CRT Whistblower: Teachers Are Eliminated Who Refuse To Indoctrinate Your Children, Learn How to Fight Back (Exclusive Interview)

“There were students who started college with me in 2019 who dropped out because they were told that white Christian heterosexual men are the problem. They feel marginalized.” – Adam Mahdavi

The descent of the western world into communism marches on, and day by day, the speed of that march increases. Now, with the introduction of Critical Race Theory (CRT) into classrooms from kindergarten onwards, the indoctrination of our children with neo-Marxist ideology is beginning as soon as they leave their homes to start school. 

According to educator Adam Mahdavi, CRT is defined as a way of analyzing racial inequities through conversations or presentations about power, race, and racism, particularly in America. It seeks to find racism in every aspect of our lives. 

IN an exclusive interview with RAIR Foundation USA, Mahdavi, a former student at the University of South Carolina College of Education, where he completed his degree to become a middle school teacher, explains how it is being taught in schools. 

Following graduation and his teacher internship program, Mahdavi began to speak up against the teaching of children through the lens of CRT. The University of South Carolina tried to silence him. “They threatened to rescind my degree, and they said they would counter and challenge my state certification if I applied,” he told the South Carolina Freedom Caucus. Nonetheless, Mahdavi continued to speak out and took a stand by applying for his license. “I did apply for my certification. I knew USC would challenge me. I was going to fight for what was rightfully and justly earned. I fought the university, and I won. I am now a teacher at a public school. The education establishment radicals failed at keeping me out of education.”

Mahdavi documented the many ways that CRT is introduced into the school system in South Carolina. He took photographs of a box of the book Stamped by Ibram X. Kendi, left in a middle school classroom in Richland for students to take, and a huge quote from that same book on the wall. He captured images of a classroom door covered with book jackets that push the CRT agenda. He also covertly recorded a conversation with a professional development specialist from EL Education. This Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation-funded organization openly acknowledges ways to introduce CRT into classrooms in a roundabout manner, referring to it as culturally relevant pedagogy. He made public some of the assignments he was given at the University of South Carolina, in which he and his fellow students were told to find ways to use backward design to subvert state standards to teach an “anti-racist” curriculum. “Let me tell you something; an anti-racist curriculum is more racist than John C. Calhoun,” says Mahdavi. Three fellow students admitted that they were learning how to get students to see that state teaching standards in South Carolina are racist, that white heterosexual men are the problem in America, and that micro-aggressions exist and are racist and widespread, according to CRT. 

His own teacher training course was littered with texts showing teachers how to integrate CRT into Kindergarten to Grade 12 classrooms. This is illegal: Twenty-one states have introduced bills that will control the teaching of CRT in classrooms, believing that CRT trains students to judge differences in skin colour above the content of character. 

“I wanted to make the recording in order to shed light on the darkness of lies that say that CRT is not being used in classrooms,” said Mahdavi in an interview. I wanted to do it because the University of South Carolina has tried to silence me and dashed my hopes of having a career in education. I wanted the truth to get out. I wanted the truth to get out to the parents who deserve to know what their children are learning. But most importantly, I want to protect the future education and success of South Carolinians.”

Why is resistance to the teaching of CRT so important? Mahdavi believes that it is only the first step towards conditioning students and pushing them down the road of seeing all that they learn through the lens of social justice. “Because once you get on the social justice train – think of social justice as a long train – there are so many different cars. There’s the car of racial injustice, climate injustice, COVID justice, trans-Justice, and LGBT justice. All those cars are on the same train. And once you get on the social justice train, you’re on the entire thing. There’s no, you know, isolated or a mutually exclusive tenant of social justice, where you can just stand for racial injustice.” 

Mahdavi noted that indoctrination for trainee teachers started early in his university career. “There were students who started college with me in 2019 who dropped out because they were being told that white Christian heterosexual men are the problem. They feel marginalized.” Mahdavi, for the record, is a first-generation immigrant whose father came from Iran, who grew up in a Muslim household, who comes from a broken home, and who is married to an African American woman. Viewed through the lens of CRT, these are all good reasons for failure, but instead, Mahdavi is the first in his maternal family to graduate from university. 

“They practice a subversive pedagogy,” explains Mahdavi. “Subversive pedagogy; they are co-conspirators against the American social order and status quo, (one built on) meritocracy, colorblindness, and a free market society. Anyone who knows anything and cares deeply about critical race theory knows it does. It attacks colorblindness.”

“As a teacher candidate at the University of South Carolina, the College of Education, I was taught how to go around state standards and implement the ideology, the activist ideology,” explains Mahdavi. 

Mahdavi believes that it is every parent’s responsibility to educate their child. And that education should involve the good parts and the bad parts of history – slavery included. But that this is not the lens through which to view all of life in America, neither historically nor contemporary. He warns, “if children talk about white privilege or systemic racism, if children challenge the current American social order, then they’ve probably been exposed to critical race theory. If they challenge things like meritocracy, colorblindness, free markets, and if they start talking about implicit racism and micro-aggressions, then they’ve been exposed to critical race theory for sure.”

According to Mahdavi, monitoring and documenting suspicious assignments and improper influences is key to standing up against Critical Race Theory tenants that show up in classrooms. “We can fix this problem, but we need to remove the cancer from the body of education before we can make any progress.” 

Watch Adam Mahdavi’s full briefing on the history and purpose of Critical Race Theory:

Miranda Sellick

Miranda Sellick has been a journalist for more than 25 years. She has worked for newspapers in the U.K. and Canada and is the author of two books. She was aware that the covid play was not what it appeared to be very soon after it was unleashed on the world.


  • It’s vicious systematic institutionalized abuse of “white” people, that’s what it is, to destroy them and neuter them by psychological warfare while taking over their homelands pioneered and built by them. This is the new mode of conquest. Time to wake the F up.

  • “Bitterness” he said. “Treason”. He’s right. The word he’s looking for is SEDITION. That’s CRT.

  • “Biden snaps at reporter over question about family’s business relationships: ‘Give me a break, man’ ”


  • At this s point in history to refer “ communism as the threat to humanity is a fallacy, a shorter vision of who really is the real threat to identify. An it not a surprise to find norteamericans journalist to incite more division amongst us , since the seeds implanted in our subs consciousness from the moment we are born is a malady difficult to eradicate. And the “ modus operandis “ de los controladores is sutil and definite to indoctrinate the masses from longgg time ago. Their gold tule is “divide and conquer”, the “mafia way”. The communism is the contemporaneous excuse for all the atrocities committed. And now we know how communism and capitalism and any ideology in between are all created by the same sordid anti-human agenda.
    Our obligation now is to be attentive, eyes open and research. Overall the first task is to clean ourselves of all the propaganda directed to separate us from the rest, our unite is the controller’s terror. United we will win

  • Leftists, the enemy of our country and everything it stands for. Nothing they promote or advocate for is true and anywhere close to the founders intent.


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