Curfew Violator: Quebec Girl Fined $3,000 For Walking Spouse on Leash Like a Dog (Video)

Canadians are deploying different strategies in their attempts to avoid Premiere Francois Legault’s newest Chinese coronavirus curfews, which essentially declare martial law in the Province of Quebec.

Canadians are deploying different strategies in their attempts to avoid Premiere Francois Legault’s newest Chinese coronavirus curfews, which essentially declare martial law in the Province of Quebec. During the last two nights in Sherbrooke, Police have arrested almost 400 people for violating the highly controversial curfew imposed by the left-wing Quebec government.

As previously reported at RAIR Foundation USA, on January 9, Premier Legault newest measures command citizens to stay in their homes between 8 p.m. to 5 a.m with exemptions for essential workers. The fine for breaking your home imprisonment rules will be $1,000 to $6,000. 

The new measures also include limiting households to one visitor from another address, no indoor or outdoor gatherings and a curfew enforced by police. Walking your dog within a one kilometer radius of your home is one of the rare exceptions allowed during the Quebec curfew.

Creative Curfew Violation Techniques

A woman in Sherbrooke was fined 3,000 for walking her spouse on a leash. The woman told officers she wanted to pass him off as her dog, so she was able to walk outside. In the event of a repeat offense, the fine can go up to $6,000.

Another Quebec citizens was stopped for driving his dog around in his car, claiming he was essentially walking his dog.

Tow truck companies have been inundated with calls from people claiming there are cars in their driveway which they need towing to specific addresses. Presumably an attempt for people to be transported to friends or families homes via tow truck to avoid the allotted 1 kilometer limit.

Watch the the exclusively translated video by RAIR Foundation USA;

As of Monday January 11, 740 tickets had been given in Quebec since the curfew came into effect. Around the world, freedom is in retreat and tyranny is on the rise, much of it under cover of coronavirus. The strictest measures being imposed by governments, are always the harshest in left-wing controlled areas.

Read more of RAIR’s coverage on Coronavirus Tyranny in Canada:

Many thanks to Sassy for the following translation

Since Saturday, the streets of Sherbrooke are almost deserted as of 8pm.

During the last two nights, police have arrested almost 400 people.

In general, people were happy to be intercepted, because they wanted to prove they were part 
of the exception. And I know because I stopped ten of them.

Of those intercepted, the police heard all kinds of stories.

[Girl walking boyfriend on leash]

I was walking my dog and it costs me $3,000, and it isn’t over yet.


Here we have a man who was walking his dog but doing so in his car.

This is illegal and not among the exceptions. A $1,500 fine.

Some even attempted to bypass the rules by calling towing companies.

[Towing Company]

They call to report a broken-down car in their yard and would like to go to another yard.

We ask ourselves should we do this, do that, should we take the call…


Aside from these few dubious calls, it was a quiet weekend for the towing companies.

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Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.

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