.

    If all the death and health damage FROM the jabs were publicly acknowledged and disseminated to the public as required both legally and morally, then the vast majority of the public would refuse the clot shots. The government shills know this so to protect whatever quid pro quo or actual awards they expect to get for pushing the clot shots they lie and bury the real information. A massive crime.

    • Really? So those who suppress the truth are completely innocent? The drug companies who made a synthetic mRNA to reprogram your body’s cells aren’t in any way accountable? The people who flat out lied about gain of function research are not part of the problem? The politicians who bought stock in pharmaceutical companies while pushing for mandatory vaccinations and propaganda are innocent as well?

      The information is out there for a lot of things if we can defeat the algorithms that create certain facts to be pushed way down the list of search engine choices and we believe the right thing said when there are so many articles and “experts” who contradict each other. I happen to believe that abortion is child sacrifice. And it actually fits the definition of child sacrifice since no one ever kills a baby unless they think it benefits them somehow. And since no Covid vaccine would exist today without abortion, those who take it are participating in it. And the information is out there, but what is your discernment level? A father listened to the pressure of big pharma, government officials, doctors and the mainstream media and his son is dead. And you say that he bears the brunt of that decision alone? He was lied to. We are all lied to. What about those of the Tuskegee experiment? Are they at fault for believing the government? My doctor has been on me for two years to get the vaccine. We hire doctors to tell us these things. You would tell me that the doctor shouldn’t feel bad if I got the vaccine and died? If the information is out there, then why does the doctor look at it? If the information is out there, then why don’t the politicians look at it? If the information is out there, then why don’t the news reporters look at it? If a dad took their son trick or treating and some sick person put poison in a pierce of candy, is it the sole fault of the dad if that kid at ethe candy and died? It’s the same thing except with the vaccine, it isn’t a sick individual but many many people who are doing what they are doing for money. The company I work for has an intranet. They post stories several times a week about Covid. They post any Death of the person died while having Covid. They have a company doctor write articles promoting it. And they censor anyone who speaks against it. As a matter of fact, they just stopped any comments from being allowed if it is a Covid related post because they are have tried to censor one side and can’t stop the posts from coming through. That child was a victim and he was because his father trusted people who had other motives. Motives of money. I feel bad for the parent who now wants the truth to be known after a tragedy. And as awful as it is, the relatives of the dead are the ones who are trying to warn us all and you are blaming them for their deaths? That’s not right.

    • @Fatherof3, I’m glad God gave you the discernment. I hope you don’t use that discernment to look down on others who were deceived but use that discernment as a watchman on the wall, to warn others.

    • Can’t agree with that statement. While a parent does bare responsibility for the health of their children, government officials and drug companies that knowingly mandate a drug that is toxic should be held accountable as well. Blame of the parent only puts immunity at a premium for the authoritarians in government and their partnerships with big pharma. We must regulate corruption and hold it accountable even though we know that it exists.

    • I do not agree with your comment the government is making it so that we won’t have a choice but to vaccinate everyone. Next will be the newborn at birth . We need to hold anyone who is pushing these draconian laws in the name of the mighty dollars for the share holders. Natural l immunity is 100 percent better then this vaccine. But the scientists that are getting millions in government grants for research are the spoke person for the vaccine mandate

  • If I were the father, there is no amount of retribution that I would consider beyond the scope of ethical and moral means. An agency that kills my child with their vax, then tries to call me a liar and refuses to compensate our family for their murder, is not a situation that I would never rectify in ANY means I deem worthy. They have forfeited their right to the law. NOW, multiply that particular situation by a BILLION families worldwide, and you have the situation we are now in. If we don’t right this ship now, we are doomed to genocide. Horrific, painful genocide, with females faring far, far worse than males, all on their way to inevitable death.

  • It is acceptable to kill with the vaccine because global warming is real and we need less people. If 50% (probably would like it to be more) of the people died it would be ok in Covidcoms minds.

  • I have zero sympathy for this man. He is an idiot for trusting this experimental drug and giving it to his son. No amount of force or coercion would force me to get my kids injected. i would use deadly force and I mean it. I’ll die before i let my kids get injected with this poison. I only feel bad for the boy who trusted his life with his parents decisions about his health and well being. Call me heartless or an asshole, i don’t care. Why we are not hanging these tyrants, that includes politicians, media, drug company CEO’s and board members, is beyond me. Lots of people need to face a firing squad.

    • You have a discernment that many don’t have. And you use it for the exact opposite of why God gave it to you. You should use it to warn others. Not beat them over the head for not having the discernment you have. He lost his son and you have no sympathy for him while even you will admit that these people should be hanged. But if these “tyrants” weren’t successfully deceiving anyone, then they wouldn’t be worthy of a hanging would they? So you blame the victim while acknowledging the evils of the guilty. That odd. Do you blame the rape vocation of a rape also? Do you blame a victim of a drunk driver for not being aware enough to avoid the drunk driver? I hope God always gives you the discernment He gave you in this instance. Because if God judges your lack of sympathy for a victim the way you judge this father, you’ll be caught in a trap of your own making. And the lack of forgiveness you give to another might just be dealt to you. And that’s not really just a “what if” situation. The Bible pretty much says that the way you judge others is the way you will be judged. For your own sake, find some compassion for your brother.

      • BULL…. the truth is the truth …
        Go look at God and how harsh He is in dealing out the results of being dumb .
        ” If nobody hates you . You’re doing something wrong . ” Gregory House MD

        • Many doctors took the jab believing the propaganda that these were safe and effective. Even Dr. Robert Malone took it! So, back off with your cruel attitude.

  • Gross ignorance kills. If you don’t know that you can’t sue over vaccine-caused maladies and death, you haven’t done your due diligence. They’re liquid Russian Roulette.

  • Calling Donald Trump, here’s your “rushed” vaccine that your so proud of. Donny, you can make it the main focus of your reelection campaign.

  • I am surprised by the callousness of some of these posts, towards the father and even one towards DJT. It’s really depressing seeing where this world is going.

  • Sorry people are dying. It will get much worse. Accept Christ …read and follow Romans 10:9 and you will go to heaven. The world is controlled by those empowered by Satan and other fallen angels.

  • 1. It appears that the Father is ignorant .
    2. “I’m not allowed to sue Pfizer for some reason. That in itself tells me they knew people were going to die and they are just immune from any accountability.”
    –1986 that gave pharmaceutical companies legal immunity
    You can sue the federal government for injury ___
    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) established this system, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP), in 1988. NVICP is funded by a tax of $0.75 per vaccine dose, collected from vaccine manufacturers by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The NVICP does not cover all vaccines; however, vaccines routinely given to children as part of the recommended immunization schedule are included, and some adult vaccines are covered as well.

    3. He need to put a picture of the casket up by the mirror .. cause every time he shaves … he can look at the guy that FAILED to do research on what HE allowed done to his kid that KILLED him .

  • get this out on the news in canada!!!!! sue the toronto public health as well for removing this statement and hiding facts. they are criminals. we dont hear this in trudeaus communist chinada.


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