Defund Police? Black Lives Matter Activists Murdered; Suspect Known Violent Criminal

The suspect, Aaron Glee, has a long criminal history that has become increasingly violent.

Despite a recent violent crime and a long criminal history, Aaron Glee, 49, was free to roam Tallahassee, Florida and is now a suspect in the murders of Black Lives Matter activist Oluwatoyin “Toyin” Salau, 19, and Victoria “Vickie” Sims, 75 a retired Florida AARP volunteer.

Both of the victims were Black Lives Matter protestors who knew one another, according to On June 6, Salau tweeted a description after an account describing abuse. Tragically, she was not found in time. It is not clear yet how Vickie Sims was involved.

The suspect, Aaron Glee, has a long criminal history that has become increasingly violent. He was arrested seven days before Salau’s tweet for “aggravated assault causing bodily harm and/or disability” after he “propositioned a woman for sex on a sidewalk, according to the police report: ‘She told him no so Glee became angry, shoved (her) to the ground and began kicking her in the abdomen.'”

It is hard to comprehend why violent criminals appear to be free to roam the streets even after they are arrested.

Heavy reported that Ghee was also arrested three days after Salau’s tweet for battery. Again, he was released. Police discovered the bodies on Saturday evening, and Ghee became a suspect. He was arrested yet again by the Orlando Police Department on June 14.

Ghee is in custody and hopefully will never see the light of day. Unless, of course, Black Lives Matter gets their wish to abolish police.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.

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  • Anyone who supports BLM or antifa is an ENEMY of people with special needs. These selfish disgusting anarchists want to subvert a system that helps disabled people and we’ve seen them attacking elderly and disabled people so it makes sense they DON”T CARE. BLM is a marxist EVIL movement. Don’t be fooled.


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