Croatian MEP: 'Billions of Doses of Covid Vaccines Are Being Burned Across the World, No One Wants Them' (Video)

“We are witnessing the burning of billions of doses of the so called-covid vaccines around the world that no one wants anymore,” said Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic at the European Parliament this week.

“Billions of euros of taxpayers’ money are being burned, and nobody asked the citizens anything when those vaccines were bought,” he stressed. “No one asked for a permit, not even us representatives who were elected by the citizens to protect their health and their property.”

MEP Kolakusic explains it would have been better to burn the shots and the money before they injected people with the experimental “vaccines” and thus saved the life and health of so many who often were coerced into taking the injections.

The Member of the European Parliament chastised the other members for their lack of diligence when the gene-therapy shots were first introduced.

Vlad Tepes

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  • Its about time people wake up the evil of this vaccine. Now it is time to go after Pfizer and Moderna!

  • No one wants them.
    But governments already used all our money to pay for them.

    It would have been safer for so many to just burn the money directly.

  • Sue the Vaccines Drug pushers big time, all the instigators involved for not beening 100% sure its safe for the Men Women And Children, Animals also suffered & died pets like Dogs went texted on 200 or so let them think twice about poeples health, familys and not just money charge the knowing Men & Women involved how time has this happened with Vaccine’s in History close there Bussiness’s Down take all 100% there profts also they don’t diserve any of it This income for this behavior need serious consideration its a very Serious crime against the people

  • “Fauci, DC Mayor Bowser rejected as they sell COVID vaccine door-to-door
    One DC man told Fauci he was ‘inciting fear in people’ ”



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