Desperate Biden Campaign Humiliated by Flag-Waving Texas Trump Train; Begs 911 for Help (Watch)

Imagine if they had to deal with Antifa?

In a show of desperation, Biden staffers try to revive a failing campaign by playing the victim after their campaign bus was surrounded wherever it went in Texas by vehicles displaying large American and Trump flags. In fact, the kids took their toys and went home, cancelling the bus tour altogether and whining that Trump vehicles tried to run the bus off the road, which is in this author’s opinion, an obvious lie.

Nevertheless, it is being reported that the FBI is investigating an incident where an unnamed Biden staffer’s car was scraped after appearing to squeeze out a black truck from following the campaign bus. The bus was evidently carting around Texas congressional candidate Wendy Davis, famous for filibustering in the Texas Senate in favor of unborn child mutilation in 2013.

As Antifa / Black Lives Matter rioters burn down cities, loot and terrorize businesses, vandalize towns, tear down monuments, throw Molotov cocktails at police, attack people for wearing MAGA hats and disrupt pro-police and pro-free speech rallies across the country, Los Angeles-based Biden volunteer Eric Cervini claims that the Trump vehicles surrounding the Biden campaign bus is indicative of the “rise of the Third Reich.”

Cervini tweeted that he “flew down to Texas to help the Biden/Harris bus,” but “ended up spending the afternoon calling 911,” he said. He shows a video of what appears to be a white vehicle (belonging to a Biden staffer) attempting to get into a lane already occupied by a pro-Trump truck:


When the white vehicle gets into the black truck’s lane, the two vehicles scrape against one another. It does appear that the truck lurches to the left, which could be an aggressive move. It is difficult to tell if the truck, considering that it was getting squeezed out of his lane, lurched to right himself or if he was attempting to meet the Biden staffer’s aggression.

Conservative commentator Kambree Kawahine Koa tweeted that it is clear that “The white suv pushed into the trucks lane. Documentation beats conversation. It’s on video. Your story is busted.” Further, she observed “Democrats ran out of Texas because no one showed up for their events. They trying to save face. They busted.”

Watch the video:

Wouldn’t it be great if the FBI investigated Phil Haney’s violent death over eight months ago or Hunter Biden’s corruption with such efficiency?

Renee Nal

Renee Nal is an investigative journalist and documentary film producer.


  • The crazy thing about this is on the News they stated “Trump supporters try to run biden bus off the road” Clearly there is no video evidence for this ( I have seen 3 other videos from different angles) . So the press automatically believes what the Biden camp says versus what the video evidence shows. Something is wrong with the biased New Zealand and American media.

  • I don’t see any GOP violence, I see peaceful campaigning for Trump…
    Not one GOP is throwing things at the Bus, they are not trapping them and making them stop, they are not impeding their exiting the highway.. .. ..nada!


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