Danish Prime Minister Publically Shamed: 'You Killed 83,000 Danes With the Covid Vaccine' (Video)

So the “woman who claims to be ‘the Prime Minister of the children’ is murdering Danish children and murdering Danish adults.

Kent Nielsen, the head of the Danish political party Frihedslisten (Freedom List), recently confronted Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen over her support and promotion of the so-called “Covid vaccines.”

The newly reelected 44-year-old Prime Minister told was told by Neilsen that 83,000 Danes have died from the controversial vaccines, and more than 150,000 have been injured. Mette refused to answer Nielsen, who was physically assaulted and pushed away by her security, reports 9 For News.

How can you sleep at night?

“How do you feel about the fact that you lied about immunity for a year,” he asked, after which security instructed him to keep his distance.

“How can you sleep at night knowing that you are harming and killing Danes?” asked Nielsen. “You must feel guilty, Mette.”

The prime minister was completely silent.

It’s crazy

“It’s not hard to live with yourself when you are murdering and harming your own people,” he asked. “So your just ice cold? The ice lady who doesn’t care that you are killing and injuring other people.”

“And then your bus sign says, ‘Let’s care for the future!’ So the “woman who claims to be ‘the Prime Minister of the children’ is murdering Danish children and murdering Danish adults. And then runs from it all. It’s crazy.” 

Dutch police rescued Prime Minister Frederiksen from the fire. An officer made Nielsen identify himself, give his social security number, and hand over his ID, after which he stopped filming. Nielsen cooperated with the police and stopped filming. Before shutting the camera, you hear him say, “And then she escapes in her bus of slaughter, Disgusting!”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.



  • Good news:
    “A virology professor who played a role in green-lighting the FDA’s Emergency Use Authorization for Covid-19 vaccines died suddenly last week.

    Dr. Almyra Oveta Fuller, a notable associate professor of microbiology and immunology at the University of Michigan, died Friday at the age of 67.”

    Hope more, and all, of these genocide idiots die soon, even if they did not take the “vaccine”!

  • The assassinated national leaders who refused to vax their countrymen was merely done as a practical exercise in intimidation for the rest. I believe Pres. Trump was likely threatened, as well, though he’d advocated for Ivermectin & HCQ earlier.

  • “Kent Nielsen, the head of the Danish political party Frihedslisten (Freedom List),” is one brave dude!

    There ARE people out there, like Amy Mek, who won’t be intimidated from reporting the truth.

    • Why would the police arrest their bosses? The very ones that are responsible for this 21st century genocide and the vaccines are also the very ones making sure that this amount of money goes to this officer….so why would the police bite the hand that feeds them? What? The police are somehow “different ” in Europe? That they’re not subject to either threats nor a payout? Or…
      Or, just maybe, the police are also vaxxed! In which case they have rendered themselves more unworthy of interaction than before!

  • Amy, thanks for this article. This was of course not reported by MSM in Denmark, just as we have almost no one questioning the narrative about covid, vaccines, or anything else. And the few who are asking questions are not getting any air-time. Listening to most Danish media is almost like listening to Klaus Schwab. It is very sad.

    Regarding the last paragraph in the article: she was of course rescued by Danish police. Just thought I should point it out 😉

    BTW, Danish police have a habit of always asking for your social security number as a matter of course. In reality one is only required to give them their name, address, and date of birth, but trying to explain this to the police will most often get them to start bullying you – they really don’t like people standing up for their rights!


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