Denmark: Teenage Boy Beaten into a Coma by Migrant Gang

Americans must decide whether we want this perilous future for our children.

Migrant youth gangs are turning areas in Denmark into borderline no-go zones. Their increase in brutality against Dutch local youth has become increasingly more dangerous.

Like in most of Scandinavia and much of the European Union, migrant violence, rape, and harassment has become a part of daily life.

Below is the story of Marcus Alexander Aroli, a young Dutch teenager who nearly lost his life because of the left’s suicidal mass-migration policy.

Americans must decide whether we want this perilous future for our children. The war in Western Europe seems to be rapidly developing. The migrants pouring into Europe have often proven to be dangerous people, with values and ambitions that are in staunch opposition to Western values and laws.

The 2020 United States Presidential election will determine a course between the suicidal path Western Europe has chosen, and the preservation of our freedom, culture, traditions and national sovereignty.

Marcus Alexander AroliMany thanks to Tania for the translation

“17-year-old Marcus tried to push down the rails, “… didn’t even know them” written by Kim Møller on February 16, 2020 at

Source: Marcus Alexander Aroli on Facebook, February 15, 2020

“As a father of teenage boys, I am often worried, and 17-year-old Marcus from Albertslund looks exactly like my eldest. It is bad in some places in the province, but is obviously a bit worse in the Islamized suburbs of Copenhagen. For example, in Albertslund, an average Friday night. A story from the real world.

“I was beaten to the ground yesterday at Albertslund station. There was a larger group present, but there were about nine people out of this group who were involved. However, only three of them managed to physically grab me and started beating me. As I was trying to escape, there was a fourth who tripped me, so I fell to the ground.

Marcus Alexander Aroli

“They also tried several times to push me down onto the rails. The last attempt was when the train was arriving at the platform.

“My sister and I were at Taastrup station yesterday and decided to take the train one stop to Albertslund station to buy some soda in the 7-11 as there isn’t one in Taastrup. As soon as I get off the train, my sister and one of her girlfriends say they think they know them (or had at least had heard something about them before); they were standing at the end of the entrance to the platform.

“I then ask what they mean, and before I know it a boy about 15 years old with black curly hair provocatively stands very close to me and for no reason, and before I have a chance to say anything I get a fist right in the face so that my upper lip splits open.

“I know I have no way to protect myself or my little sister as there are so many, so I tell my sister that we have to go right away. So I move on quietly and then eventually start running as two to three of them are now chasing me, and I get hit again, this time on the right side of my jaw.

“I then continue running until I reach the end of the platform, where there are only rails. From there, I know I have to go back to get past them, so of course they hit me again and my sister starts crying. I eventually fall, and can see he was close to stomping on my head, so out of panic I take a bag of four beers which I had, and smash it onto the head of one of them in order to defend myself.

“I get up quickly and run towards the exit from the platform, where I get tripped by some other immigrants standing indoors just outside the 7-11. I then run back towards the platform and out onto the rails. (And it should be said that they fortunately did not touch my sister or her girlfriends) they had their full focus on me.

“STAY AWAY FROM ALBERTSLUND STATION IN THE EVENING! — They are sick in the head, they didn’t even know me. The terrible thing about it all is that they only did it out of boredom and to make something happen. I COULD HAVE DIED!

“It all happened at about 10pm Friday night at Albertslund station. There were about thirty people in total, while only nine of them were involved in beating me up…”

Marcus Alexander Aroli’s mother, Claudia, spoke to B.T. News reporter TRINA NIELSEN on February 16, 2020:

Claudia Aroli

“He doesn’t want to leave the house, and he says he’ll never go to a station again. He is reasonably traumatized… Marcus is one of the most polite and well-mannered boys possible. He would never dream of talking ugly to people, even if they were talking ugly to him… I just think they have set him up as a target from the start.”

“Claudia Aroli is deeply shocked that this was just about to happen to her son, as he could never make up his own mind about a fly.

“Marcus is one of the most polite and well-mannered. He could never dream of talking ugly to people, even if they were talking badly to him, “the mother says, continuing:

“I just think they have set him the target from the start.”

The guys, who punched her son several times in the face with clenched fists, also tried twice to push him down the rails, the mother says.

And that was exactly the detail that the police noticed most and looked like the worst of it all, she says.

Claudia Aroli’s daughter, Marcus’ little sister, watched the whole thing at the station and could do nothing but call her mother’s sobbing.

She got the call while the assault was still on, so Claudia Aroli rushed towards Albertslund Station and called the police at the same time.

When police arrived, the perpetrators had disappeared and an ambulance drove Marcus to Hvidovre Hospital, where he was checked for his injuries.

Marcus’ Facebook post has been shared over three thousand times. Most of the messages he has received are sweet and supportive, but he has also received several more or less threatening messages about deleting the posting, his mother says, saying the messages come from some false profiles.

Claudia Aroli has also received a lot of messages from people writing that they have also had unpleasant experiences with the same grouping at Albertslund Station.

‘I’m from Albertslund myself, and I don’t let my 14-year-old go out in the evening,’ someone wrote to her.

Claudia Aroli says that Marcus on Saturday is very much included and therefore just needs to hang out with his friends in the room.”

Amy Mek

Investigative Journalist

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