Dept of Homeland Security Smacks Down Politico Lie: No, the 'Boogaloo' Movement is Not 'Far Right'

“Another work of fiction by Politico”

In a surprising but welcome rebuke, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) slammed Politico over the weekend for mischaracterizing the so-called “Boogaloo” movement as consisting only of “far-right extremists”.

The Politico article referenced an Intel report by the DHS dated June 15 warning that “recent events indicate violent adherents of the Boogaloo ideology likely reside in the National Capital Region, and others may be willing to travel far distances to incite civil unrest or conduct violence encouraged in online forums associated with the movement.” It appears that the DHS report stated that the Boogaloo movement is comprised of people with a “violent extremist ideology” but did not specify where they lie on the political spectrum.

“Another work of fiction by @politico,” the DHS tweeted on Saturday. “The @DHSgov intel bulletin does NOT identify the Boogaloo movement as left-wing OR right-wing. They are simply violent extremists from both ends of the ideological spectrum.”

The Department of Homeland Security shockingly tweeted that the clearly biased reporting by Politico “is precisely why the mainstream media is losing credibility with the vast majority of Americans.”

The ‘Far Right’ Scapegoat

Despite the obvious truth that the riots from the past few weeks were initiated by the communist-founded Black Lives Matter, bolstered by their violent Antifa comrades, politicians such as Keith Ellison and his allies in the mainstream media have desperately attempted to paint the protests as “mostly peaceful” and shift blame for rampant violence to the so-called “Boogaloo” movement.

A cursory look at the “Boogaloo” movement shows that referring to it as “far-right” appears to be wishful thinking on the part of those who want America to forget about the leftist violence documented in RAIR’s series on the 2020 Far-Left Riots:

The name “Boogaloo” is used as slang for “civil war,” and is from a cult classic film from the 1980’s: “Breakin’ 2: Electric Boogaloo.” According to the Anti-Defense League, “white supremacists conceive of the boogaloo as a race war or a white revolution” but not everyone who uses the term is a white supremacist.

The Boogaloo movement appears to resemble the National Bolshevik movement, a movement designed to “stoke both sides of a conflict, create maximum division, then move onward to revolution and the seizure of state power,” as described by anti-communist author and filmmaker Trevor Loudon, who exposed Christchurch, New Zealand mass shooter Brenton Tarrant last year as a likely National Bolshevik in an article that is banned at Twitter to this day.

Screenshot of Twitter message received if one attempts to post Trevor Loudon’s article

RAIR’s Amy Mek got suspended from Twitter for daring to post the article:

Screenshot of Amy Mek’s Twitter Appeal

As explained by Trevor Loudon, the National Bolshevik movement appears to be tied to Richard Spencer’s “Alt-Right” movement, which is not remotely conservative. Adherents to Spencer’s philosophy are enamored with Aleksandr Dugin— “who is reportedly an influence on Russian President Vladimir Putin himself.” Adherents are broadly speaking “ultra-nationalistic, anti-Western, anti-free market, Green, and racist.”

In fact, the use of the “Black Sun” symbol appears to be used by the “Boogaloo” movement. Notice the images used below. The first is the featured image in the ADL article, the second is from Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto, and the third is from the Nazbol website (short for National Bolshevik).

Alexandr Dugin has ties to both David Duke and Richard Spencer, as revealed by Loudon. Consider the similarities in the following quotes; One from Dugin’s 1997 book, “The Foundation of Geopolitics” and one from Brenton Tarrant’s manifesto.

Excerpt from Alexandr Dugin’s “The Foundation of Geopolitics”

“It is especially important to introduce geopolitical disorder into internal American activity, encouraging all kinds of separatism and ethnic, social and racial conflicts, actively supporting all dissident movements—extremist, racist, and sectarian groups, thus destabilizing internal political processes in the U.S. It would also make sense simultaneously to support isolationist tendencies in American politics.”

Excerpt from Brenton Tarrant’s Manifesto:

“Canvas public areas in support of radical positions, even if they are not your own. Incite conflict. Place posters near public parks calling for (Islamic) sharia law, then in the next week, place posters over such posters calling for the expulsion of all immigrants, repeat in every area of public life until the crisis arises. Destabilize, then take control. If we want to radically and fundamentally change society, then we need to radicalize society as much as possible.”

Whether the “Boogaloo” movement gains traction, there is no doubt that they are destructive with a radical leftist perspective. From an ideological perspective, they appear to be quite similar to Antifa.

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • Having read this enlightening article, I found that I am not as informed as I once believed. But that’s okay since this current hysteria in the USA and around the globe is certainly a Hydra of many virulent heads. This article has helped answer my puzzlement of ALL the histrionics we’re experiencing from every quarter. It is virtually a ‘Gang-Rape” of Western Culture in progress.

  • Personality, I don’t think the Boogaloo were at all in the capital region. If you read articles on them non of their actions were done at the protests. In fact, the following events happen. Police killed in northern California by boogaloo. No George Floyd Protest. Guy with taboo sets hire to Tn Courthouse. No George Floyd protest. Black woman in Wisconsin claims guys in Hawaiian shirt try to set her on fire. The protest in the area happen several hours earlier. Boogaloo arrested in Las Vegas for expulsions after the protest. In fact, the left media has lied along with the FBI. If you go back to day 1, Protesters burning American flags and setting buildings on fire wore corona virus masks. Much of these anti-racist groups are always wearing corona virus masks. Two, lots of American flags burn. Spencer could care less about burning American flags. Finally, confederate statues toppled. Both Richard Spencer and David Duke like the confederacy. In fact, the left has lied about the influence of the Boogaloo in most of the riots.


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