DEMAND the Proof! The Fake Hate Crime Industry EXPOSED!

DEMAND the Proof! The Fake Hate Crime Industry EXPOSED!

DEMAND the Proof! The Fake Hate Crime Industry EXPOSED!

  • Posted by Renee Nal
  • On September 16, 2019
  • CAIR, hate crimes, splc

Last week, an “academic” study claiming hate crimes rose during President Trump’s campaign rallies in 2016 was devastatingly debunked, but this well-publicized albeit fake study scratches the surface of outrageous, unprovable claims made regularly by the fake hate crime industry. 

Whether it is the FBI’s annual report on hate crimes, the discredited SPLC’s report on hate crimes, or the Hamas-Linked CAIR’s report on hate crimes: the common thread uniting every single one of these “reports” is a lack of source data.

Let’s repeat that: Not one of the gazillions of news articles, non-profits, government agencies or media outlets giving you statistics about “hate crimes” can provide you with evidence of their claims. 

Therefore, generic and consistent claims adding to any discussion about hate crimes are suspect, such as “hate crimes are on the rise” or “Trump inspires hate crimes.” None of it is true. Literally not one of these assertions is provable, no matter how much money Soros throws into “research” to prove such claims. 

A year ago almost to the day, this author wrote a mini-series was published at the Capital Research Center on the fake hate crime industry that was summarized as follows:

“There is a quiet movement of well-funded organizations and individuals working industriously to build a trove of ‘evidence’ to promote a narrative that ‘hate crimes’ and so-called ‘hate incidents’ are on the rise in America. This movement has gained traction in America in the wake of President Trump’s election in November 2016 and in England after the ‘Brexit’ vote in June 2016.”

The series delved into the hate crime propaganda movement, which has always been a propaganda movement (see the work of Tina Trent) but in contemporary times has been re-designed as a political weapon aimed at President Donald Trump and his supporters, as well as those across the pond who dared to vote for their own sovereignty in the 2016 Brexit vote. It is highly likely – and worthy of exploration – that similar narratives are being pushed in other countries as movements against socialism rise up in Hong Kong, Latin America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and across Europe.

While in 2013 Britain’s “Tell Mama” organization lost government funding due to shoddy methodology, they have lived to tell the tale. So many others whose methodology is just as shoddy continue to exist, spreading a fake narrative with scant evidence to back up their claims. 


Are you sick of politicians, so-called journalists and others ignoring the profound influence of radical elements in the Democratic Party? Do you think it is unacceptable that Communist Party Members and their allies are actively working with elected officials in New Haven Connecticut?

Here are some ways you can TAKE ACTION:

  1. According to their taxpayer-funded website, the New Haven Board of Alders (mentioned above) “meets on the first and third Monday of every month in the aldermanic chambers, 165 Church Street, second floor, except for holidays. During the summer, we meet the first Monday of the month.” Friends, go to that meeting and ask why they gave a “plaque” to a Communist Party leader who is married to the communist son of a Soviet spy.
  2. Challenge Connecticut’s Prominent Republicans and Democrats (respectfully) on social media. Ask them why they are looking the other way as communists organize with elected officials. Ask “why is a communist party chair getting a key to the city?” and what are they planning on doing about it?
  3. Send a letter to elected officials expressing concern about the influence of communists in the government. Demand a response! Document everything and keep RAIR posted!
  4. Write a letter to the local paper. Ask, “Why is a communist party chair getting a key to the city?”
  5. Grab a friend, head to a town hall where your local politician is appearing and challenge them to respond to this outrage! Have your friend film it and send your video to

RAIR Foundation USA celebrates and supports citizen journalists! Please keep us posted on your progress so we can highlight your work. We must work together to keep the pressure on those who open the door to radicals harming the American people!!



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