Cover-Up: Migrants threaten Swedish Police & their Families while Gov't & Media Persecute Victims (WATCH)

The intimidation tactics are not just restricted to times when the officers are on duty but are now occurring in their personal time when they’re not in uniform and going about their every day lives.

“[T]hreatening a police officer is not a big thing for the criminals nowadays” – Sophia Willander, Chair of Sweden’s Police Union

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Threats of violence against police and their families in Sweden are on the rise and becoming more extreme and normalized. Top government officials and Swedish media exacerbate this dangerous phenomenon by siding with criminals and silencing anyone speaking out.

Malmö is one of the cities most affected by the recent surge in gang violence and bombings, a place where the dire results of “dominance culture” exhibited by Islamic migrants as described by author and journalist, Ingrid Carlqvist, have become a part of daily life for Swedes. 

Sweden’s public broadcaster, SVT1, recently aired a series of reports that featured police discussing their fears and the daily threats to their lives they are facing.

Sophia Willander, Chair of Sweden’s Police Union notes that nowadays, the criminals go “above and beyond the barriers that once existed” to threaten and intimidate police in very personal ways. As an example, Willander notes it has gotten to the point for officers that if a stranger mentions to them that “their daughter has a beautiful jacket”, the officer is aware that this is a veiled threat where the criminal is demonstrating personal knowledge of the officer’s family.

The intimidation tactics are not just restricted to times when the officers are on duty but are now occurring in their personal time when they’re not in uniform and going about their every day lives

Added to the fear and intimidation against police in Sweden, is the lack of, or low level consequences to offenders when they can be identified and brought to court. Police have no faith that the illegal migrants who threaten them and their families will have consequences from the Swedish justice system.

The Police Union chief also indicated that there is a culture of silence on issues with migrants and their antisocial behavior within the justice system, as speaking up could be detrimental to one’s career. Add to that the total unwillingness of media to discuss any relation between mass migration and increased crime.

The mainstream media is complicit in this disturbing trend and fails to explain or even venture a guess about what might account for the increased normalization of threats of violence against police.

Not only have Sweden’s police been muzzled for fear of losing their jobs, but so to have the media and any social scientists studying and reporting on the link between increased immigration and crime. 

According to a new report released in January 2020 titled “Migrants and Crime in Sweden in the Twenty-First Century, there is direct correlation between the rise in migrant population and the rise of crime in Sweden over the last 15 years. This newly released study was the first published on this subject since 2005 when the Swedish Crime Prevention Agency conducted a similar study. Although the correlation between migration and crime rates appears to be quite strong, there was a lapse of 15 years between studies.

A primary reason for this inactivity on the subject for a 15 year period can be attributed to public backlash such social scientists would endure for revealing statistics to support this disturbing link between migration and crime rates. In 2002, Aftonbladet, a prominent Swedish tabloid, was informed of the 2005 study ahead of its release, and published an editorial forewarning the public: “Do not strength racist prejudices!”

In further efforts to restrict the open dialogue relating to the negative effects immigration has on society, a former, disgraced police officer, Tomas Åberg, receives tax-funds to run a radical online “hate” monitoring group, “Näthatsgranskaren”. This group mass reports Swedes who speak or write critically about migration and Islam on social media channels.

Based on the recommendations by Näthatsgranskaren, Swedish police deploy a special anti-“hate” goon squad that arrests, harasses, imprisons and obtains the DNA of those critical of the Swedish government’s migration policies and the effects on society.

The press and the politicians have been conditioning Swedes to tow the politically correct line for years and now with the police are joining in on the action. This new class of criminals has taken Sweden to the brink of civilization failure as the common police officer may fear upholding the law because of the potentially harsh personal consequences.

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