Creepy Joe Did the 'Lean Down and Whisper Thing' Earlier this Month, Too

While people are focused on Thursday’s creepy press conference, Biden made a similar gesture on June 13th.

“Creepy Joe” was trending Thursday after the installed puppet responded to several questions during an impromptu press conference by aggressively leaning down and whispering on three different occasions.

The first time was in response to a question by partisan “journalist” Yamiche Alcindor about massive “stimulus” funds. Biden hunches over and says “I got them $1.9 trillion in relief so far. They’re going to be getting checks in the mail that are consequential.”

Next, Biden responded to a question about negotiations with Republicans from the Fake News outlet CNN’s Phil Mattingly by leaning down and saying “I wrote the bill on the environment.”

Finally, Biden responded to the very disgusting phenomenon of people not going back to work because the government is paying them more than they would earn. “Pay them more. This is an employee’s — an employee’s bargaining chip now,” he derisively said, hunching over and lowering his voice.


But while people are focused on Thursday’s creepy press conference, Biden made a similar gesture on June 13th. While speaking in Cornwall England, Biden hunched over and said: “A hundred and twenty days. Give me a break. Need time,” he said in response to a question about steel and aluminum sanctions.

At the time, Biden had been in office for 145 days. But who’s counting?


Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Like Robin Bullocks said unless u are used to cast out demons from people, u will not recognise a demonic entity speaking through Bidden. Bullocks even took a photo of Biden’s face when this demon manifests and sure enough you can see the reptilian iris. Interesting.


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