'Crack-Smoking' Hunter Biden Cries Racism To Deflect From His Swedish Sex Scandal

The “racism” smears came after authorities threatened to evict Biden after he was caught illegally smuggling a stripper and a homeless black woman in the exclusive building that houses the Swedish and Icelandic embassies.

Hunter Biden has generated a huge scandal in Scandinavian media after details were leaked concerning his sordid sex affairs in the House of Sweden, in Washington, DC. The scandal-ridden American presidential son has accused the Swedish Government owned property of “racism” to deflect from his latest wrongdoings.

The “racism” smears came after authorities threatened to evict Biden after he was caught illegally smuggling a stripper and a homeless black woman in the exclusive building that houses the Swedish and Icelandic embassies.

Hunter Biden secretly smuggled the women into the Swedish government-owned building through a backdoor entrance. Since 2017, when Hunter first moved into his $400,000 a month office, he has repeatedly refused to follow the building’s proper security checks. The safety rules state that all visitors must pass the main entrance and the metal detectors.

Furthermore, Biden, who is under investigation for his business contacts with China, also asked the House of Sweden for an extra key to his suite for a Chinese businessman accused of corruption.

The stripper Lunden Roberts was one of the guests that Biden smuggled into the premises without permission.

“Hunter Biden smuggled strippers into House of Sweden premises”, by Fria Tider, February 23, 2021.

“Hunter Biden, the scandal-ridden son of the American president, accused the National Property Board of racism. This after the Swedish Board threatened to evict him after he smuggled a stripper and a homeless black woman into the House of Sweden in Washington.

Dagens Nyheter [newspaper] has published an email from the National Property Board. The Board administers the exclusive office building House of Sweden, in Washington DC, where among others, the Swedish embassy is located.

Hunter Biden, the son of the current president of the USA, rented suite 507 in the House of Sweden in 2017, but quickly found himself in conflict with the National Property Board.

The crack-smoking son of the president had specifically smuggled people into the building through a back entrance despite the fact that all visitors must go through the main entrance and pass through a metal detector.

Among these guests there was a stripper, with whom Hunter Biden one year later had a child, whom the stripper forced Biden to acknowledge as his. He also invited in a homeless black woman.

When the House of Sweden contacted Biden about this and asked him to stop the behavior, he responded with an accusation of racism.

“If NN has a problem with my guests’ race or clothing, I think we should all sit down and talk about it with a lawyer present,” wrote Hunter Biden in an email, according to DN.

Biden announced a few weeks later that he wanted to terminate the lease in advance. But after that, he stopped answering emails from the National Property Board, which eventually threatened him with eviction.

In the end, the rent was paid through the outstanding security deposit, and Biden moved out.

Hunter Biden, who is under investigation for his business contacts with China, had also asked House of Sweden for an extra key to his suite for a Chinese businessman accused of corruption.”

Read original article at: Fria Tider

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • YEP this the same Hunter Binden that is in bed with communist China and somehow he has a bubble around him to protect from all scandals.

    • That bubble is called the Former Free U.S. Press who not only avoid any negative reporting on Dems but also lie and say the accusations are “debunked.” (I hate that weak stuff)

  • Hunter Biden is a piece of trash. Liberal media kept his criminal activities quiet during election. He’s a drug addict, immoral, kicked out of military, liar, dishonest corrupt and a disgrace!

  • Only republicans are charged with crimes, even manufactured ones. Democrats, no matter how corrupt, are always victims.

  • “Hunter Biden, who is under investigation for his business contacts with China,….” lololololololol

    Yeah, right. FBI had his laptop for a year before the election. Nothing happens to Dems in their ”just-us” system. It’s a joke to even mention Hunter being under investigation in any news story. It’s merely word salad filler.

  • Hunter Biden is a lousy human being. But leave the “stripper” out of it. A young woman that went to Washington D.C. thinking she could study and learn, discovered making rent and bills in an over-rated Washington D.C. was very difficult, and so took a job as a stripper at what happened to be Hunter Biden’s favorite haunt. For all I know she may rue the day the day she ever met Hunter Biden but at least she didn’t abort the her daughter. Instead she returned to Arkansas to her parents home, and the child is loved by her extended maternal family including at least one Aunt. I wish the ”stripper” and family well.

  • Here’s a thought…If Hunter is not following the rules of the premise owner, terminate his lease. Send him notice and then kick him out of the building, hire a moving company to remove his belongings and send him the bill.

  • NYT,Twitter, Facesbook, and more refused any Hunter Biden crime family stories last october 2020. especially the 3 computer left at a computer store. He never,paid for, or returned to pick up the computers. FBI basically took the computers away and sat on them. One problem though, was the repair shop made copies. But the story was suppressed by the media.

  • Makes me sick to keep hearing about this dirt bag. Also, $400,000 a month rent? C’mon man! The hysterical repetition of the Hunter Biden squalor is just click bait.. we have a moron in the Presidency, and the press is responsible, America is on a slippery slope and disinformation is practiced freely .. the future doesn’t look good at all..

    • “A slippery slope”?
      Actually that slope started a long time ago, essentially since they took out JFK, RFK, MLK and then America was subjected to an endless assault of false-flag events (eg.OK city,Boston bombing,9/11,Sandy Hook etc.) carried out by the various alphabet agencies.
      Americans have put up with such BS and lies from the media that it is now possible for the deep state to blatantly steal an election in plain sight and there is nothing that anyone can do about it. (Especially since Barry Soetero (Obama) made sure to rid the military of hundreds of patriotic generals in the military before he left office).
      In other words, the only “slippery slope” is the one that America has already fallen to the very bottom of.
      America is finished.

  • This story is all well and good but, no one cares even worse very few know anything about the Biden kid and his behavior. Alphabet, cable and print media report almost nothing about Hunter Biden and continue to cover for the entire family.

  • I have a source who tells me casting is trying to lock down Will Ferrell to play Hunter Biden in an upcoming movie but Ferrell is reluctant as he feels it has the potential to weaken the reputation he has built as an actor with prior roles.

  • The Bidens one and all are the true to life “The Aristocrats” joke. Gilbert Gottfried does it well but Bob Saget’s version is probably more spot on with this lot.

  • Hunter is to recruited by the State Department. His experience, knowledge and contacts are invaluable to the current administration. I have heard he is also under instruction by a rabbi with a view to converting to Judaism.


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