Davos: Fabian Society Member Tony Blair Demands 'National Digital Infrastructure' To Monitor Your 'Vaccine' Status

“We should be helping countries to develop a national digital infrastructure which they will need with these new vaccines” – Former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on organizations such as the World Economic Forum (WEF) to pressure governments to set up a ‘Digital Infrastructure’ to track who has and has not been vaccinated.

Blair, a socialist Fabian Society member and WEF Agenda Contributor called for a government-controlled digital vaccination database at the WEF’s annual meeting in Switzerland. The former prime minister stressed the importance of “technology and digital infrastructure” to monitor the status of vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Vaccines in the pipeline

“You need the data,” Blair said. “You have to know who is vaccinated and who has not been.” He also revealed that some vaccines still in the pipeline consist of multiple injections. “So you need a proper digital infrastructure, and many countries don’t have that. In fact, most countries do not have that.”

Digital ID advocate

The former British leader’s think tank, the Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, has been fighting for Digital IDs for years. “The use of a Covid Pass can serve two purposes – incentivizing vaccination and reducing transmission,” says Mr. Blair’s organization. Blair himself has advocated for compulsory vaccine passports and punishing the unvaccinated.

In January 2021, Blair asserted that Britain should take the lead in presiding over a global vaccine passport system. “It’s going to be a new world altogether,” Blair proclaimed, adding, “The sooner we grasp that and start to put in place the decisions [needed for a] deep impact over the coming years, the better.”

Blair has rarely been one to miss an opportunity to suggest that the solution to what people fear most at any given moment is more state power. As Prime Minister, socialist Blair even launched a compulsory ID card scheme, but the coalition government scrapped it.

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    • He used to be prime minister of the UK but I have never heard of him being responsible for such a crime which would justify him being hanged. Apart from anything else, legal hanging ceased in the UK in 1964.

    • Out of curiosity how can a piece of shit commit treason, surely it is just waste matter which has been released from a living being’s body, therefore completely inanimate?

  • Tony Blair is nothing more than but a deep state puppet who sold out his country for money and power. He is evil and him pushing for a list of people who have took the death jab or not. Only show the plan of the deep state is to control all the people of the world with this fake pandemic. Which they made up in the first place to scare people into taking the jab, Just more BS lies like the fake climate change agenda to also control you and take more money out of your pocket and to tell you what you can and can’t do. Time for all these people pushing these lies to be expose and hung for their crimes against humanity.

      • However, the winner by far, up to now, for the title the worst ‘evil’ person in the world today, surely, is Yuval Noah Harare?

    • Wwg1? Really? Warp speed murderer Trump, Epstein compromised RAPIST Trump, traitor that freed three Israeli spies including p0s Jonathan Pollard Trump. Fighting hard for GAYs Trump, antigun bump stock, red flag, take guns first to Fineswine Trump…. McCarthy pusher Trump

  • We will always remember how he promoted their destructive “war on terror” and pushed us to support an illegal war in Iraq, resulting in hundred thousands of innocent victims.

  • These people never go away! After torturing the UK populace he ripped off his mask letting his true communist loose! WEF+GLOBALISTS=COMMUNISTS

  • Tony Blair’s opinions are as out of step with the popular view that a majority of the worlds population holds. Vaccines for COVID have been widely discredited at this point. They have been proven ineffective, and quite possibly very dangerous to the people who’ve been forced to take them. Blair is merely espousing this extremely unpopular idea to appease the the Davis audience, and other totalitarian progressive elitists who believe that absolute control of all humanity is essential to saving the world. Luckily, those people have shown themselves to the world as the egomaniacal Nitwits they are. These Nitwits represent an extremely small minority of the world population, thank God!

  • No thinking person can still believe this entire lab created and gain of functioned flu exaggeration.
    Nor can they still believe this experimental mRNA jab is “safe or effective”.
    That tells me whoever keeps saying these lies in our governments have been bribed to do so.
    That tells me these jabs are to carry out a culling of the herd, even a genocide.
    The harder they push you to accept this toxin, the worse it is for you…
    Same with guns; the harder they try to disarm us, the worse their plans are for us.


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