Denmark: Politician Burns Quran Outside UK Embassy in Protest of the Islamic Enforcement of Sharia Law Against 4 British Pupils (Video)

“Whenever you try to humble us, whenever you try to humiliate us, we will burn another Qur’an.” – Rasmus Paludan

On Saturday, Danish-Swedish politician and lawyer Rasmus Paludan held a Quran burning in front of the UK Embassy in Copenhagen. This time, the leader of Stram Kurs Sverige political party is protesting the “undemocratic forces” at play in Great Britain that led to the sharia witchhunt of four British schoolchildren by Muslim leaders, an Islamic politician, police, and the child’s school in Wakefield. One of the children who suffered the most brutal consequences is a severely autistic 14-year-old.

Paludan is referencing pupils from a local school in Wakefield, between 10 and 14, who were suspended last week after slightly scuffing a copy of the Qur’an the autistic child purchased.

The slight damage to the Qur’an was used by UK Councillor, Muslim Akef Akbar, to launch a ‘deadly’ intimidation campaign against the children, specifically the autistic child and his mother.

Akbar and a local imam demanded the local Muslim community members attend a “quasi-judicial” Islamic hearing with the school’s principal, police, and the Autistic child’s mother. At the meeting, the distraught mother, whose child has been bombarded with death threats since the incident, was forced to beg for her child’s life while wearing a hijab.

“The slightest bit of disrespect is not accepted, and it is not going to be tolerated at any point, in any city, in any country by any Muslim, and that’s the fact of the matter,” the imam said.

Paludan is outraged that the children and a mother of a young British child suffering from a neurological and developmental disorder are being humiliated and “humbled” by what he calls “tyrannical forces working within Europe.”

Before burning the bacon-lined Qur’an outside the British embassy, Paludan praised the brave 14-year-old boy and warned that we would “never accept that you tried to demean the free people of Europe.” Furthermore, “Whenever you try to humble us, whenever you try to humiliate us, we will burn another Qu’ran,” explains Paludan. The leader continued:

We have no choice but to burn the Qur’an here in Copenhagen. So that is, of course, what we’re doing. And I think it’s quite reasonable. And I think it’s very important that we burn the Qur’an everywhere because it is only through the continued Qur’an burning that the undemocratic forces will understand that this is something we are allowed to do in Europe. And we will never, ever stop, we will never, ever stop in our efforts to criticize Islam, and humiliate the Quran, because the Quran is a very, very evil book.

And because it is such an evil book, which is now burning, it is very important that we always criticize it. And so this is a message to the undemocratic forces in Wakefield, you are worth nothing. And it would be best if you accepted the democracy in Britain and Europe. And it would be best if you accepted that we are allowed to criticize Islam. And this is what we’re doing right now in front of the British Embassy in Copenhagen.

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist: Banned in parts of Europe, Wanted by Islamic countries, Threatened by terror groups, Hunted by left-wing media, Smeared by Hollywood elites & Fake religious leaders.


  • Islam is not a religion.
    It’s a socio-political system started by a tyrant warlord and propagated by fanatics, whose purpose is world domination. It masquerades as a religion to take advantage of religious tolerance laws, allowing it to infiltrate a nation unimpeded – and overthrow it from within.

    Anyone not recognizing this, and failing to act accordingly to PREVENT them gaining a foothold – is dooming their nation and their society to subjugation and death at the hands of the muslim horde.

    Learn from history.
    Or die by allowing it to repeat itself.

  • Bravo!
    Next step should be a new Crusades and the total eradication of the Islamic scum in the west.


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