Covid Tyranny in Canada: Adamson BBQ Defender Speaks Out After Arrest (Exclusive Interview)

“This is not about a virus, this is about power.” -Michael Arana

“This is not about a virus, this is about power.” -Michael Arana

Adam Skelly, the proprietor of Adamson BBQ in Toronto, was arrested on November 26th for defying tyrannical Chinese Coronavirus lockdown orders. Skelly supporter Michael Arana, who was also arrested, spoke exclusively with RAIR Foundation USA.

According to Mr. Arana, Adam Skelly, a married father of two, started his barbecue enterprise “with $500 and a food truck” and built up his business to several locations before he was arrested “for trying to defy rules forbidding indoor dining,” as reported at the local ABC affiliate.

Further, the local news report explained that Skelly “faces one count of attempt to obstruct police, 1 count of mischief, [and] he also faces a count of failing to comply with a continued order under the Reopening Ontario Act,” said Toronto Superintendent Dominic Sinopoli.

Michael Arana seen in news report screenshot

Arana explained that Skelly is barred from going near his businesses and is banned from speaking out on social media. “He is barred from going on his own property and that is wrong, wrong – and Ill never stop saying it,” Arana said.

Although it has been reported that Arana “spat at police and made death threats,” Mr. Arana was sympathetic to police during the interview with RAIR. “You know, I dont want to say anything about the police because theyre caught between a rock and a hard place – I get that,” he said, “a lot of them – they have children, they have wives – and they could very easily be fired and be forced to live under a bridge shining shoes if they disobey.” Nevertheless, Arana continued, “But this government – the city, the province, and the federal government are out of control,” he continued.


Skelly was defiant about the lockdown mandate on small businesses, and the massive police response to his crime of selling brisket drew the wry comment from the Toronto Sun: “Imagine the response had Adam Skelly been doing something even more sinister than trying to serve lunch at his restaurant.”

Mr. Arana mentioned that Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Randy Hillier has come to the aid of Adam Skelly by addressing his case in Parliament. Hillier has been an outspoken advocate for freedom in the wake of the coronavirus tyranny, as reported at RAIR Foundation USA.

Hillier has advocated “mass civil disobedience” in the wake of the arbitrary and unscientific lockdowns, and has himself “been charged under the Reopening Ontario Act,” as reported at RAIR. He has a court hearing on January 7, 2021.

Arana told RAIR that despite the tyranical, heavy-handed measures being taken by authorities, he does see a silver lining. People are starting to wake up to the fact that the arbitrary mandates imposed on small businesses are not based in science. “This is not about a virus, this is about power,” he said.

Speaking of Skelly, Arana said he is “charged,” and intends to continue fighting for freedom for his business. “Donate to his GoFundMe,” and support other people who engage in similar acts of civil disobedience, Arana said. “More people are going to do it if they think they are going to have support,” he continued. Arana suggested that people make the effort to make Skelly know that he is supported.

If everyone stood for freedom like Adam Skelly and Michael Arana, the arbitrary and tyrannical measures would disappear overnight.


Watch the exclusive RAIR interview here:

Watch this Rebel News report that outlines events leading up to the arrests of Adam Skelly and Michael Arana:


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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