COVID Warning: 91-year-old Survivor Calls for Resistance Against Recurring Fascism (Video)

It only takes a basic understanding of history and human nature to know what is coming next…

A 91-year-old Austrian woman pleads with her fellow citizens not to surrender their freedoms in the name of Coronavirus. The elderly women who lived under Fascist and Nazi leaders warns about the emergence of similar government leadership today.

We tend to hold onto this rather magical and child-like fairy tale that corrupt dictatorship, wars, and genocides only happen in history. As reported previously at RAIR, it only takes a basic understanding of history and human nature to know what is coming next…

Many thanks to Hellequin for the translation:

Dear family, dear friends and all fellow human beings:

Today I wrote a letter to many of you for the first time.

I will turn 92 years old.

I grew up in a time when many people didn’t have anything except their lives.

There was little to eat, and sometimes not even a roof over one’s head.

We survived the dark times of fascism with Dollfuss [Chancellor of Austria 1932-1934].

My parents said that up there they [the government] are completely out of touch Dollfuss even 
said that you can make a soup out of a sausage skin.

But we didn’t even have THESE.

Then Adolf Hitler marched into Austria, and there was work, food, roads, and transportation.

The following year, September 1, 1939, someone knocked on our front door, and I was home alone. 
Two women told me that it is WAR; these are the ration stamps.

I was ten years old. The suffering we experienced over the next six years was full of fear and horror.

Until 1955 people only got food with food [ration] stamps, if the baker wasn’t already sold out.

How could all of this have happened?

All we were allowed to hear was propaganda.

Today everything is very different and yet similar.

Until recently, many of us were fine Now everything happens very quickly, and after 
freedom no longer exists, poverty and hardship will soon become commonplace again. 
Because of this, I beg YOU to do everything possible so that we can regain our freedom and dignity.

So that one day we old people can leave with a clear conscience.

Unfortunately, I cannot support you on the street.

But believe me, the “virus” is not our enemy.

With the actions of the government we are destroying our health, our love for others; 
we’re ruining our livelihoods, and dividing our society.

Believe me, we have already survived completely different “parasites”.

We want to live in peace forever, as it should be for decent people.

I have had to wait many years for peace and freedom.

If God is willing, I’ll be a great-grandmother in May, and if YOU want it, 
we and our children’s children will be FREE again.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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  • Yes, people who have lived under communism and fascism are saying the Covid shutdowns and the freedoms being taken away from us are the beginning of totalitarian oppression — just as they experienced it before. It should be obvious to everyone: The people who are most vulnerable may quarantine themselves, if they so desire, but the rest of us should be able to live our normal lives. Anything other than that is a naked power grab for EVIL purposes!


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