Czech Citizens Express Discontent Over Government's Support for Ukraine: Call for Peace and Domestic Priorities (Video)

The leader of the Freedom and Direct Democracy Party (SPD), Tomio Okamura, has recently highlighted the growing discontent among Czech citizens regarding the government’s support for Ukraine. According to a research study conducted by the Centre for Research of Public Opinion (CVVM), more than half of Czech citizens disagree with the level of government support provided to Ukraine, considering it to be excessive and costly.

Czech Citizens’ Perspectives:

Tomio Okamura expressed his party’s stance, emphasizing the desire for peace rather than war. The CVVM study reveals that most Czech citizens share this sentiment, disagreeing with the extent of the government’s support for Ukraine. Furthermore, allocating resources and financial aid to Ukraine has become a contentious issue, with citizens expressing concerns that such assistance is burdening the Czech budget and potentially compromising the well-being of vulnerable groups.

Support for Military Equipment and Troop Deployment:

The research findings also highlight a divided opinion within the Czech Republic regarding providing military equipment to Ukraine. The country appears to be evenly split on this matter. Additionally, only a small fraction, approximately 12% of Czech citizens, expressed potential support for deploying Czech troops to Ukraine and direct involvement in combat.

SPD’s Stance on Humanitarian Aid

While opposing military involvement, the SPD has consistently advocated for providing humanitarian aid and assisting genuine war refugees and individuals affected by the armed conflict in Ukraine. Okamura emphasizes that supporting those in need should be a priority, but not at the expense of Czech citizens, especially the most vulnerable groups. He argues that the current government, led by Petr Fiala, is increasing taxes and fees on Czech citizens and companies while reducing pension payments. Okamura contends that financial aid should not be provided at the expense of domestic welfare.

Rejecting Military Aid to Ukraine

Okamura firmly states the SPD’s rejection of any form of military aid to Ukraine. This includes supplying arms and training Ukrainian troops in Czech military facilities. He highlights that the SPD members were the only ones in the Chamber of Representatives who voted against training Ukrainian forces and providing arms to Ukraine. Okamura emphasizes that the primary goal of the SPD is to seek a peaceful resolution to the military conflict in Ukraine.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist


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